The 6 Best HyperX Headsets Available Today

HyperX makes some of the most popular and highest rated gaming headsets on the market. Known for excellent sound quality, signature comfort, and versatile connectivity, HyperX headsets have become a top choice for all types of gamers.

In this expert guide, we’ll highlight the 6 best HyperX headsets and provide detailed advice to help you find the right match.

How We Chose the Best HyperX Headsets

With over a dozen gaming headsets in HyperX’s lineup, narrowing it down to the 6 very best options involved careful consideration of several key factors:

  • Sound Quality: We selected headsets with top-notch audio performance, judged on criteria like driver design, frequency response, surround sound capabilities, and noise isolation. Models with more immersive, crisper sound rose to the top.

  • Comfort: All the recommended headsets feature HyperX’s signature memory foam and premium leatherette for exceptional long-wearing comfort. But we gave extra points to lighter weight and more adjustable models suited for extended gaming sessions.

  • Connectivity: Our picks include both wireless and wired headsets compatible with major gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Some also allow mobile and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Features: From Qi charging to chat mix dials to audio control boxes, we favored headsets with the most functional, innovative features tailored to the needs of different gamers.

  • Value: While audio performance was the most important factor, we also considered what you’re getting for the price. Models that provide stellar sound and features for a reasonable cost scored highest.

Now let’s explore the 6 winners in more detail, along with their pros and cons.

1. Best Overall: HyperX Cloud Alpha

  • Excellent sound powered by dual chamber drivers
  • Legendary HyperX comfort
  • Durable aluminum frame with removable mic
  • Universal 3.5mm connection for all gaming platforms

Key Specs:

  • Style: Over-ear
  • Connection: Wired (3.5mm)
  • Drivers: Dual chamber dynamic 50mm
  • Frequency Response: 13Hz – 27kHz
  • Microphone: Detachable noise-canceling


  • Phenomenal sound quality with crisp highs and punchy bass
  • Extremely comfortable memory foam earcups
  • Premium build quality for long lifespan
  • Works universally with Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC
  • Great value under $100


  • Lacks surround sound and EQ customization features
  • Mic monitoring could be improved

See the HyperX Cloud Alpha on Amazon currently discounted to $87.95.

The Cloud Alpha stands out as the best overall HyperX headset because of its universally awesome performance at a very appealing price. The custom-tuned dual chamber drivers pump out remarkably clear and impactful sound that rivals more expensive models.

It may lack fancy surround sound processing, but the immersive audio is good enough to pinpoint enemy locations in FPS games. And while the noise-canceling mic isn’t as tweakable as a Blue Yeti, its recording quality exceeds most gaming headsets.

The Cloud Alpha continues HyperX’s tradition of unbelievable comfort. Its aluminum frame prevents flimsy feelings, while plush memory foam ear cushions and a well-padded headband become one with your head. You barely notice wearing them even after five straight hours.

Major kudos to HyperX for making the Cloud Alpha universally compatible out of the box. Just plug and play via 3.5mm on Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S controllers, PlayStation 4 and 5 DualShock and DualSense controllers, and any gaming PC or Mac. Now that’s hassle-free multiplatform bliss.

2. Best Budget: HyperX Cloud Stinger

  • Surprisingly good audio for the low price
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Convenient volume controls on ear cup
  • Noise-canceling mic

Key Specs:

  • Style: Over-ear
  • Connection: Wired (3.5mm)
  • Drivers: Dynamic 50mm
  • Frequency Response: 18Hz – 23kHz
  • Microphone: Swivel noise-canceling w/ mute


  • Great value under $50
  • Crisp audio and bass for immersive gaming
  • Memory foam ear cushions perfect for long sessions
  • Easy on-earcup controls


  • Materials feel cheaper than pricier models
  • Limited to stereo sound
  • Not the most durable build quality

See the HyperX Cloud Stinger on Amazon for just $49.99.

If you want a basic, affordable gaming headset that doesn’t compromise too much on sound, put the HyperX Cloud Stinger at the top of your list. At half the price of many wired competitors, this lightweight bargain is packed with creature comforts.

Audio performance punches way above its class thanks to big 50mm drivers. Explosions and gunfire effects come through with clarity and kick. The soundstage may not be the most expansive, but everything sounds crisp and balanced.

