The 6 Best Harry Potter Funko Pops to Cast a Spell With: A Funko Collector‘s Guide

Have you ever wondered which Harry Potter Funko Pop you should add to your shelf next? As a long-time Funko collector and Potter superfan myself, I definitely have!

With over 175 magical, vinyl renditions of characters from the wizarding world to choose from, picking the right Harry Potter Funko Pop to showcase can be an overwhelming decision for any fan.

That‘s why I‘m so excited to walk you through the 6 best Harry Potter Funko Pops today that are absolute must-haves for any true Potterhead‘s collection!

An Overview of the Pops

After much debate among fellow collectors, hours of intel gathering across Funko fan sites, and careful consideration of rarity, style, and charm, I‘ve selected the following all-star team of Harry Potter Funko greats:

  • Nearly Headless Nick (Glow in the Dark) – An eerie, translucent take on everyone‘s favorite Gryffindor ghost
  • Harry Potter on Broom – Harry flying high during a heart-stopping Quidditch match
  • #137 LACC Exclusive Harry – An ultra-rare muggle outfit variant of the Boy Who Lived
  • 18-Inch Harry Potter with Hedwig – A larger-than-life Harry with his beloved owl pal
  • Cornish Pixie, Mandrake & Grindylow 3-Pack – A frightful and funny trio of magical creatures
  • Albus Dumbledore #04 – The legendary Hogwarts headmaster as one of the very first HP pops!

I chose these particular pops because they capture the magic and personality of the Wizarding World beautifully with their designs while also holding great significance for collectors!

Whether it‘s glowing ghosts, high-flying action, ultra-rare exclusives, jumbo sizes, peculiar creatures, or OG classics – these Harry Potter Funko Pops each bring something special to the table.

Now, let‘s take a closer look at why each pop earns a top spot! I‘ll unpack all the bewitching details on when they were released, why fans love them, and where you can get your hands on them.

1. Nearly Headless Nick (Glow in the Dark)

  • Debut: 2018 Summer Convention Exclusive
  • Rarity: Harder to find! Only available at 2018 Con.
  • Value: $30 – $40

We‘re kicking off the list with the one and only Gryffindor ghost – Nearly Headless Nick! Looking dapper with his ruffled collar and dangling head, this exclusive glow-in-the-dark version of Nick is extra spellbinding.

The translucent, blue glow makes him look like he just drifted out of Hogwarts‘ dim dungeons ready to mingle with students and remind them not to call him Nearly Decapitated Nick!

As Harry‘s very first acquaintance from the magical world, Nearly Headless Nick holds a special place in every Potter fan‘s heart. That‘s part of what makes this Funko Pop so popular! Fans also love the creativity of making a ghost character actually glow.

Released as a 2018 Summer Convention exclusive, this ethereal version can be harder to track down. But dedicated collectors know this ghost‘s glow is worth the chase!

"Haven‘t you noticed how nothing seems to kill me?" – Nearly Headless Nick

2. Harry Potter on Broom

  • Debut: 2017 Summer Convention Exclusive
  • Rarity: Harder to find! Only available at 2017 Con.
  • Value: $60 – $90

No great Harry Potter Funko Pop list would be complete without the Boy Who Lived himself, Harry Potter! This version captures Harry in one of his happiest places at Hogwarts – flying high above the Quidditch pitch in search of the Golden Snitch.

From Harry‘s windswept dark hair to his brilliant red Gryffindor Quidditch robes, the excitement and magic of the wizarding world‘s favorite sport shines through. And the included Golden Snitch accessory hovering by his outstretched hand is the perfect finishing touch!

Funko released this exclusive figure back in 2017 for San Diego Comic Con attendees. Its limited availability makes the pop harder to find these days than your average Harry.

But that scarcity just makes this action-packed, Nimbus 2000-mounted version all the more magical for collectors lucky enough to snap one up! It‘s by far one of the most fun and detailed Harry pops you can own.

"I think a person who‘s never played Quidditch before wouldn‘t know what this means to us! This is nerve-wracking!" – Hermione Granger

3. Harry Potter #137 LACC Exclusive

  • Debut: 2017 LACC Exclusive
  • Rarity: Extremely Rare! Only 2,000 exist.
  • Value: $1,000+

The next vinyl wizard stormed onto Funko‘s scene in 2017 with all the exclusivity of the Hogwarts Express. I‘m talking about the ultra-rare #137 LACC Exclusive Harry Potter!

Sporting subtly glittery paint, broken glasses, wand in hand, and casual "muggle" attire, this everyday version of Harry was released in an extremely limited batch of only 2,000 pieces for 2017‘s Los Angeles Comic Con. Making it by far one of the rarest pops in Wizarding World history!

And that rarity translates directly into resale value, with mint-condition versions of #137 commanding north of $1,000 in recent years – a price tag normally reserved only for the likes of FAO Schwarz‘s big headed Willy Wonka!

For devoted Potterhead collectors, owning a pure vinyl embodiment of Harry‘s humble muggle roots is utterly priceless though. And snagging a figure from such an exclusive 2k piece limited run feels like claiming your own acceptance letter from Hogwarts!

