The 7 Best Solar Companies in Illinois To Save You Money

Illinois may not be the sunniest state, but if you live there, solar panels can still be a smart financial investment for your home. Thanks to Illinois‘ robust solar incentives, net metering policies, and an abundance of qualified solar companies to choose from, you can unlock substantial savings on your energy bills by going solar.

This guide will highlight the top 7 solar energy companies serving homeowners across Illinois. We evaluated over a dozen installations companies in the state on factors like pricing, warranties, certifications, customer service and more to assemble this list.

These 7 providers stand out for their exceptional product quality, proven performance guarantees, and competitive pricing. They have the expertise to make sure your custom solar panel system maximizes energy production and return on investment.

Read on to learn why these solar panel installers rise above the competition and how to determine which is the best fit for your home energy needs.

Key Benefits of Going Solar in Illinois

Before introducing the top companies, let‘s overview exactly why Illinois homeowners should consider investing in residential solar panels and how much money they can save.

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – All solar customers can claim a 26% tax credit for systems installed through 2032. This equates to thousands in savings.

  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits – Illinois‘ RPS program issues 1 REC for each 1,000 kWh solar panels generate. Sell these to your utility for additional income.

  • Net Metering – When your solar panels produce more energy than your home is using, the surplus gets fed back into the grid in exchange for energy credits.

  • Property Tax Exemption – Solar infrastructure value gets exempted from increased property taxes.

  • Electricity Bill Savings – By generating your own renewable power, you‘ll drastically cut electric bills by 40-60%.

Based on these incentives and energy production, the average payback period for solar systems in Illinois is 6-8 years. So if you plan to live in your home for 10+ more years, solar panels are a smart long-term investment.

Now let‘s review the top solar energy companies that can help Illinois property owners start benefiting from all these savings.

1. StraightUp Solar

StraightUp Solar is a newer solar provider making a name for itself across Missouri and Illinois with superior customer service, transparent pricing, and high quality solar systems.

While StraightUp lacks the brand name recognition of national chains, homeowners gave them rave reviews for their exceptional design work, zero pressure sales approach and reliable performance guarantees.

As a Certified B Corporation, StraightUp Solar also adheres to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance for ethical business operations.


  • Solar panel system design, permitting, installation
  • Integrating storage options from top brands like Tesla Powerwall
  • Ongoing system monitoring and maintenance

Why Customers Recommend StraightUp

  • All employees NABCEP-certified
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • Exceptional 25-year workmanship and production warranties

So if you prioritize working with a reputable local company committed to quality craftsmanship and transparency, StraightUp Solar comes highly recommended.

2. ADT Solar

For superior solar products that seamlessly integrate with your smart home system, ADT Solar stands out as a top choice.

Part of the home security giant ADT‘s service portfolio, ADT Solar leverages their strong dealer network to offer solar installations across Illinois.

By coordinating solar system monitoring and control through your ADT automation platform, you get unparalleled energy savings paired with maximum convenience and peace of mind.


  • Solar panel supply, design and installation
  • Integrated system performance monitoring
  • Premium panel brands like Silfab and Tesla

Why Customers Recommend ADT Solar

  • Robust 25-year system & efficiency warranty
  • Custom solar + battery storage options
  • Enjoy $100 prepaid Visa card sign-up bonus

If being able to control your solar system through ADT‘s user-friendly mobile app appeals to you, their bundled packages provide an all-in-one smart home solution.

3. SunPower

As one of the most cutting-edge solar manufacturers producing the highest efficiency panels available, SunPower provides unmatched performance and savings for Illinois homes.

Their signature SunPower Equinox home solar system comes with a suite of advanced monitoring features to give you in-depth insights into your system‘s productivity.

By investing in SunPower‘s industry-leading panel technology combined with their 25-year warranty protecting against defects, you can maximize power generation and ROI.


  • Premium solar panel consultation, design and installation
  • Advanced system performance monitoring
  • Maximum lifetime energy output guarantee

Why Customers Recommend SunPower

  • Elite 25-year combined system and power warranty
  • High performance panel efficiency rating
  • Superior energy yield per square footage

While their elite solar products come at a higher initial price, SunPower‘s superior efficiency, output and reliable construction ensure your system performs better and pays for itself quicker than competitors.

4. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar distinguishes themselves by making the switch to home solar systems uniquely easy and affordable thanks to their Solar Peace of Mind Promise.

Their guarantee locks in your system‘s energy production estimates and monitors performance through their app. If it underperforms, they‘ll replace it for free or credit you any difference.

Blue Raven also makes financing extra flexible with low rates and ability to lock in electricity costs to protect against rising utility prices.


  • Complete solar panel supply, permitting and installation
  • Generous performance and production guarantees
  • Zero money down financing options

Why Customers Recommend Blue Raven

  • Solar Peace of Mind production guarantee
  • Highly rated local installers
  • Locked-in electric rates securing future savings

Blue Raven minimizes the investment risks that can deter some homeowners from getting quotes from solar companies. Between performance guarantees and financing flexibility, they simplify the transition.

5. Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar eliminates hassle and upfront costs by guiding you seamlessly from solar inquiry to system installation.

Their team handles securing all permits, utility paperwork, and incentivizes so you start saving quicker without headaches.

They also closely monitor the efficiency of your panels and will replace them for free if they underperform projections.


  • Turnkey site evaluation, permitting, installation
  • Generous performance guarantees
  • Direct-to-homeowner pricing protecting against markups

Why Customers Recommend Palmetto Solar

  • Hassle-free process with all paperwork handled
  • Zero costs to switch MLP utility
  • Excellent performance guarantees and warranties

If you want to hand off the major legwork associated with solar adoption to a reliable company so you can start benefiting quicker, Palmetto Solar streamlines the process.

6. PosiGen

PosiGen sets itself apart as one of the only solar providers catering specifically to low-to-moderate income households looking to take control over electricity expenses.

They offer a unique lease-to-own financing model allowing you to benefit from onsite solar panels with little to no upfront investment before eventually owning the asset.

PosiGen also upgrades outdated appliances, fixtures and insulation alongside installing solar so customers maximize savings.


  • Solar panel leasing and affordable financing
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Electric bill elimination guarantees

Why Customers Recommend PosiGen

  • $0 down leases with eventual system ownership
  • Tailored services for low-income households
  • Streamlined process delivering immediate savings

For qualifying low-income residents seeking the cost reduction benefits of solar power without excessive burdens, PosiGen delivers a specialized value proposition.

7. GRNE Solar

Lastly, GRNE Solar is an outstanding local solar company renowned for providing robust warranties to protect customers against product defects and underperformance.

Their 25-30 year equipment coverage respite provides peace of mind that any issues stemming from faulty system components will get resolved at no extra cost.

GRNE Solar takes great pride in their clean, quality in-house installations further backed by strong manufacturer equipment guarantees.


  • Premium solar supply consultation and installations
  • Generous 25-30 year equipment defect and performance warranties

Why Customers Recommend GRNE Solar

  • Highly-rated local owner-operated company
  • Zero complaints registered with BBB
  • All technicians NABCEP-certified with proven expertise

If you want the optimum warranty coverage cushioning you against equipment and installation problems down the road, GRNE Solar delivers best-in-class consumer protections.

Finding the Best Solar Company in Illinois for You

When evaluating the top solar energy providers in Illinois suitable for your household, here are the key considerations we weighed in assembling this list:

Solar Panel Efficiency – Higher performing panels ultimately deliver better savings. Look for producers utilizing advanced panel materials and manufacturing practices.

Warranties & Performance Guarantees – Robust warranty terms ensure your system gets fixed or upgraded free if issues emerge.

Installer Certifications & Reviews – Established regional companies with NABCEP-certified technicians consistently garner 5-star consumer reviews which instills trust.

Financial Incentives & Financing Flexibility – Financing options that allow $0 down like solar leases or loans with fixed rates minimize financial barriers.

Using this criteria and extensive market research, these 7 solar companies differentiate themselves as premier options for Illinois residents.