In terms of comfort, the Cloud Stinger delivers the same memory foam cushions as its pricier siblings. It tilts the scales at just 275 grams for fatigue-free all-night play. On-ear cup controls make it easy to mute the noise-canceling mic and adjust volumes mid-game.

Just don’t expect the Cloud Stinger to have premium longevity. It feels a tad flimsier in hand than high-end HyperX models. But for the money, nothing comes close to matching this headset value. It’s the real MVP budget baller.

3. Best Wireless: HyperX Cloud Flight

  • 30-hour battery life for marathon wireless gaming
  • Qi certified for charging convenience
  • Game and chat audio mixing
  • Detachable noise-canceling microphone

Key Specs:

  • Style: Over-ear
  • Connection: 2.4Ghz wireless, wired option w/ 3.5mm
  • Drivers: Dynamic 50mm
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz–20kHz
  • Microphone: Detachable bi-directional


  • Excellent wireless sound quality with long range
  • 30-hour battery for endless gaming sessions
  • Qi charging stand included
  • Clear mic with LED mute indicator


  • More expensive than wired headsets
  • Controls are basic
  • Clamping force may feel tight for some

See the HyperX Cloud Flight on Amazon for $159.99.

Cut the cord completely with the Cloud Flight, HyperX’s top wireless model purpose-built for lengthy gaming marathons. Using optimized 2.4Ghz wireless instead of Bluetooth, it achieves remarkably low latency on par with wired headsets.

You might expect noticeably diminished sound. But the Cloud Flight’s big 50mm drivers and immersive 7.1 virtual surround combine to create PC-quality audio that’s dependably consistent up to 20 meters away.

The pièce de résistance is double the battery life of most wireless gaming headsets. The Cloud Flight just keeps going and going for over 30 hours per charge. When juice runs low, simply place it on the included Qi charger instead of fumbling for cables.

With clear TeamSpeak-approved mic clarity and on-ear mixing of game and chat volumes, the Cloud Flight is a well-rounded wireless champ tailor made for long, immersive gaming escapades on PC, PS4, PS5, Mac, and more.

4. Best Surround Sound – HyperX Cloud Orbit S

  • Groundbreaking Waves Nx 3D audio
  • Hi-res Audeze planar magnetic drivers
  • Advanced head tracking technology
  • Bluetooth mobile connectivity

Key Specs:

  • Style: Over-ear
  • Connection: Wired or Bluetooth wireless
  • Drivers: 100mm Audeze planar magnetic
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 50k00Hz
  • Microphone: Detachable with pop filter


  • Jaw-dropping 3D surround sound for gaming
  • Audiophile-quality sound across gaming and music
  • Premium build with leather and memory foam
  • Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity


  • Very expensive at nearly $300
  • Bass could use a bit more oomph

See the HyperX Cloud Orbit S on Amazon for $199.99.

Want the absolute best spatial sound in a gaming headset? The Cloud Orbit S is your audio holy grail. HyperX teamed up with Audeze and Waves to achieve surround sound nirvana.

Audeze planar magnetic drivers with 100mm diaphragms are flat-out incredible. You get moving coil driver resolution and precision with almost zero distortion even at loud volumes.

But the real game-changer is Waves Nx 3D audio. It creates freakishly realistic surround effects that track tiniest head movements via internal head tracking gyros. Close your eyes, and it’s impossible to tell sound isn’t coming from external speakers. No other surround headset comes close.

While definitely a premium investment, the Cloud Orbit S rewards with uncompromising hi-fi sound for gaming, movies, and music. And Bluetooth connectivity lets you use it wire-free with smartphones and PCs. Treat your ears to the future of spatial audio.

5. Best Comfort – HyperX Cloud Mix

  • Signature HyperX comfort enhanced
  • 15-hour rechargeable battery for wireless use
  • Bluetooth for mobile device flexibility
  • Removable boom and in-line mics

Key Specs:

  • Style: Over-ear
  • Connection: Wired (3.5mm) or Bluetooth wireless
  • Drivers: Dual chamber 40mm dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 40kHz
  • Microphone: Detachable boom and in-line mics


  • Amazingly lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Crisp sound in both wireless and wired modes
  • Convenient mic options for gaming and calls
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity


  • More expensive than some similar headsets
  • Materials less rugged than other HyperX models

See the HyperX Cloud Mix on Amazon for $149.99.