"I‘m going to keep pretending to be your friend, so I can bring you down!" – Draco Malfoy to Harry (As Draco imagines to himself)

4. 18-Inch Harry Potter with Hedwig

  • Debut: 2020 Regular Release
  • Rarity: Easy to find
  • Value: $70 – $100

If a mini Harry doesn‘t quite feel magical enough for you, why not bring home this larger-than-life 18-inch "super sized" Harry Potter clutching his snowy sidekick Hedwig!

At over 3 pounds of translucent vinyl and standing 5 times normal Funko height, Giant Harry makes quite an impression popping up on any shelf. Just look at the size of that adorable blockhead!

Funko packed loads of colorful complexity into the upsized sculpt as well. Fans can see intricate textures in Harry‘s Gryffindor robes, Hedwig‘s feathers, his broken glasses, and that legendary lighting bolt scar – making this a true standout piece even for casual collectors.

While easy to find and buy normally compared to con exclusives, the $100 price tag still makes 18-inch Harry an investment purchase. But one glance at Hedwig‘s bright amber eyes peering over a bookcase makes it easy to see why Potterheads find the big guy‘s worth every Galleon!

"I‘m going to need a bigger shelf." – Me, after purchasing this loveable giant

5. Cornish Pixie, Mandrake, & Grindylow 3-Pack

  • Debut: 2016 SDCC Exclusive
  • Rarity: Harder to find! 2016 Con exclusive.
  • Value: $70 – $100

While stars like Hagrid and Dumbledore usually steal the Funko spotlight, this San Diego Comic Con exclusive 3-pack recalls some of the more peculiar supporting creatures skulking around Hogwarts halls – A troublemaking Cornish pixie ready to cause classroom chaos, a potted shrieking Mandrake root that resembles a hairy potato, and an aquatic Grindylow demon waiting to drag students into the lake!

Funko translated the titillating textbook trio into an impish set of tiny terrors. Fans love the creativity put into adapting relatively formless plants and creatures into cute mini pops brimming with personality!

From the crystal blue sheen on the fairy-like Cornish pixie to the Grindylow‘s sinister green coloring, the signature colors and textures of each pop reflect their appearances. Meanwhile signatures like the Mandrake‘s scarf and glasses nod back to fan-favorite scenes of them crying in class.

It‘s a spooky and spirited set that will have any magical menagerie collector under its spell!

"Why is it always me?" – The most commonly heard phrase echoing through Hogwarts‘ halls

6. Albus Dumbledore #04

  • Debut: 2016 Wave 1 Release
  • Rarity: Easy to find
  • Value: $10 – $15

What better way to round out my definitive Harry Potter Funko Pop picks than with legendary Headmaster Albus Dumbledore himself!

As part of the very first 10 Harry Potter pops ever released back in 2016, this klassic Dumbledore kicked off 6 wonderful years of collecting for Potter fans. And #04‘s extraordinary style clearly set the bar sky high!

Funko perfectly captured Dumbledore‘s magic here from the tip of his crooked nose to his splendidly decorated magenta robe lining and towering sorcerer‘s hat. Fans love the intricate texturing in his pipe-smoking beard that are worthy of the wizard who trained Harry Potter himself!

While very easy for fans to find and buy thanks to the pop‘s original 2016 wave 1 debut, that accessibility takes nothing away from this Dumbledore‘s allure. Owning one of the first magical Harry Potter pops is a special privilege for collectors. And getting to glimpse those charming twinkling eyes watching over your shelf never loses its magic!

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." – Albus Dumbledore

How Do These Pops Compare?

Let‘s recap how these spellbinding selections stack up across a few key Funko Pop criteria:

Pop NameDebut YearRarityValueKey Features
Nearly Headless Nick2018Harder to Find$30-$40Glows in the dark
Harry Potter on Broom2017Harder to Find$60-$90Quidditch robes + Nimbus
#137 LACC Exclusive Harry2017Extremely Rare$1000+Muggle clothes
18-Inch Harry w/ Hedwig2020Easy to Find$70-$100Extra large size
Creature 3-Pack2016Harder to Find$70-$100 Obscure magical critters
Albus Dumbledore2016 Easy to Find$10-$15One of first HP pops

As you can see, these wizarding wonders range from ultra-rare grails to easier buys. But they each bring something special!

Tips from a Fellow Collector

As a fellow Funko fanatic, I want to pass on a few quick pro-tips to help you continue your magical pop quest after adding picks from my top 6 list:

  • Storage – Make space on shelves and in pop displays to properly show off your prized pieces! Keep them out of direct sunlight to protect colors.

  • Protection – Use protective pop stacks or hard cases to guard valuable exclusives from damage during transfiguration class (or just daily wear and tear).

  • Community – Join collector groups and follow Funko fan blogs to stay on top of new Harry Potter releases and limited exclusives you might want to chase down!

  • Authentication – For investing in pricier exclusives, learn to spot scammer knock-offs. Check for official Funko branding and quality control issues.

  • Have Fun! – At the end of the day, collect pops because you enjoy revisiting favorite characters and magical memories from the series! The value is in the joy they bring you.

Well my fellow wizarding world wanderer, those are my must-have picks for the top Harry Potter Funko Pops! I‘d love to hear which magical pop you‘ll be adding to your shelf next. Accio recommendations in the comments! Expecto Pop-tronum!

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