The 5 Best Apple Card Benefits – A Comprehensive 2023 Guide

Hey there! If you‘re an iPhone user curious whether the Apple Card‘s much-touted perks live up to their reputation, you‘ve come to the right place. We‘ll be exploring the card‘s top 5 benefits in this comprehensive 2023 guide.

By the end, you‘ll understand exactly why the Apple Card stands out from the crowd and if its offerings match your spending habits and financial goals. Let‘s dive in!

An Industry-Leading Cashback Program

Easily one of the most beloved Apple Card perks, the Daily Cash rewards program delivers category-crushing cash back. As an Apple Card member, you‘ll earn Daily Cash on every eligible purchase:

  • 3% at Apple (including Apple Stores, App Store, subscriptions, etc.)
  • 2% with Apple Pay
  • 1% with physical card

These bonus rates handily surpass competitors. For example, the popular Chase Sapphire Preferred offers just 2% back on travel and dining and 1% elsewhere. Already, Apple Card guarantees higher base return across more categories.

But unlike traditional cards that make you wait until statement closure to access rewards, Daily Cash is deposited instantly into your Apple Cash card every day. You can then put it towards future Apple purchases or transfer it to your bank.

Let‘s break down the math: If you spend $2,000 monthly on Apple Pay transactions, you‘d earn $480 back yearly at the 2% rate. That beats almost any flat-rate cash back card, while still rewarding Apple loyalists with 3% back where it matters most.

For savvy shoppers embedded in the Apple ecosystem, it‘s an unbeatable program to maximize savings on essential daily spending and Apple gear purchases alike.

Exclusive Access to a Market-Leading High Yield Savings Account

In 2023, Apple launched an optional high-yield savings account for Apple Card users called Apple Savings. Boasting an interest rate of 4.15% APY, it provides an easy way to grow your Daily Cash balance over time.

How does Apple Savings stack up against traditional high yield savings accounts (HYSA)? Let‘s compare the numbers:

AccountInterest RateMinimum DepositWithdrawal LimitsMonthly Fees
Apple Savings4.15% APY$0None$0
Chase Savings0.01% – 0.04% APY$06 transactions/month then $5 fee$4 if under $300 minimum balance
Marcus by Goldman Sachs3.10% APY$0No limitsNo monthly fees

With no fees, minimum balance rules, maximum withdrawal limits or deposit requirements, Apple Savings removes nearly all common barriers to earning interest. You also get one-tap direct savings through your Apple Cash card funds.

The numbers speak for themselves – it‘s arguably the most flexible and rewarding high-yield savings vehicle out there. Exclusive to Apple Card members only, it‘s an invaluable tool to grow your Daily Cash earnings over time through the power of compound growth.

Over a 5 year period, a $10,000 balance could grow over $2,200 in interest at the 4.15% APY rate. That‘s a nice bonus through zero extra effort!

Flexible Financing Offer for Apple Gear

Beyond stellar cash back and savings perks, the Apple Card also grants exclusive financing on Apple purchases over $999.

Through the Apple Card Monthly Installments feature, you can split the cost of premium Apple products into interest-free monthly payments:

  • 6 months for purchases $999+
  • 12 months for purchases $2,399+
  • 24 months for purchases $4,999+

You still receive the 3% Daily Cash reward for the full value upfront. This benefit then enables affordable payments over time without accruing interest fees found on rival payment plans.

It brings unprecedented financing flexibility to high-ticket Apple items like the latest iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, HomePod and more. Based on current models, here‘s a breakdown of potential monthly payments:

Apple ProductFull PriceMonthly (12 months)
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1099+$91.58+
iPad Pro 12.9" (2022)$1099+$91.58+
14" MacBook Pro (M2 Pro chip)$1999+$166.58+
HomePod (2nd Gen)$299+$24.92+

For customers eyeing Apple‘s latest tech release or seasonal hardware upgrade, it‘s an incredible value-add that stretches your dollar further while rewarding Apple loyalties.

Streamlined Family Sharing & Card Access

Traditional card offerings focus exclusively on individuals. But Apple Card aims to meet family needs through Apple Card Family, enabling easy account sharing across households.

As the Family Sharing organizer, you can seamlessly add up to five total participants. Family members over 18 years old can be added as co-owners, becoming joint account holders who equally build credit history. Teens aged 13-17 can be invited as "Participants" with spending notification and control features enabled to responsibly monitor their card access.

All users contribute to a shared Daily Cash balance while retaining the individualized security of personal card numbers and authentication. Within Family Sharing groups, users can also quickly transfer Apple Cash card funds or Monthly Installment payment responsibilities as needed.

For collaborative households who already share Apple device access and app purchases across iCloud, this takes convenience even further. Streamlining financial management and discretionary spending oversight has never been simpler.

$0 in Fees Make It a Wallet Must-Have

Swiping through poster boards listing travel point multipliers and grocery bonuses, premium card ads can seem tempting initially. But if you look closer at the fine print and do the math on hidden fees, many would cost you hundreds yearly while adding little marginal value over more basic offerings.

In sharp contrast, Apple Card charges:

  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • No late payment fee
  • No returned payment fee

The only potential interest cost is if you carry a balance month-to-month. Even then, you‘ll receive clear notifications of accruing interest charges. This transparency and absence of surprise fees is almost unheard of from big banks.

Let‘s compare numbers to illustrate the stark difference in typical fees charged by premium rivals:

Fee TypeApple CardChase Sapphire ReservePotential Yearly Savings
$550 Annual Fee$0$550$550
3% Foreign Transaction Fee on $1000 int‘l trip$0$30$30
Late Fee (2 months yearly)$0$100 total$100

As shown above, you‘d save $680+ per year by escaping common premium card penalties. While the Sapphire Reserve and other travel cards tempt with big sign-up bonuses, the long run costs typically eclipse added perks.

The Apple Card‘s enduring lack of fees ensures you unlock maximum value from core benefits year after year. For cost-conscious consumers seeking everyday simplicity from their wallet, it‘s an unparalleled asset.

With category-leading cashback offers, exclusive Apple financing, streamlined family access and enduring $0 fees, the Apple Card packs a punch for iPhone devotees. These five benefits add up to boost savings while simplifying daily spending habits.

For Apple faithfuls ingrained in the wider hardware/software ecosystem, I firmly believe it‘s the smartest card choice today for your financial needs. And hopefully after reviewing the card‘s core perks more closely, you agree!

What remaining questions do you have about maximizing Apple Card rewards and features? Ask below in the comments!

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