The 6 Best e-Readers on Earth Today


E-readers have evolved tremendously over the past decade, with companies like Amazon, Kobo, and others competing to deliver the very best reading experience in a portable, affordable package. Once viewed as a niche product, e-readers are now mainstream must-haves for book lovers thanks to their lightweight builds, weeks-long battery life, glare-free e-ink displays that read like paper, and instant access to millions of titles.

But with so many models on the market, how do you determine which is the very best e-reader available today? In this comprehensive guide, we highlight and compare our top six picks spanning various brands, prices, sizes and features to help you find your perfect match.

Quick Comparison Table

E-ReaderScreen SizeStorageWaterproofNote TakingPrice
Amazon Kindle6"16GBNoNo$99
Kobo Libra 27"32GBYesNo$170
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite6.8”8GBYesNo$140
Amazon Kindle Scribe10.2”16GBNoYes$370
BOOX Note Air2 Plus10.3”64GBNoYes$450
Amazon Kindle Kids6”16GBNoNo$120

As you can see, there is quite a range when it comes to e-reader options today. Below we’ll explore each of our top picks in more depth.

#1: Amazon Kindle

The newest entry-level Amazon Kindle remains our choice as the very best overall e-reader you can buy today. Now lighter and more compact than ever before, the 2022 Kindle packs impressive tech into a tiny 6” frame.

With 300 ppi resolution and Amazon’s signature glare-free e-ink display, text reads crisp and clear, just like print on paper. Page turns are 20% faster than the prior generation, while a single USB-C charge still delivers a marathon six weeks of battery life.

Choose from 16GB of storage, holding thousands of ebooks and Audible audiobooks. The Kindle gives you access to Amazon’s massive collection of over 2 million Kindle Unlimited titles included with your subscription. And if you ever have issues, Amazon offers live customer support over chat.

While the screen remains slightly less responsive than the pricier Paperwhite, for just $99 the standard Kindle combines fantastic hardware with Amazon’s unbeatable ecosystem at an unbeatable value. It’s a feat of engineering that feels like holding a million books in your hand. For most buyers, this lighter, faster, long-lasting Kindle is exactly what an e-reader should be.

Key Specs:

  • 6” anti-glare 300 ppi e-ink display
  • Adjustable front light
  • 16GB storage
  • Weeks-long battery life
  • $99


  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • Crisp, print-quality reading
  • Massive Kindle Unlimited catalog
  • Great battery life


  • Smaller screen than some models
  • Not waterproof

#2: Kobo Libra 2

Looking for a serious Kindle alternative? The Kobo Libra 2 packs exciting features into an elegantly designed 7-inch chassis. Where the Libra 2 pulls ahead is customization – offering a comfort light that shifts from cool to warm hues, adjustable page color tone, and over a dozen font styles to tailor reading to your preferences.

The 7” HD E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen provides a 20% boost in page turn speed versus standard Kobo devices. An IPX8 waterproof rating means no worries reading poolside, while physical page turn buttons prove ideal for one-handed use. Store up to 24,000 eBooks or 150 Kobo Audiobooks with 32GB onboard capacity.

While Kobo can’t quite match Amazon’s vast catalog breadth, OverDrive integration makes borrowing eBooks from public libraries a total breeze. For those invested in Amazon’s ecosystem however, Kobo still comes in second place. But if device customization and freedom from Amazon lock-in matter most, the Libra 2 brings welcome choice to the market.

Key Specs:

  • 7” HD 1200×1680 resolution screen
  • Ergonomic, asymmetrical design
  • 32GB storage
  • Weeks-long battery life
  • $170


  • Large, crisp display
  • Deep customization options
  • Waterproof for worry-free reading
  • Seamless library book borrowing


  • Smaller content ecosystem than Amazon
  • Pricier than entry-level Kindles

#3: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon struck gold again with the release of its newest Kindle Paperwhite last year. This reader inches closer to the premium tier, with a brighter 6.8” display perfect for reading in any lighting. The signature 300 ppi glare-free panel feels closer than ever to real paper. The IPX8 waterproof design even lets you keep reading in the pool, bath or beachside without missing a page.

While the 8GB and 16GB storage options trail our 32GB Kobo pick, for most they prove plenty. Access to Audible means seamless listening and reading without juggling devices. And a single charge still lasts an incredible 10 weeks (take that, iPad battery!).

With 20% faster page flips over the prior generation and the same compact, lightweight feel as the entry-level Kindle, the Paperwhite fixes all pain points. While the $140 starting price sits higher than the base model, waterproofing and extra screen space make the Paperwhite the best blend of features for serious readers. If you read for hours daily, the investment pays dividends.

Key Specs:

  • 6.8” glare-free 300 ppi display
  • Waterproof design (IPX8 rating)
  • 8GB or 16GB storage options
  • Up to 10 weeks battery life
  • $140


  • Excellent reading experience
  • Bright, crisp panel
  • Audible support for seamless listening
  • No worries about water damage


  • Pricier than base Kindle
  • Lower storage than some alternatives

#4: Amazon Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe marks Amazon‘s first foray into note-taking e-readers, with a giant 10.2” Paperwhite display and included Basic Pen for writing directly on the screen. For avid readers who highlight and annotate, the Scribe changes the game.

