The 6 Best DJ Laptop Stands You Can Buy in 2024

As a DJ, a quality laptop stand is an essential accessory that will make your gigs infinitely more comfortable while protecting your expensive gear. But with so many models on the market, how do you pick the right one?

As an experienced DJ gear specialist, I‘ve tested and reviewed all the top stands to provide you with definitive recommendations in this 2024 guide. I evaluated durability, adjustability, ease of transport, and value-for-money to curate this list of must-have DJ laptop stands that balance useful features with reasonable pricing.

By the end, you‘ll know exactly which stand matches your needs as a mobile or home DJ. Let‘s get started!

Why You Need a Laptop Stand

Before we get to the product recommendations, let me quickly run through why a laptop stand should be a core part of your DJ rig:

Protects Your Expensive Laptop – Getting your laptop off the table prevents drink spills, sweat, etc from damaging it during gigs. Elevation also improves cooling to avoid overheating.

Frees Up Table Space – Your controllers, mixers, and other gear need room! A stand takes your laptop‘s footprint out of the equation.

Enhances Your Posture – Hunching over a low-sitting laptop strains your back and neck over hours. An elevated stand brings the screen up to eye level for better sight lines and comfort.

Flexibility in Positioning – Adjustable stands let you tweak angles and height to best suit your physiology and workspace constraints.

Prevents Accidental Nudges – In cramped booths, an accidental bump could knock your laptop to the floor. Secured stands avoid this fate!

I could go on and on, but you get the idea – laptop stands may seem trivial, but offer huge practical value. Now let‘s look at the best options I recommend in 2023 across budgets and needs!

The 6 Best DJ Laptop Stands of 2024

1. Quik Lok LPH-003 – Best Portable Pick

If you‘re hopping between venues, portability is key! This Quik Lok fold-up stand weighs under 3 lbs yet supports up to 18 lbs of gear. It quickly collapses down into a backpack-friendly carrying case.

Alex Sonneveld, a touring Brooklyn DJ liked that "the case made it so easy to toss in my luggage alongside controllers without worrying about adding much bulk."

He added: "Setting it up or taking it down took seconds – the convenience for mobile DJs is unmatched."

Key Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 18 lbs
  • Heights: 4.5" to 14"
  • Materials: Steel, plastic
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Carrying Case: Yes

The Pros

  • Ultra lightweight & portable
  • Quality build given low price
  • Simple & fast setup

The Cons

  • Not as durable as metal stands
  • Angles don‘t adjust

2. Griffin Elevator Stand – Best Ergonomic Pick

Hunching over a laptop placed on a low table strains your back and neck over extended gigging.

The Griffin Elevator stand lifts your screen up to eye level for better sight lines and posture. Reviewers loved this angled stand for comfortable all-night mixing sessions.

It has a small footprint, so takes up minimal precious real estate. The solid steel and aluminum build easily supports 17" laptops.

Mark Jenkins, a Boston wedding DJ reported that "being able to see straight ahead to the crowd while checking my library made my long gigs feel much easier on my body."

He added, "the stand blended right into my setup without dominating the table."

Key Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Base Footprint: 7 x 7 inches
  • Height: 6 inches (angled)
  • Materials: Steel, aluminum
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

The Good

  • Promotes great posture
  • Space saving design
  • Quality materials

The Bad

  • Not great portability
  • Angled base isn‘t for everyone

3. Pyle Portable Standing DJ Laptop Stand – Best Budget Pick

This Pyle folding stand proves you don‘t need to spend big bucks to elevate your laptop and gear! For under $30 you get an adjustable steel stand with decent quality.

While it lacks the polished build and name brand of a $100+ aluminum model, it will securely hold your laptop. One happy buyer said it "feels sturdy with no wobble or shake at full extension."

For casual home DJs or students on a budget, it‘s a great bargain laptop stand that folds for storage and transport.

