An Enthusiast‘s Spotlight on the Top Comic Book Funko Pops

As fans of comics and pop culture, we all have our favorite characters that ignite our imagination. And over the past decade, Funko Pops have become the perfect totem to celebrate those passions. With their cute designs and creative variants, Funko Pops offer a fun way to display our fandom.

Comic book heroes and villains make up a massive portion of Funko‘s vast catalog. But some comic Pops stand out as truly exceptional and gaining grail status in the collecting community. Let‘s explore the top Funko Pop vinyl figures catering to comic book fans and collectors.

Why Comic Book Funko Pops Have Special Appeal

Before highlighting notable grails, it‘s worth discussing why Funko Pops featuring comic superheroes and stories have such widespread popularity compared to other media franchises.

Legacy Appeal – Comic book characters like Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman have been embedded in pop culture for 50-80 years. Generations have grown up with their stories.

Iconic Visuals – The signature visual designs of classics like Superman, Iron Man and Wolverine make them perfect for stylized treatment.

Evergreen Stories – Major publishers like Marvel and DC reinvent comic arcs yet retain the core essence of these heroes across adaptations.

Collector Culture – Comics have thrived on serial issue collecting and coveted rare issues. This transfers well to Funko rarity.

Fan Passion – Comics breed passionate loyalists who support items that celebrate beloved character. Funko caters well to this enthusiasm.

Now let‘s analyze some of the rarest and most significant vinyl figures pulled from the pages of comic history.

Grail Funko Pops – DC Comics

DC canonical comic heroes and villains like Batman, Joker and Wonder Woman have been turned into hundreds of Funko pops. But these rare exclusives stand out as crown jewels for serious collectors.

FigureEditionEstimated Value
Rainbow Batman540 pieces (2017)$700-$900
Bank Robber Joker480 pieces (2013)$800-$1200
Blackest Night Batman GITD720 pieces (2017)$500-$600

As the above comparison shows, rare convention exclusives of flagship DC characters command premium pricing due to small production runs. The hand-painted rainbow Batman and GITD Blackest Night Batman especially display beautiful artistic design. And the instantly recognizable Bank Robber Joker homage to Frank Miller‘s iconic graphic novel remains coveted by collectors.

Rainbow Batman Funko

The 540 piece Rainbow Batman Funko Pop crafted for 2017‘s Funko Fundays

Marvel Must-Haves

Now onto heavy hitters from the Marvel comic universe. While hundreds of Marvel superhero Funkos exist, these SDCC exclusives stand out as Festival must-owns.

FigureEditionEstimated Value
Stan Lee Autographed100 pieces (2017)$5000+
Hulkbuster Comic Design720 pieces (2018)$450-$500
Planet Arlia Vegeta24 pieces (2013)$7000-$10,000

For Marvel fans, getting a Stan Lee autographed Funko Pop before the comic visionary passed cements centerpiece status. The iconic "It‘s over 9000" Planet Arlia Vegeta also remains the holy grail for DBZ collectors. And the Hulkbuster POP featuring comic panel artwork has brilliant display value.

Hulkbuster Funko

The 2018 SDCC Hulkbuster Funko Pop with Marvel comic panel box art

Noteworthy Specialty Comic Funkos

Beyond the big publishers, several niche comic figures also hold special status due to their limited exclusivity.

Holo Qui Gon Jinn (Star Wars) – Under 500 piece 2017 Celebration exclusive valued around $500

Metallic Voltron (Voltron) – Mirror finish 1200 piece SDCC exclusive valued around $500

Archie Andrews (Archie) – A must for fans of the eternal teenage comics icon

For collectors not fixated solely on Marvel/DC, these provide creative niche options. AndCommons Archie Andrew feels like an essential piece bridging comics and Funko history.

Final Thoughts

The vinyl figures featured only scratch the surface of beloved comic book Funko Pops catering to devoted collectors. As stories like The Killing Joke, Planet Hulk, Blackest Night and other pivotal sagas receive the POP treatment, fans have an opportunity to celebrate that legacy.

We hope this spotlight on some grail comic Funkos has been insightful for fellow collectors. Let us know your thoughts and favorite comic POPs to hunt down!

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