The Absolute Best PlayStation 5 Action Games of All Time

The PlayStation 5 has been out for over two years now, and its library of action-packed games continues to grow. With enhanced processing power and speed, the PS5 is able to deliver incredibly immersive action gaming experiences. From heart-pounding shooters to slick combat games, these PS5 titles represent the absolute best the system has to offer for adrenaline junkies.

10. Returnal

Returnal is a third-person roguelike shooter developed by Housemarque. Players take on the role of Selene Vassos, an astronaut trapped in a time loop on an alien planet. Each time she dies, Selene resuscitates to relive the loop again with random map variations.

The gameplay is fast-paced and intense, with exhilarating gunfights against alien creatures. Selene has access to an arsenal of powerful weapons, from pistols to shotguns, with unique attributes and alternate fire modes. Players must react quickly to enemy attacks while managing their limited health and resources.

With its haunting atmosphere, bullet hell-inspired combat, and endless replay value from procedural generation, Returnal offers a uniquely tense action experience. Its crisp visuals and detailed alien world are only enhanced by the PS5’s power. Returnal sets a new bar for roguelike shooters.

9. Sifu

Sifu is a slick hand-to-hand beat ‘em up centered on intense martial arts action. Players take control of a young Kung-fu student on a quest for revenge, hunting down the assassins who killed his family.

The unique hook in Sifu is the aging mechanic. As players progress, their maximum health slowly decreases as they literally age with each revival upon death. This creates an ever-escalating tension to defeat all enemies as efficiently as possible.

Combat is technical and nuanced, with a variety of Kung-fu techniques to overwhelm groups of foes. The responsive controls allow players to chain together rapid flurries of punches, kicks, throws, and parries. Learning each enemy attack pattern is crucial to mastering the fight choreography.

Sifu stands out as one of the best hand-to-hand combat systems in recent memory. Its slick visual style, difficult but fair challenge, and one-of-a-kind aging hook make this a must-play beat ‘em up.

8. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a fast-paced third-person shooter platformer from acclaimed developer Insomniac Games. Players control Ratchet, a Lombax, along with his robotic companion Clank.

The game centers on dimension-hopping antics, as Ratchet and Clank jump between fantastical worlds to stop the evil Dr. Nefarious. With gorgeous alien vistas and over-the-top weaponry like the Topiary Sprinkler or Negatron Collider, Rift Apart revels in chaotic fun.

A showcase for the PS5’s ultra-fast loading, Rift Apart introduces near-instant portal jumps between richly detailed worlds without a hitch. Haptic feedback through the DualSense controller also enhances the zany arsenal, with each weapon providing punchy recoil or vibrations.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart represents AAA action-platforming done right, pairing polished gameplay with next-gen features. Longtime fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this thrill ride.

7. Doom Eternal

As a direct sequel to the acclaimed Doom (2016), Doom Eternal turns the frenetic violence up another blood-soaked notch. The fast-paced first-person shooter tasks players to battle Hell’s demon hordes as the legendary Doom Slayer.

Doom Eternal centers on “push-forward combat.” Rather than retreating, players must aggressively charge into hordes of enemies, wielding shotguns, chainguns, rocket launchers and more. Chainsawing demons, setting them aflame, or blasting them to chunks with the Super Shotgun feel incredible with PS5’s DualSense haptics.

With breneck levels of gore, relentless heavy metal soundtrack, and tried-and-true first-person shooting, Doom Eternal offers the definitive modern incarnation of the historic franchise. Rip and tear on PS5 for some delightfully gruesome demon-slaying action.

6. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

The Devil May Cry series set the standard for stylish action games, and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition represents a raucous return to form. This version of DMC5 adds new features tailored to the PS5’s capabilities.

Players can choose between demon hunters Dante, Nero, and newcomer V, each with deep combo-based melee movesets to carve through Hellish foes. Combat centers on stringing together varied slashes, launches, grapples, dodges, and ranged attacks into creative, unbroken flows.

With 4K visuals running at a buttery-smooth 60 frames per second, particle effects and demon blood have never looked so good. The PS5’s SSD also significantly reduces loading times between neon-litan levels. Put simply, this is the definitive edition for fans eager to rank up high style ratings.

5. Deathloop

Deathloop is a stylish first-person shooter focused on a time loop assassination romp. Players step into the shoes of Colt, an amnesiac trapped reliving the same day on a remote island filled with eccentric assassins.

