The Best Funko Pops for Fans of Classic Movies and TV Shows

Funko Pops have become incredibly popular collectibles over the past decade. While plenty depict characters from recent movies, TV shows, and video games, Funko also pays homage to classic pop culture. For fans of old Hollywood, these vinyl figures offer a nostalgic and stylized trip down memory lane.

In this guide, we‘ll showcase the 10 best Funko Pops for enthusiasts of classic cinema and television. From Alfred Hitchcock to Back to the Future‘s Delorean time machine, these Pops feature iconic imagery that any retro media fan will appreciate.

Overview of Funko Pops

Before diving into the figures, let‘s first examine what makes Funko Pops so appealing to collectors:

  • Cute, stylized design: Funko Pops feature oversized heads and small bodies for an adorable chibi appearance. Their big glossy eyes and simplified features are endearing.
  • Affordable: While rare editions can get pricey, most standard Funko Pops cost $10 – $15. This makes collecting easy and fun rather than expensive.
  • Huge variety: Funko has licensing deals for countless beloved franchises from Disney to DC Comics to classic rock bands. They produce new figures constantly.
  • Display-friendly: These vinyl figures stand about 4 inches tall and come in a clear display box, perfect for showing off any collection.

For fans of older pop culture, Funko offers a nostalgic blast from the past. Now let‘s count down the 10 best Funko Pops for classic movie and TV buffs.

10. Fraggle Rock: Boober with Doozer

Fraggle Rock Funko

Jim Henson fans will love this Fraggle Rock two-pack. It features worried Fraggle Boober along with his hard-working Doozer friend. Both sport the iconic shaggy hairstyles from the 1980s puppet series. This 35th-anniversary edition makes a perfect nostalgic collectible for anyone who grew up watching on Saturday mornings.


  • 2 vinyl figures
  • Fraggle Boober with Doozer
  • Bundle includes Pop box protector
  • Part of 35th-anniversary collection

9. Rainbow Brite: Rainbow Brite and Twink

Rainbow Brite Funko

Bring back cheerful memories with this stylized Rainbow Brite duo. The ‘80s cartoon heroine sports her signature vibrant outfit, now in cute Funko Pop form. Her hamster pal Twink tags along too. With her Color Belt ready, Rainbow is prepared to shoot stars to make the world brighter.


  • 2 vinyl figures
  • Rainbow Brite and Twink
  • Stands 3.75 inches tall
  • Rainbow-colored base
  • Box for display

8. Karate Kid: Daniel Larusso

Karate Kid Funko

Relive the magic of the original 1984 Karate Kid film with this Daniel Larusso Pop. He wears his iconic red headband and black belt atop his white gi. Practicing the Crane Kick stance, Daniel appears ready to take down any Cobra Kai bullies.


  • Daniel Larusso from classic movie
  • Features headband, gi, black belt
  • Stands 3.75 inches
  • Comes in display box

7. Back to the Future: The Delorean

Back to the Future Funko

No Funko collection for classic movie fans is complete without Back to the Future‘s famous time-traveling car. This Delorean vehicle holds a Marty McFly figure inside, ready to hit 88 mph at a moment‘s notice. While you can‘t journey through the space-time continuum with it, this Pop makes an awesome decorative piece.


  • Back to the Future Delorean
  • Features Marty McFly figure
  • Vinyl car holds 4-inch figure
  • Comes in display box

6. Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Funko

This stylized anime heroine protects love in the name of the moon! Funko‘s Sailor Moon sports her Crisis outfit with a big red bow and dramatic pose. The Chase sticker means this Pop features an alternate outfit from the common version for extra collectibility.


  • Sailor Moon in Crisis outfit
  • Alternate Chase version
  • Stands 3.75 inches
  • Comes in display box
  • Limited availability

5. The Shining: The Grady Twins

The Shining Funko

"Come play with us!" The ghostly Grady twins from The Shining emerge in Funko form to torment viewers forever and ever and ever. These creepy siblings died gruesome deaths in Stanley Kubrick‘s 1980 horror classic, now memorialized in vinyl.


  • Grady twins 2-pack
  • Feature ghostly white dresses
  • Gunshot wound details
  • Stand over 3.5 inches tall
  • Come in window box

4. Die Hard: John McClane

Die Hard Funko

Yippee ki-yay! Bruce Willis depicts his iconic Die Hard character John McClane in bloodied tank top and machine gun. This determined New York cop took on a tower full of terrorists single-handedly in the 1988 action classic. Funko perfectly captured his sarcasm and grit.


  • Bruce Willis as John McClane
  • Features tank top and machine gun
  • Die Hard movie #667
  • Approximately 3.75 inches

3. The Princess Bride: Westley

Princess Bride Funko

Prepare for inconceivable fun with this stylized Princess Bride figure! The brave and witty Westley looks dashing in black attire ready to take on Prince Humperdinck‘s men. Fans will enjoy recreating their favorite scenes from the quirky 1987 comedy. Say hello to the Dread Pirate Roberts!


  • Westley from The Princess Bride
  • Black mask outfit
  • Stands 3.75 inches
  • Comes in window box
  • Styles may vary

2. Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock Funko

The master of suspense directs his next thriller! This Alfred Hitchcock Funko sees the renowned filmmaker sporting a grey suit and holding a Psycho clapperboard. Coming with a Pop protector case and classic movie trading card, this bundle is perfect for Hitchcock devotees and cinema buffs.


  • Director Alfred Hitchcock
  • Holding Psycho clapperboard
  • About 3.75 inches tall
  • Window box display
  • Bundled with protector/trading card

1. A Clockwork Orange: Alex

Clockwork Orange Funko

Topping our list is Alex DeLarge from Stanley Kubrick‘s disturbing 1971 film A Clockwork Orange. The Beethoven-loving gang leader sports his trademark white outfit and eerie stare. While not cheap, this iconic villain remains highly sought-after by collectors and cinema enthusiasts.


  • Malcolm McDowell as Alex
  • From Kubrick‘s A Clockwork Orange film
  • Stands 3.75 inches tall
  • Comes in window box

How to Choose the Best Funko Pops

When selecting Funko Pops, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shop smart: Buy only from reputable retailers to avoid fake/counterfeit figures.
  • Consider collectibility: Rare, exclusive, or vaulted Pops may appreciate over time.
  • Mix up genres: Choose a variety from movies, TV, music, games, etc.
  • Factor in budgets: More affordable lines still feature awesome characters.
  • Focus your collection: Collect only what you truly enjoy rather than buying randomly.

Choosing Pops of beloved classic movie/TV characters you personally connect with will give you the most enjoyment when building any Funko collection.

Enjoy the Nostalgia of Old Hollywood & Pop Culture

Thanks to Funko, fans can now collect stylized little replicas of their favorite retro movie and television characters. It‘s easy to appreciate the artistic renderings and cute appearances of even the most serious icons given the Playmobil-like treatment.

As media giants like Netflix and Disney+ reintroduce newer generations to classic films and series, the characters depicted on this list will likely only continue to be embraced. Whether you long for the laugh-out-loud hijinks of The Princess Bride or the edge-of-your-seat thrills of Alfred Hitchcock, Funko Pops make excellent tributes.

Here‘s hoping Funko continues to unveil more nostalgic figures from Hollywood‘s yesteryear for fans to enjoy. Do you have a beloved retro Pop in your collection we may have missed? Let us know your classic picks in the comments!

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