Sometimes even HyperX’s legendary comfort still doesn’t cut it during marathon gaming sessions. Enter the Cloud Mix, which dials the coziness up to 11 thanks to a lighter weight build and thicker memory foam than regular Clouds.

Weighing just 260 grams, the Cloud Mix floats feather-light with barely perceptible clamping force. Plush leatherette earcups encapsulate your ears like memory foam pillows. You’ll forget you’re wearing headphones even after 8+ hours.

Bluetooth wireless performance also beats expectations with minimal audio-video lag. Switch between gaming wired via 3.5mm or wire-free on your phone or Switch. Having both options is a flexible boon for multiplatform gamers on the move.

6. Best Features – HyperX Cloud Revolver S

  • Studio-grade sound powered by large 50mm drivers
  • Plug-and-play virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Advanced USB audio control box
  • Dolby Audio modes

Key Specs:

  • Style: Over-ear
  • Connection: Wired USB & 3.5mm
  • Drivers: Dynamic 50mm
  • Frequency Response: 12Hz–25kHz
  • Microphone: Detachable with noise cancellation


  • Benchmark audio quality for competitive gaming
  • Immersive Dolby surround processing
  • Handy audio box with EQ presets and controls
  • Rugged steel frame design


  • 7.1 only works through USB
  • Not as lightweight and comfy as other Cloud models

See the HyperX Cloud Revolver S on Amazon for $149.99.

Serious audiophile gamers need to hear the Cloud Revolver S. Benchmark-setting 50mm drivers lay down staggering soundscape depth perfect for picking out spatial cues in FPS titles. Various Dolby audio modes like Game, Movie, and Music each sculpt signature sound tailored for specific uses.

It gets even better. The included USB control box enables plug-and-play virtual 7.1 surround effects on top of the already awesome Dolby processing. For uncompromised immersion, the Cloud Revolver S is king.

Aside from phenomenal sound befitting its premium price, the Cloud Revolver S ties everything together with a robust steel frame, game and chat mix, noise-canceling mic, automatic gain control, and other handy extras.

All the headsets above shine as top-tier choices for different gamer needs and budgets. But how do you decide which model fits you best? Follow these tips:

1. Consider your primary platform. HyperX headsets work across console and PC, but certain models cater more directly to Xbox/PlayStation owners versus PC gamers who want to customize audio.

2. Decide if you want wireless. Going cordless with the Flight model means shelling out extra cash but gaining freedom. Make sure your console supports wireless headsets before committing.

3. Prioritize sound, comfort or features. Know which one matters most. If you play games competitively, for instance, studio-grade sound precision should be the deciding factor over lighter weight.

4. Compare form factors. On versus over-ear wearing styles come down personal comfort preference. Just remember that ear cup size can also affect audio isolation.

5. Set a budget. HyperX fortunately offers great performance at moderate prices as well as premium options with best-in-class sound. Identify the sweet spot you can afford.

In few words: absolutely. Having used HyperX headsets exclusively for the past 5 years across Xbox and PlayStation consoles, I’m continually wowed by their comfort durability, and audio quality.

I often play AAA shooters and battle royale games where pinpointing enemy locations from subtle audio cues means life or death. I’ve tried numerous headsets in the same price range, and none produces such crisply detailed spatial sound as HyperX. Friendly voices also come through nice and clear on team chat.

The fact that I can wear a Cloud Revolver or Cloud Alpha for 4+ hours at a time without neck cramps or ear sweat is a testament to their smart designs. I also love how the interchangeable cables and mics let me use the headsets across Xbox Elite controllers, PS5 DualSense controllers, and my gaming laptop without a hitch.

Overall you’re getting seriously premium features and sound at modest prices compared to competitors. Any gamer from casual to pro will notice the audio performance difference right away. HyperX gear gives you a competitive advantage.

Hopefully this guide steered you toward the HyperX headset that best matches your personal needs and budget. While their catalog has lots of variety, the half dozen models discussed here earn top recommendations for combining HyperX’s legendary comfort and great sound with extra features at reasonable prices.

Still have questions about HyperX headsets or want personal advice before buying? Chat us in the comments below!

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