To break the loop, Colt must take down eight key assassination targets before midnight. The catch is that a rival assassin named Julianna actively hunts down Colt, adding an additional threat each cycle. This leads to tense, cat-and-mouse skirmishes as you try hunting your marks while avoiding being killed yourself.

With slick 60’s-inspired art direction, over-the-top abilities like character-warping blink teleports or force-throwing enemies with the power of Colt’s mind, and rousing PS5 DualSense enhancements, Deathloop offers intense gunplay with plenty of style to spare.

4. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

A follow-up to the seminal PS4 exclusive Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales lets players live out web-slinging superhero dreams from the lens of Miles Morales. As Spidey’s newest successor, Miles master slick combat moves, bio-electric venom attacks, and thrilling web-swinging traversal about a winter-swept Manhattan skyline.

While Miles Morales offers familiar open world tropes, its combat stands out as the most fluid and flashy the genre has seen. Mixing agile dodges, hard-hitting finishers, gratifying slow-motion skill shots and varied gadget attacks finally fulfill power fantasies of becoming Spider-Man.

PS5 enhancements like instant loading, 4K/60 FPS visuals, and striking ray tracing further immerse players in Miles’s shoes. Web-swing, brawl with nefarious criminals, and immerse yourself in a comic book brought to life through Miles’s eyes.

3. Ghostwire: Tokyo

For a paranormal action thriller coursing with style and atmosphere, look no further than Ghostwire: Tokyo. It tells the creepy story of a decimated, spirit-filled Tokyo warped by supernatural forces. Players assume the role of Akito, who merges with a spectral detective named KK to battle murderous spirits while solving the disturbances that ravage the city.

Fighting feels punchy and satisfying, with Akito mixing ranged spell-like Ethereal Weaving with up-close Spectral Combat to obliterate ghosts. Players also utilize KK’s powers to unravel clues about the bizarre occurrences that transformed Tokyo.

Ghostwire stands as a stunning paranormal adventure brimming with urban legends and Japanese lore. On PS5, Tango Gamework’s eerie world comes alive more vividly than ever thanks to visual splendor and immersive haptics best experienced firsthand.

2. Elden Ring

The long-awaited open world action-RPG from FROM Software, Elden Ring brings their punishing signature style to a vast fantasy kingdom primed for adventure. Known for games like Dark Souls, Elden Ring upholds generally unforgiving gameplay with terrific precision.

Players create their own Tarnished hero to explore the realm of the Lands Between on an epic quest chasing the mythic Elden Ring. Journey through windswept plains, foreboding swamps and crumbling castles holding mystical secrets while facing down all manner of nightmarish foes.

Elden Ring truly astounds with its rich worldbuilding, marvelous vistas, customizable character builds to support divergent playstyles, and incredible monsters to topple, often requiring razor-sharp reflexes. There’s no experience quite like finally defeating one of Elden Ring’s grueling demigod boss fights by the skin of your teeth.

Boasting FromSoftware’s grandest vision yet, Elden Ring stands tall as a hallmark PS5 game that action RPG fans shouldn‘t miss.

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West tops our list as the absolute cream of the crop action game on PS5. This open world action-RPG sends players on an unforgettable journey as hunter Aloy, exploring a far-future America colored with sci-fi wonder.

Set in 31st century post-apocalyptic America long after a cataclysm wiped out our civilization, nature has reclaimed urban spaces now roamed by formidable animalistic machines. Horizon Forbidden West balances a compelling narrative centered on this mysterious world with terrific presentation.

Aloy can traverse grassy plains, tropical coasts and snow-capped mountains investigating the blight at humanity’s doorstep. Players engage in a mix of stealthy traps, concussive arrow barrages and aggressive spear takedowns during combat. Horizon also introduces underwater exploration letting Aloy dive beneath stunning seascapes.

Horizon Forbidden West sets new bars for open world action fidelity. Running in stunning 4K resolution at 60 FPS with ultra-fast loading, no other PS5 game to date matches its sheer beauty and scale. This is an easy recommendation for any gamer.


The PlayStation 5 has delivered console gamers plenty of fantastic action so far, from heart-racing shooters to slick brawlers. Any of these 10 phenomenal titles should satisfy your craving for explosive fun. We’ll be keeping an eye out for what other excellent action games the PS5 releases down the line!

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