The 6 Best Solar Companies in Montana To Save You Money

With abundant sunshine and attractive financial incentives, Montana can be a solar lover‘s paradise. Installing a solar energy system allows Montana residents to take control of their energy costs while helping the environment. But finding the right solar company is key to maximizing savings.

This guide will outline the top 6 solar installers serving Montana and provide insider tips to save the most money when going solar.

Why Go Solar in Montana?

Montana gets over 200 sunny days per year across much of the state. This makes it well-suited for solar energy systems to offset high electricity bills. Even better, Montana offers enticing financial incentives to go solar:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit: Get 26-30% of your system cost back via a tax credit through 2032. For a $15,000 system, that equates to $4,500+.
  • Net Metering: Receive bill credits when your solar panels produce excess energy sent back to the grid. This offsets your electricity purchases.
  • Property Tax Exemption: Get 100% of your system‘s value exempted from property taxes for 10 years, up to $20,000.
  • State Tax Credit: Receive an income tax credit equal to 100% of your costs, up to $500.

With the right solar company handling the installation and leveraging all available incentives, Montana homeowners can realize significant long-term savings by going solar.

The 6 Best Solar Companies in Montana

1. OnSite Energy

Founded in 2012 and based in Montana, OnSite Energy specializes in customized solar system design and installation services for Montana residents. Their installers have deep expertise serving rural and remote regions.

Why They Stand Out

  • Use high-efficiency panels from top brands like REC and Tesla
  • Offer 12-25 year craftsmanship & equipment warranties
  • Registered B Corp committed to sustainability

For homeowners wanting a solar partner invested in their community and the environment, OnSite Energy is a great fit.

2. Big Sky Solar

Located in Missoula, Big Sky Solar leverages years of local experience to expertly meet their customer‘s needs. While smaller than some companies on this list, they provide exceptional service and have highly-rated panel brands.

Why They Stand Out

  • 25-year comprehensive workmanship warranty
  • Carry LG, Panasonic and Tesla panels
  • Specialize in rural Montana properties

For a smaller installer that pays attention to quality and service, Big Sky Solar is a top choice. Just ensure your panels come with efficiency guarantees.

3. Harvest Solar MT

Serving the Bozeman area and beyond, Harvest Solar MT consults extensively with customers to fully understand their needs before designing the perfect solar solution. They also offer superb ongoing communication and support.

Why They Stand Out

  • Strong focus on customer service
  • Use high-end Canadian Solar & SolarWorld panels
  • NABCEP-certified installation technicians

Those prioritizing exceptional service will do well partnering with Harvest Solar MT.

4. SBS Solar

A smaller installation company based in Missoula, SBS Solar specializes in off-grid, grid-tied, and battery backup solar systems. Their expertise serving rural regions positions them well to meet the needs of many Montana residents.

Why They Stand Out

  • Handle ground, pole and rooftop solar
  • Offer 25-year equipment & panel warranty
  • Free solar estimate & system quotes

For those wanting proven rural solar expertise alongside strong equipment guarantees, SBS Solar delivers.

5. Satic Solar

As a relatively new solar installer serving Montana, Satic Solar has quickly made an impact. They handle the full process in-house, from system design through to installation, net metering and monitoring. Multiple financing options are also available.

Why They Stand Out

  • End-to-end solar services
  • Options beyond purchase, like PPAs
  • NABCEP-certified team with electrical expertise

If you want simplicity and choice in both service and payment, Satic Solar has you covered.

6. Solar Plexus

The longest-tenured solar provider on this list, Missoula‘s Solar Plexus has designed and installed systems locally since 1994. Their experience and NABCEP-certified technicians position them well to serve regional homeowners.

Why They Stand Out

  • 28+ years of Montana solar experience
  • Handle full consultations and installs
  • Provide free quotes to regional customers

For expertise you can rely on, it‘s hard to beat the experience of Solar Plexus.

How To Save Even More on Your Montana Solar Installation

Beyond picking the right solar company, you can leverage financial incentives to maximize your cost savings in Montana:

Federal Tax Credit

  • Save 26-30% through a federal tax credit based on the cost of your installed solar system. Applies through 2032 before phasing out.

Net Metering

  • Offset your bill for energy used from the grid thanks to credits for sending excess solar energy back to the utility company.

Property Tax Exemption

  • Receive a 100% exemption from state property taxes on the value of your solar system, up to $20,000 over 10 years.

State Solar Tax Credit

  • Get an income tax credit equal to 100% of your total costs to buy and install solar, up to $500 maximum.

Utilize all available credits, exemptions and bill offsets to save the most over the long term with your solar installation.

What To Look For When Choosing a Montana Solar Company

With the state‘s solar market growing quickly, new installation companies are popping up rapidly. Use this checklist when vetting providers:

Credentials & Certifications

  • NABCEP certification demonstrates strong training and expertise
  • Licensed electricians (C-10 license) meet key competency standards
  • OSHA certifications confirm proper safety protocol handling

Experience & Reputation

  • Look for 5+ years of service and proven experience specifically in rural settings
  • Strong ratings and reviews build trust in work quality

Warranties & Performance Guarantees

  • Opt for at least 10-year craftsmanship and 25-year equipment warranties
  • Select panel brands that guarantee efficiency performance

Price & Financing Options

  • Get quotes from 3-5 installers to compare costs
  • Inquire about purchase financing, PPAs and leases

Taking the time to thoroughly vet solar companies will pay dividends for years through strong system performance.

Are Solar Panels Worth It For Montana Homeowners?

For most Montana residents, solar panels are absolutely a smart long-term investment. The state‘s ample sun exposure allows solar systems to generate significant portions of a home‘s electricity needs. This brings down utility bills while incentives and tax breaks cut costs further.

Over the typical 25-year lifespan of a solar system in Montana, homeowners can recoup their investment in under 10 years in most cases. And for years after that, they‘ll reap all the electric bill savings from their solar energy system while increasing their home‘s value. That makes going solar a financial win-win for most Montana property owners.

The Best Solar Companies in Montana: Key Takeaways

  • With proper installation and financial incentives, Montana homeowners can realize substantial savings by switching to solar power.
  • Top solar providers like OnSite Energy, Big Sky Solar and Solar Plexus stand out through experience, service and product quality.
  • Carefully vetting credentials, warranties and costs ensures you choose the right solar company.
  • Attractive state and federal tax credits, net metering and exemptions make solar financially viable long-term.

Ready to bask in Montana‘s sunshine while slashing your electric bills? Partner with one of these exceptional solar installers to start your savings journey today.

Summary Table: Top Montana Solar Companies

Solar CompanyLocation
OnSite EnergyMontana
Big Sky SolarMissoula, Montana
Harvest Solar MTBozeman, Montana
SBS SolarMissoula, Montana
Satic SolarMontana
Solar PlexusMissoula, Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Montana have a solar tax credit?

Yes! Montana offers a state income tax credit worth 100% of your solar installation costs, up to $500 maximum. This is in addition to the 26-30% federal solar tax credit.

Does Montana allow net metering?

Yes. Montana has mandatory net metering rules in place. Utilities must provide bill credits to solar customers who contribute excess energy back to the electric grid, offsetting their usage.

How long do solar panels really last?

The average solar panel will maintain strong efficiency for 25-30 years. High-grade panels from reputable brands can operate even longer with proper maintenance.

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