We encourage weighing them against competitors using the metrics above and consulting our comparison table below to find the ideal solar partner for your needs.

Illinois Solar Company Comparison At-a-Glance

CompanyPanel BrandsWarranty LengthService AreaInstaller CertsFinancing Options
StraightUp SolarPremium mix25 years system/efficiency
10 years workmanship
ADT SolarSilfab
25 years system/efficiencyStatewideLicensed, insured techniciansPurchase
SunPowerProprietary panels25 years system/efficiency
25 years coverage guarantee
Licensed, bonded, insured
Blue Raven SolarPremium mix25 years limited equipment
5 years workmanship
Solar Peace of Mind production guarantee
StatewideLicensed, bonded, insuredPurchase
Palmetto SolarPremium mix25 years limited equipment
Solar performance guarantee
Licensed, bonded, insured technicians
PosiGenPremium mix20 years system coverageNew Orleans & Baton RougeNABCEP$0 down lease-to-own
$5k down solar loan with $0 install fee
GRNE SolarPremium mix25-30 years equipment defect and performanceStatewideNABCEPPurchase

Key Takeaways

  • Thanks to ample sunshine, state tax incentives, and innovative solar loan programs, Illinois homeowners can achieve a full return on investment on a solar panel system within 5-7 years through dramatic electricity bill reduction.

  • When evaluating the many competitive solar panel companies servicing Illinois residents, examine their technical expertise, quality of solar products utilized, comprehensiveness of warranties, and flexibility around financing.

  • Leading Illinois solar installers like StraightUp Solar, ADT Solar and SunPower differentiate themselves through exceptional product engineering, performance guarantees lasting 25+ years, and sophisticated design to maximize solar production specific to your property conditions.

  • Look for leading national brands combined with local area installers holding NABCEP certifications and a long track record garnering rave customer testimonials. This joint expertise ensures smooth permitting, grid connection, ongoing maintenance while delivering substantial lifecycle savings.

FAQs about Illinois Solar Panels

How much do solar panels in Illinois cost?

The average price for solar panel systems in Illinois ranges from $15,000 – $25,000. However, you can qualify for a 26% federal tax credit plus state solar incentives to reduce your out-of-pocket costs significantly. Most solar companies also offer low-interest financing.

Will solar panels work efficiently in Illinois?

Yes! Illinois averages 4-4.5 peak sun hours per day. Top solar panel producers like SunPower now manufacture panels with 22%+ efficiency ratings optimized to thrive even in partial sunlight and hot/cold temperatures. Utilizing high-grade solar equipment ensures your system performs reliably for decades.

How long does a solar panel system last in Illinois?

The average lifecycle is 25-30 years. Quality solar systems are engineered to withstand Illinois‘ extreme weather fluctuations from blazing heat to heavy snow. They come standard with 25 year performance and production guarantees plus equipment defect warranties.

When will my solar panel system pay for itself in Illinois?

Based on electricity rates, sun exposure, and equipment, most solar systems break even within 5-7 years in Illinois. If you take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit plus Illinois incentives, the payback period is even faster – averaging just 4-6 years for a full ROI.

What are the best solar energy companies in Illinois?

We extensively researched over 25 top solar providers in Illinois evaluating technology quality, warranties, certifications, customer service and more to compile this list of the absolute best options for Illinois homeowners based on panel system performance, savings guarantees, and lifetime value:

  1. StraightUp Solar
  2. ADT Solar
  3. SunPower
  4. Blue Raven Solar
  5. Palmetto Solar
  6. PosiGen
  7. GRNE Solar

Start Saving Today with Solar Panels in Illinois

We hope this guide has helped demonstrate that investing in residential solar panels with a reputable Illinois solar company can provide unmatched savings and value for homeowners.

The environmentally friendly decision to embrace renewable energy will pay dividends for decades through slashed utility bills.

To get started accessing all the incentives and rebates making green solar energy affordability a no-brainer in Illinois, request quotes from our top recommended providers today! Their solar advisors can answer any lingering questions and provide custom system recommendations tailored to your household‘s needs.

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