The 5 Best Disney Funko Pops You Can Buy Today

Mickey Mouse and Toy Story have defined most of our childhood. After all, there‘s no better way to relive beautiful memories than standing in front of toy-laden shelves, thinking which Funko Pop figures will make our Disney collections more vibrant. But the choices are endless.

To make Disney Funko Pop picking easier for you, I have handpicked the 5 best ones worth adding to your collection today. And guess what? Most of them feature exclusive and limited edition designs that can appreciate remarkably in the future.

So let‘s not waste any more time. Here are the 5 best Disney Funko Pops in 2023.

1. Mickey and Minnie Funko Pop: Treasures From the Vault (Artist Series)

Few things embody romance better than Mickey and Minnie Mouse. And this exclusive 2-pack Funko captures their chemistry perfectly through intricately designed Valentine‘s Day costumes.

It‘s part of Funko‘s coveted Disney Treasures from the Vault collection featuring rare designs inspired by classic Mickey cartoons and comics. As such, it‘s already a coveted piece for serious Disney collectors.

But here is why casual fans will also appreciate this gem:

  • Minnie rocks a pink and cream 50s swing dress with tiny red hearts, cupids, and rose prints
  • Mickey looks dapper in an all-over print blue suit filled with kissing lips and love letter motifs
  • The figures are sized well at 4-inches for any display case
  • Pauled and window-boxed for protected viewing

As an Amazon exclusive limited to 504 pieces, this 2-pack is already sold out on Funko‘s online store. So don‘t wait too long to get it on Amazon for $49.99 before it disappears there too.

2. Pilot Mickey (Mickey in the Mouse) Disney Funko Pop Ride: Walt’s Plane

We all know Mickey is skilled with nearly everything, including flying planes. But this D23 Expo 2022 exclusive figurine takes his pilot skills to new heights by placing him in the cockpit of Walt Disney‘s iconic Boeing 707-320B plane called "The Mouse".

Funko‘s Pop Ride series expands on traditional Funko figures by incorporating vehicles and scenarios. This deluxe Mickey as the sole pilot of Walt‘s plane perfectly captures Disney magic and imagination through expert detailing such as:

  • Orange pilot outfit with red necktie – Mickey‘s classic look
  • Intricate plane dashboard and Mickey‘s gloved hands on controls
  • "I Flew On the Mouse" certificate display
  • Impressive 5.5-inch height

As a rare limited edition convention exclusive, this Disney historian-approved figurine screams high value. So seize the opportunity to get your hands on it for only $13.71 on Amazon before prices skyrocket.

3. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Funko Pop

Despite entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) only recently in 2016, T‘Challa, a.k.a the Black Panther, quickly became a fan favorite. And this Funko Pop associated with the 2022 film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever perfectly immortalizes Marvel‘s beloved king.

Funko designed this 3.75-inch vinyl figure leaning forward as though ready to pounce, with highly detailed features including:

  • Black Panther‘s signature claws made with expert sculpting and paint application
  • Intricate texture and patterns on the suit mimicking Vibranium metal
  • Stealthy feline-inspired mask with pointy ears

As part of the exclusive Wakanda Forever collection, this figurine makes the perfect addition alongside other characters like Ironheart, Namor, and the new Black Panther.

Expand your MCU Funko family by bringing home the Black Panther for just $12.27 on Amazon. At under $15, this fan favorite Marvel icon is a steal.

4. Goofy Funko Pop: Three Musketeers (Fall Convention Exclusive)

We all love Goofy for his silly slapstick comedy and ultimate lovable persona. This figurine immortalizes his character as the Musketeer Porthos in Disney‘s 1993 animated adaptation of Alexandre Dumas‘ classic adventure novel The Three Musketeers.

Funko designed this collectible with Goofy‘s signature clumsy demeanor through details like:

  • Goofy‘s awkward pose with one hand up and legs wide apart
  • Bright blue Musketeer tunic with frilly neck collar
  • Overized burgundy pirate hat and bronze sword

As a 2021 Fall Convention exclusive, this Disney figurine has special value for collectors and investors. Its production run was limited to only 2,800 pieces.

Goofy fans shouldn‘t hesitate to add this adorable Disney icon to their Funko family for just $4.99 on Amazon. At under $5, it‘s a steal.

5. The Mandalorian Grogu With Cookies Funko Pop

Ever since hitting Disney+ screens in 2019, Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda) has become a global pop culture phenomenon. Naturally, Funko had to add the cute little Force-user to its line of Star Wars collectibles.

This figurine depicts an iconic scene from The Mandalorian Season 2 with young Grogu holding a nibbled blue cookie in one tiny claw. Details include:

  • Huge ears popping out from green head
  • Large brown eyes gazing upward
  • Distinctive brown robe covering small body

At 3.75-inches tall, this vinyl bobblehead captures Grogu‘s innocence perfectly. And the durable material will keep it looking adorable for years.

Given Baby Yoda‘s popularity, this Amazon exclusive is expected to appreciate nicely over time. So bring home some Star Wars cuteness for just $11.95 while it lasts!

Preserve Disney Memories with Funko Pops

Disney Funko Pops make the perfect collectibles for fans seeking to showcase their passion. They immortalize beloved characters and stories in highly detailed vinyl figures.

The five highlighted here are particularly special for their exclusivity, iconic designs, and attention to detail. Scoop them up now before they disappear!

And be sure to check out the rest of the vast world of Disney Funko Pops. With over 800 and counting, there‘s something for every fan.

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