Should You Buy the Logitech G29? Here Are 7 Reasons to Think Twice

The Logitech G29 offers a best-in-class driving experience thanks to its smooth helical gear force feedback system and quality wheel/pedal components. However, at $300 MSRP, it warrants careful evaluation against the competition on features, value, and versatility before buying.

This guide will present seven compelling reasons why you may want to avoid the G29. We’ll compare objective performance metrics against alternatives, highlight lacking features, and showcase products that provide better value. By the end, you’ll have all the details needed to decide if the Logitech G29 fits your gaming needs or if you should consider other wheel options instead.

Overview of the Logitech G29

First, let’s quickly recap some key facts about the G29. Logitech designed this racing wheel specifically for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. It also supports Windows PCs.

The G29 replaced the older G27 model with improved force feedback, leather wheel grip, and better pedal adjustability. Core features include:

  • Realistic force feedback system
  • Smooth, quiet helical gear drive system
  • Hand-stitched leather 11” steering wheel
  • Dedicated floor pedal unit with steel pedals
  • PS4, PS3 and Windows compatibility

It’s an attractive, high-performance racing wheel catered especially to passionate PlayStation racing gamers. However, it does carry a premium price and omits some features found in competitive products.

Below we’ll examine seven limitations to consider before locking in your purchase.

Reason 1: The High Price Commands High Expectations

At $399 MSRP, the G29 sits firmly among the more expensive consumer racing wheel options. For comparison:

Logitech G29$399
Thrustmaster T300RS GT$399
Thrustmaster TX (Xbox)$300
Hori Overdrive (Xbox)$100

Given its cost exceeds even some Thrustmaster and Fanatec models, expectations for features and versatility run high. Yet as covered in the next sections, the G29 falls short in some regards.

Casual gamers unwilling to spend $300+ on peripherals gain no benefit choosing a G29 over cheaper wheels that offer nearly as immersive simulations for far less money. Only hardcore PlayStation fans should consider this premium price point reasonable.

Reason 2: Strict PlayStation Ecosystem Lock-in

A major disadvantage of the Logitech G29 is strict ecosystem limitation. This wheel works only with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows PCs officially.

Unlike certain competitive products, you cannot use the G29 natively with Xbox consoles. And next-generation PlayStation 5 compatibility remains limited too.

Here’s how platform support stacks up across popular wheels:

Logitech G29PS4, PS3Yes
Thrustmater T300PS5, PS4, PS3Yes
Thrustmaster TXXbox X/S, Xbox OneYes
Fanatec CSLPS5, PS4Xbox X/S, Xbox OneYesYes

As you can see, wheels like the Thrustmaster TX and Fanatec CSL support multiple ecosystems. Locking into the PlayStation-only G29 entails more compromise.

Reason 3: Essential Features Missing for the Price

Given its premium pricing, you may reasonably expect the G29 to deliver best-in-class features. Unfortunately, it lacks in some areas by comparison.

Programmable Controls

Wheels like the Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T300RS and Fanatec Podium provide extensive button remapping options. But the G29 limits users to default button layouts.

Adjustable Force Feedback

Both the Thrustmaster T300 and Fanatec wheels enable fine-tuning force feedback intensity to user preference. The G29 lacks this adjustment capability.

Modular Components

High-end wheels from Fanatec allow switching out steering wheels or adding third-party rims. As an integrated unit, the G29 wheel remains permanently fixed.

While its driving simulation still impresses, omitting expected customization and configuration flexibility feels inadequate for the asking price.

Reason 4: Pedal Set Leaves Room for Improvement

The Logitech G29 pedal set performs respectably well for acceleration, braking and clutching. Its floor-based setup offers a degree of adjustability.

However, the all-plastic construction feels flimsy compared to metal alternatives. And the lack of customization leaves little room for upgrades or enhancements.

By comparison, the Thrustmaster T3PA and Fanatec CSL pedals enable adjusting pedal sensitivity, spacing, travel angles and tension. This level of fine-tuning potential to match individual driving style makes a noticeable difference.

Logitech G29❌ Floor placement onlyPlasticNone
Thrustmaster T3PAAngle, spacingMetal / Plastic ComboYes – clutch spring, conical brake mod
Fanatec CSL PedalsAll parametersMetalLoad cell upgrade kit

Considering the G29’s premium pricing, all-plastic pedal hardware lacking any aftermarket potential simply fails to justify the costs versus competitive options.

Reason 5: No First-Party Handbrake Option

While arcade racers rarely utilize handbrakes, realistic racing/drifting simulations absolutely require them. Quickly yanking the handbrake initiates smooth power slides through corners at speed.

Regrettably, Logitech does not offer any first-party G29 handbrake accessory. So you must buy a separate USB handbrake from a third party instead at added cost.

By comparison, Thrustmaster makes the $99 TH8A shifter compatible with T300/TX wheel bases allowing gear shifts and handbrake control in one unit. This integrated solution provides simpler setup and potentially lower costs.

Reason 6: Future Platform Compatibility Uncertain

As previously highlighted, G29 support for PlayStation 5 remains limited even after Sony enabled compatibility in a March 2022 system update. Users report playing PS5 racing games with the G29 induces control lag, imprecise feedback and clunky response.

And with the next-generation of Xbox Series X/S consoles not supporting the G29 outright, future cross-platform compatibility seems uncertain going forward.

Spending significant money on expensive gaming hardware without assurance it will continue working properly on future systems poses obvious risks. Other vendor products like the Thrustmaster T248 explicitly advertise PS5/Xbox Series X/S compatibility as a hedge against obsolescence.

Reason 7: Pre-Owned Options Exist for Less Cost

The Logitech G29 still retails brand new for around $250-$400 at major online and retail gaming stores. However, you can readily purchase secondhand units in good condition for under $200.

For example, a 30-second eBay search surfaces multiple G29 listing auctions ending sub-$150. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and r/hardwareswap on Reddit also offer local sellers clearing out old peripherals well below initial MSRPs.

Considering the G29 originally launched seven years ago (and lacks certain modern features already), buying used provides significant value. Unless you absolutely must own a never-opened G29 specifically, you can save 35-50% off retail prices through the secondhand market.

Of course properly vetting sellers, testing merchandise upon delivery and understanding warranty coverage remains critical whichever purchasing route you take.

Bottom Line Recommendation

The Logitech G29 still operates beautifully today for dedicated PlayStation racing fans on a budget. Its smooth gear-driven force feedback facilitates stellar vehicle control and immersion.

However, considering its $400 MSRP tag, PlayStation-only ecosystem lock-in, missing features relative to competitors and uncertain future compatibility, only diehard brand devotees should purchase a new G29 now versus exploring lower-cost alternatives instead.

Everyone else wins more value from pre-owned G29 deals or cheaper/higher-capability racing wheels like the Thrustmaster T300RS and Fanatec CSL lineups detailed previously. Hopefully scrutinizing these seven persuasive reasons to avoid a new Logitech G29 assists your buying decision optimally.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions!

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