Key Details:

  • Weight Capacity: 33 lbs
  • Height Adjustments: 6
  • Materials: Powder coated steel
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Carrying Case: No

The Advantages

  • Very affordable price
  • Respectable quality for cost
  • Large weight capacity

The Disadvantages

  • Materials less durable than metal
  • Not easily portable like bag models

4. ODYSSEY LSTANDM – Best Table Clamp Pick

For ultimate security from jostling crowds in tight venues, go for The Odyssey‘s steel L-Stand model with table clamp. The beefy clamp along with rubber base grips make it tough to knock over your precious laptop.

The adjustable L-beam design feels reassuringly sturdy when extended, while allowing you to position your laptop at the perfect height and distance. Installation takes seconds by locking down the clamp to a table edge.

A Seattle club DJ liked that "even drunk party-goers couldn‘t manages to tip over my laptop with this tank of a stand."

Vital Stats:

  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs
  • Adjustable Heights: Yes
  • Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Carrying Case: Yes

The Pluses

  • Very sturdy clamp & base
  • Withstands jostling crowds well
  • Quick installation

The Minuses

  • Bulky and heavy
  • Not great for transport

5. Quik Lok ESA720 – Best Heavy Duty Pick

This rugged Quik Lok model lives up to its "Stage Stand" name in build quality. It‘s a tank, made from thick walled steel to support giant 19" laptops or heavy controllers without flinching.

If you need to mount full sized media playback machines, Broadcast studio computers, or other heavyweight gear – this is your stand. It ships with a carrying bag but weighs nearly 13 lbs!

One buyer did note "I use it holding my DJS-1000 4 channel controller which weighs a ton. The stand didn‘t even come close to budging with all that weight on it".

Key Details:

  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs
  • Height Adjustments: Yes
  • Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 12.7 lbs
  • Carrying Bag: Yes

The Positives

  • Extremely sturdy and stable
  • Holds very heavy gear
  • Decent quality for price

The Negatives

  • Quite bulky and heavy
  • Not easily portable

6. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand – Best High End Pick

Rain Design‘s elegantly finished aluminum mStand screams premium quality with its sleek single-piece design. Reviewers praise how the open airflow concept keeps laptops cool while the swivel base allows for easy angle tweaks.

If you appreciate Apple-esque aesthetics, this harmonizes perfectly with modern DJ gear setups. It‘s on the pricey side but built rock solid – there‘s a reason you‘ll spot it in many tech influencer desktop videos!

A lifelong DJ shared: "It was love at first sight – so simple yet does the job flawlessly. I know it‘ll hold up nicely for years to come".

Vital Information:

  • Weight Capacity: 17 lbs
  • Base Swivel: 360 degrees
  • Materials: Aluminum, rubber
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Carrying Case: No

The Great

  • Sleek design fits any workspace
  • Improves laptop cooling
  • High quality materials

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Not portable

ModelWeight CapacityAdjustable HeightMaterialsPortabilityPrice
Quik Lok LPH-00318 lbsNoSteel, plasticCarrying case$
Griffin Elevator20 lbsNoSteel, aluminumNone$$
Pyle PLPTS2535 lbsYesPowder coated steelFolds flat$
Odyssey LSTANDM35 lbsYesSteelCarrying bag$$
Quik Lok ESA72035 lbsYesSteelCarrying bag$$
Rain mStand17 lbsBase onlyAluminum, rubberNone$$$

Let‘s now move onto the criteria I considered when selecting the best options to showcase…

How to Select the Best DJ Laptop Stand

All DJs have unique needs and preferences, so not every stand suits each person. Based on testing over a dozen models and speaking with fellow DJs, here are the vital factors to weigh:

Weight Capacity

Consider your laptop‘s weight along with any additional gear you‘ll mount. Heavier controllers may need a burlier 35 lb+ stand versus a 15 lb laptop-only model. Go bigger rather than pushing the limits.


Wobbly stands defeat the purpose of protecting your pricey gear! Prioritize solid construction with quality materials like steel or aluminum over cheaper plastic variants. Edge-mounted locking mechanisms add further stability.


