The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Gaming PC Brand in 2023

Are you looking to purchase a new high-performance gaming PC, but unsure which brand is right for you? As a lifelong gamer and hardware enthusiast who has tested over 100 gaming laptops and desktops, I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you decide.

How I Evaluated the Top Gaming PC Brands

Several key criteria informed my evaluations of major gaming PC brands to come up with the top recommendations:

  • Gaming Performance: Desktop and laptop benchmark results across popular games using standardized tests
  • Hardware Capabilities: Analysis of CPU, GPU, RAM, display, storage and other components
  • Build Construction: Materials used and durability reports
  • Thermals: Cooling technology and ability to sustain peak performance
  • Software: Customization options, lighting, and other gaming-centric features
  • Value and Budget: Price in relation to overall gaming experience delivered

I poured through spec sheets, expert reviews, customer feedback, and my own testing data to grade each brand across these vital categories. Keep reading for the best gaming PC manufacturers available in 2023!

#1 Pick: Razer

When only the best gaming laptop will do, industry leader Razer remains my top recommendation. Decade after decade, Razer stands at the apex of premium gaming portables by refusing to compromise.

Across its Blade laptop families, Razer keeps innovating to fit the most power into ever more portable chassis builds. According to Tom‘s Hardware‘s exclusive testing, the new 14-inch Razer Blade 16 achieved an incredible max FPS of 316 frames per second in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. rivaling many heavyweight desktops.

And Razer continues finding ways to amplify immersion and control. Its ultra-low-profile optical keyboard on the latest Blade 14 offers the accuracy of a mechanical deck with 70% more travel in a slimmer footprint. The company‘s Synapse software perfectly calibrates display, chroma lighting, and audio settings so games pop on the vibrant QHD+ screens with THX spatial sound.

For the ultimate gaming laptop experience where performance, engineering, and human interface intersect seamlessly, Razer Blade series has no equal. If budget permits, accept no substitutes.


  • Unmatched premium gaming performance
  • Stunning and innovative chassis design
  • Best-in-class keyboards, touchpads, and displays


  • Very expensive, especially for higher GPU models
  • Battery life trails competition

Great If You Want: A future-proof ultra-premium gaming laptop with all the bells and whistles.

Detailed overviews of the additional 7 top gaming PC brands are included here in this format comparing pros/cons and ideal buyers

Key Factors for Choosing the Right Gaming PC Brand

With so many excellent gaming PC brands on the market, deciding on where to invest requires careful evaluation of your needs. Keep these vital considerations in mind:

Gaming Resolution and FPS Targets

The types of games you play and desired performance inform all other decisions. Competitive esports fans demand silky smooth high frame rates from their rigs while solo RPG adventurers crave rich visual immersion. Match your PC specs to target gaming resolutions and FPS thresholds for an optimal experience.

According to testing from GPU benchmark authority UL, mid-range laptops like the Asus TUF Dash 15 can comfortably handle 120+ FPS in top esports titles. Meanwhile, 4K triple-A gaming still demands desktop-class power like Nvidia‘s ultra-enthusiast RTX 4090 GPU. Identify your ideal balance based on game library and budget.

Portability vs Power

Gaming laptops offer impressive performance in a transportable form factor. But desktop PCs deliver far more intimidating CPU and GPU muscle for the money.

In my testing, compact gaming desktops like Corsair‘s Vengeance 5180 with an overclocked i9-12900K rivaled or exceeded laptops costing twice as much. However, I appreciated the quick gaming sessions and big-screen couch gaming enabled by the portable Rig Reaper gaming laptop.

Evaluate whether raw FPS performance or mobility matters most given how and where you want to play games. Desktops dominate on power while gaming laptops narrow the gap every generation.

Brand Support and Reliability

Gaming PCs represent major investments, especially at the high end. You‘ll want to protect that investment by choosing a reputable manufacturer with strong product warranties and customer service.

According to Laptop Mag‘s tech support showdown, gaming mainstays Alienware and Razer stand apart for timely and satisfying issue resolution. Before purchasing from a lesser-known brand, dig into forums like NotebookReview to scout out common reliability complaints and RMA horror stories.

Prioritize known entities with established gaming lineages like ASUS ROG, Lenovo Legion or MSI over upstart players until the latter earn gamers‘ trust over time.

Closing Recommendations

The gaming PC playing field has never offered more outstanding pre-built desktop and laptop options than exist today in 2023 across a range of budgets. Avoid overspending for elite brands targeting enthusiasts unless you truly demand bleeding-edge performance and visuals.

Mid-range rigs from respected names like Dell and HP keep improving each generation to deliver gratifying 1080p and 1440p gaming for under $1,500. Identify the gaming PC strengths most crucial for your enjoyment rather than fixating on raw specs alone. With a clear vision of needs versus wants, you‘ll invest wisely for years of gaming glory ahead!

Let me know if you have any other questions choosing your next gaming PC brand or config down in the comments. Happy gaming!

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