The 8 Absolute Best PlayStation 5 Survival Games of All Time

Survival games have exploded in popularity in recent years, challenging players‘ ingenuity and resourcefulness in tense, hostile environments. This thrilling genre has found a perfect home on PlayStation 5, where enhanced processing power, fast loading times, and immersive graphics take the survival experience to new heights.

After extensive research polling survival game experts and enthusiasts, we‘ve compiled a definitive list of the 8 most outstanding survival games available on PS5 today. These games represent the cutting edge of survival mechanics, visuals, and good old-fashioned fun.

What Are Survival Games?

Survival games thrust players into hostile, open-world environments with few resources. To progress, players must cleverly scavenge gear, craft tools and shelters, and overcome dangerous creatures and environmental hazards. Core gameplay revolves around resource management, exploration and combat.

Many survival games feature random maps and events, ensuring new challenges with each session. Some titles even incorporate base building and RPG elements for greater long-term depth.

The best survival games strike a balance between rewarding exploration and punishing difficulty. Let‘s count down the titles that pull this off flawlessly on PS5.

#8 This War of Mine

  • Realistic wartime survival sim putting you in civilians‘ shoes
  • Thoughtful resource management and moral choices
  • Beautifully atmospheric art style

This War of Mine

In This War of Mine, you control a group of civilians struggling to endure a besieged city. During the day, you must craft gear, tend to survivors‘ needs and make upgrades to your shelter. At night, you scout nearby sites scavenging for supplies while avoiding snipers and hostile scavengers.

This War of Mine stands out for its thoughtful crafting system and extremely challenging resource management. Every decision carries weight – who should you recruit? Where is safest to search for supplies? Should you steal from others to survive? With minimal combat, the focus stays on survival priorities and moral dilemmas.

The stylized visuals and atmospheric soundtrack make your battered shelter feel poignantly real. This War of Mine offers a compelling perspective rarely seen in gaming and is a must-play on PS5 for a truly immersive survival experience.

#7 Subnautica: Below Zero

  • Vibrant underwater survival adventure
  • Emphasis on base building, crafting and exploration
  • Chilling and mysterious atmosphere

Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero challenges players to survive the alien underwater world of planet 4546B after a climate disaster. As you explore vibrant ocean biomes, you‘ll need to collect resources, craft habitats and tools, farm sustainable food sources and research mysterious alien technology.

Where the original Subnautica focused on pure survival, Below Zero incorporates base building elements and offers more robust underwater vehicular customization. These welcome features provide longer term goals and motivate deeper progression into Below Zero‘s fascinating story.

With chilled out ambient music contrasting the lonely depths, Subnautica: Below Zero nails the atmosphere of struggling alone in an inhospitable environment. Surviving the beautiful but threatening open world from your precarious sea base provides endless memorable adventures.

#6 Tribes of Midgard

  • Co-op action RPG/survival hybrid
  • Fortify villages against mythical gigantic invasions
  • Satisfying progression of gear and abilities

Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard ingeniously blends survival mechanics with action RPG gameplay as you defend Viking villages from hordes of invading giants. During the day, you‘ll gear up by exploring procedurally generated forests and tombs. Fortify your village by night to withstand relentless giants and their minions.

The progression from vulnerable refugee to badass giant-slayer is supremely rewarding. With a vast selection of persistent upgrades, weapons, magic gear and special abilities, no two playthroughs are the same.

Tribes of Midgard encourages cooperative play for free-roaming exploration or holding down villages against swarms of enemies. Triumphant victories with friends against all odds are extremely satisfying. If you enjoy the village defense of games like Fortnite but crave more depth, Tribes of Midgard is your perfect match.

#5 No Man‘s Sky

  • Space survival, crafting and exploration on an epic scale
  • Trillions upon trillions of unique planets to discover
  • Continuous expansions with huge free updates

No Man's Sky

The virtually infinite planets of No Man‘s Sky present almost limitless possibilities for survival adventures. As an interstellar castaway, you‘ll explore exotic alien biomes, gather resources, craft technology to enhance your gear and environmental protections, and battle robot and organic threats.

The joy comes from seamlessly transitioning between ground exploration to participating in space dogfights. Your reward for pushing frontiers farther is increasingly spectacular vistas and powerful gear.