If you mainly gig at venues, compact and lightweight stands win. Look for carrying handles, collapsible designs under 8 lbs, and protective cases rather than bulky rugged builds.


Tweakable height, angles, rotation and forward/backward slide allows dialing in the perfect viewing position tailored to your needs and table space.

Considering these vital factors first narrow down suitable "shortlist" options. Then assess extras like appearances and price to finalize your buying choice.

Let‘s now walk through what you can expect after investing in a laptop stand to understand the benefits you‘ll receive as a DJ.

What To Expect With a Quality DJ Laptop Stand

Beyond protecting your expensive laptop, a purpose-designed stand specifically for DJ gear brings both practical and ergonomic upgrades. Here‘s what you gain:

Step 1: Set up the stand on your venue‘s table and lock into place if your model has clamps.

Step 2: Insert your laptop, adjusting the side arms and teeth to grip snugly against its edges and prevent slippage.

Step 3: Adjust height and viewing angles dialing into your natural sight line when standing. This brings screens up to eye level for better posture than hunching over a tabletop.

Step 4: Enjoy enhanced visibility of media library browsers, track waveforms etc without squinting or neck craning to peer at low angled screens.

Step 5: Revel in a larger usable workspace footprint on the table since your laptop no longer monopolizes precious square footage. This leaves room for gear like CDJs, controllers, external drives etc.

Step 6: Appreciate additional airflow around your laptop now it‘s elevated. This heat dissipation keeps system temperatures lower for better performance and hardware longevity.

Step 7: Smile having insured your laptop – which could easily cost $1000 or more! – against routine hazards like drinks getting knocked over onto the booth table.

While cheap to purchase, laptop stands give an outsized boost to your DJ abilities and enjoyment. Don‘t overlook these humble accessories!

Next let‘s run through some common questions DJs have around getting a laptop stand.

Frequently Asked Laptop Stand Questions

Are laptop stands sized for specific models or universal?

Premium stands accommodate virtually any mainstream 11" to 17" consumer laptop thanks to adjustable widths, heights and angles. But if you have an ultra slim 10" netbook or beastly 19" production machine, measure dimensions before purchase.

Do I really need one if I already place my laptop at the back of the booth table?

Absolutely! Even at the rear sides get bumped in cramped booths risking catastrophe. Drinks get spilled on even "safe" tables. An $80 stand massively slashes expensive laptop damage risk over its lifetime.

I see cheap $20 laptop stands. Are those worth considering?

Bargain stands made of light plastic rather than metal unsurprisingly have flimsier build quality leading to stability issues over time as hinges and joints loosen. Plus lower grade materials deteriorate faster. For something supporting and protecting many hundreds of dollars of sensitive DJ hardware, view spending 2-3x more on superior stands as worthwhile long term insurance!

Is there a big difference in build quality between premium and budget laptop stands?

Oh yes, it‘s night and day! You‘ll immediately notice much sturdier, tightly-fitted joins on metal stands from established brands. Things like the buttery smooth height adjustment operation handle this engineering polish during user experience. Budget variants unfortunately tend to creak, wobble, and deteriorate despite costing 1/3rd as much (or less).

Any general upkeep tips for laptop stands?

Basic steps like preventing knocks in transport, checking for defects like cracked plastic or loosening bolts periodically, and replacing any worn parts proactively will maintain working condition and stability for years of service. Also avoid exerting too much force during setup/adjustments.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide gave you a data-driven overview of what makes for an excellent laptop stand to amplify any DJ‘s booth or home studio setup. While it takes research to select the ideal model for your needs from the wealth of options, the huge benefits towards workflow, ergonomics and gear protection justify investing in a proper stand.

My top recommendation covering all bases is the Griffin Elevator stand for its killer blend of durability, viewing comfort improvements and space efficiency.

But specialty picks like the ultra-portable Quik Lok or table clamp Odyssey stands solve specific pain points like transportability or crowd jostling.

Whatever your budget or use cases may be, working off these evidence-backed laptop stand reviews guide you to great options perfecting your DJ ops in 2023!

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