Since its ambitious launch, No Man‘s Sky has had mountains of content added for free. Planetary settlements, massive worms, mechs, pets, submarines and flying mounts complement core survival mechanics. This ever-evolving title lets your imagination run wild across the stars.

#4 The Last Stand: Aftermath

  • Challenging isometric zombie apocalypse survival
  • Meticulous resource management and base building
  • Become infected yourself for mutated powers

The Last Stand Aftermath

In the zombie apocalypse Aftermath, survival takes meticulous planning and resource management. In today‘s bleak isometric cities, you‘ll need to sneak past zombies while scavenging every last can of food and scrap of materials.

Back at your shelter, resources must be budgeted wisely. Will you build more sleeping quarters or another workshop? Priorities shift dynamically as survivor needs and zombie threats flux in real time.

Eventually you may choose to infect yourself, accepting debilitating mutations in exchange for preternatural senses and powers, culminating in becoming patient zero. This additional meta-progression system provides a creative way to experience the zombie apocalypse.

#3 Dysmantle

  • Brilliantly polished zombie survival
  • Interconnected progression systems
  • Satisfyingly tactile world deconstruction


Dysmantle stands out with its meticulously tuned crafting and combat systems. Like many zombie survival sims, you‘ll need to explore quiet towns and forests while fending off the infected with an expanding arsenal pieced together from salvage.

Yet the progression in Dysmantle feels noticeably cleaner. The crafting system neatly interlocks with weapon and armor improvements. Combat gameplay stays snappy, yet impactful thanks to excellent sound design. Exploring the open world stays compelling as you transition from prey to hunter.

The signature feature is Dysmantle‘s tactile breaking mechanics for harvesting materials. Hacking through wooden walls and shattering objects with sledgehammers to gather resources never gets old. Coupled with satisfying combat and dense branching upgrades, Dysmantle is zombie survival done right.

#2 Breathedge

  • Dark comedy cosmically stranded survival
  • Highly interactive worlds
  • Craft tools and shelters from galactic debris


Breathedge offers a survival comedy set in space after an astronomical disaster leaves you stranded with only a wise-cracking AI companion. By scavenging wreckage littering orbit, you can craft an expanding selection of gear, tools, weapons and vehicles.

The zero gravity traversal keeps exploration fresh, but it‘s the quirky interactions driving Breathedge‘s distinct appeal. From sarcastic robots to philosophical chickens, the characters and craftable "space farms" provide endless oddball misadventures.

Breathedge knows not to take its silly sci-fi premise too seriously while still delivering robust survival gameplay. If No Man‘s Sky skews too serious for you, Breathedge‘s charming personality makes it a must-play for comedy fans.

#1 Vigor

  • Free-to-play military looter shooter
  • Loot valuable airdropped supplies and weapons
  • Stunning fidelity and realistic gun handling


Vigor revolutionizes survival combat through its free-to-play twist on battle royales and military sims. Instead of a shrinking map, players race to raid valuable supplies from periodic airdrops in post-war Norway. Each match offers new environmental challenges and objectives to complete for bonuses.

The gunplay and graphical fidelity hit impressive highs for the genre with intense firefights over vital resources. Each player match strongly incentivizes using your initial scavenged weapons and ammo as efficiently as possible. Victory goes not just to the best shot but the the best at evading patrolling enemies after grabs their prize.

Vigor is the peak evolution of survival PvP. Whether battling solo or teaming up for slick coordinated assaults, the free-to-play Vigor offers endless heart-pounding sessions in a gorgeously bleak world.

Survival Evolved

The best PlayStation 5 survival games transform confronting hostile worlds into the thrill of overcoming the odds through grit and ingenuity. Hoarding precious resources, barely surviving violent encounters and turning junk into life-saving gear makes small victories feel monumental.

These 8 titles represent the apex of survival design tailored perfectly to PS5‘s lightning-fast loading and unparalleled visual pop. We hope evaluating this guide helps you find the ideal survival game to test your mettle and enjoy the genre‘s addictive gameplay loops! Let us know your favorite PS5 survival recommendations. Just remember, survival is a temporary condition that can end at any moment! Stay safe out there.

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