The 300 ppi panel matches Kindle standards for crisp, print-quality text, while the updated display and pen allow fluid writing, notetaking or sketching without lag. Store thousands of titles in 16GB capacity, sync highlights and notes to the cloud for reference across devices, even send documents to your Scribe via email.

By nature, pen-based e-ink devices command a premium price. Starting at $339 (or $299 with trade-in discounts), the Kindle Scribe sits well above most standard e-readers. And while the Scribe allows broad document support for PDFs or Word files, an iPad may prove more versatile for extensive markup. But for book lovers and students who want seamless switching between reading and scribbled margin notes, the Scribe brings excellent value.

Key Specs:

  • 10.2” anti-glare 300 ppi display
  • Weeks-long battery life
  • Basic pen included
  • 16GB base storage
  • $339


  • Huge, immersive display
  • Lag-free pen integration for notes
  • Send documents to the Scribe via email
  • Easy syncing across devices


  • Very expensive
  • Not as robust for document editing as a tablet

#5: BOOX Note Air2 Plus

Eager for a super-sized e-ink canvas? The Note Air2 Plus from BOOX pushes boundaries with its 10.3” responsive display and flexible Android 11 environment. Running Qualcomm‘s optimized Snapdragon 662 chip, the Note Air2 Plus outpaces most e-readers in both performance and versatility.

For voracious readers, the 2200×1650 E INK Carta 1200 panel offers razor sharp clarity and weeks long endurance off a charge, while custom navigation buttons and a premium Wacom pen enhance usability. Butexempt from e-reader limitations, the Note Air2 Plus capably tackles productivity and creativity too – install Microsoft Office for seamless syncing and markup, sketch ideas in Autodesk Sketchbook, or tap thousands of Android apps to match your workflow.

All this flexibility comes at a cost, with a $479 retail price. And while the Note Air2 can function as a tablet in a pinch, most mobile operating systems still outclass it for robust apps. But if you need big, beautiful e-ink paired with flexibility, the Note Air2 Plus is a stellar jack-of-all-trades.

Key Specs:

  • 10.3” 2200×1650 E INK display
  • Android 11 OS
  • 64GB storage standard
  • Weeks-long battery life
  • $479


  • Sharp, extra large panel
  • Run full Android apps
  • Robust file sync and document support
  • Great for art, design work


  • Very expensive
  • Still lags most true tablets

#6: Amazon Kindle Kids

Want to foster the next generation of bookworms? Built specifically for young readers, the all-new Kindle Kids Edition makes reading fun for kids age 3-12. The easy-to-hold 6” display offers crisp clarity without eye strain, while a thick protective case helps it survive inevitable drops.

A two-year warranty guarantees replacements for any reason, letting kids freely learn and play. Powerful parental controls allow guardians to restrict access as appropriate, manage reading goals, even limit screen time.

With a full year of Amazon Kids+ included, over 1,000 kid-friendly books are available anytime without ads or in-app purchases. When combined with the weeks-long Kindle battery life, you may finally reclaim the tablet for yourself! And just $109 for a durable, safe reading experience helps assure reading skills for years to come.

Key Specs:

  • 6” 167 ppi glare-free display
  • Rugged kid-proof case
  • Parental controls and daily Goals
  • 1-year Amazon Kids+ included
  • $109


  • Aid reading comprehension and skills
  • Safe, durable construction
  • Easy parental oversight
  • Affordable pricing


  • Lower resolution than adult models
  • Small storage capacity

What To Consider When Buying

With so many options on the market today, it’s important to weigh a few key factors when choosing an e-reader for your needs:

☑ Screen Size – Smaller 6-7” readers are incredibly portable, while 10”+ models are better for textbooks, graphic novels or art.

☑ Storage Capacity – Entry-level choices start around 8GB, but serious readers may want 32GB+ to maintain large on-device libraries.

☑ Battery Life – Range from weeks to over a month per charge, outpacing phones or tablets.

☑ Waterproofing – Ideal for reading poolside or at the beach. Not all models include it.

☑ Operating System – Kindle OS best integrates Amazon’s massive ecosystem. Kobo offers more flexibility.

☑ Special Features – Consider note taking, audiobook support, library lending experience based on use case.

☑ Price – Models range from $99 to $500+. Choose features based on budget and needs.

The Benefits of E-Readers

What drives the appeal of dedicated e-readers instead of just reading eBooks on an iPad or phone? A few key advantages stand out:

👓 No Eye Strain – E-ink screens reflect light like paper instead of emitting it directly into eyes. You can read for hours without fatigue.

⚡️ Incredible Battery Life – Batteries last weeks instead of single digit hours like tablets. No need to constantly hunt for outlets.

📚 Huge Libraries – Instant access to millions of titles from Kindle, Kobo and OverDrive without lugging piles of books.

💪 Durable Construction – Made to withstand being tossed in bags and used outdoors. Much more resilient than fragile phones.

In short, e-readers help you disconnect from distraction and immerse yourself in reading anywhere, anytime while avoiding digital eye strain. For book lovers,having your personal portable library is incredibly freeing. It‘s no wonder e-readers continue to grow in popularity year after year.

The Last Word

While lackluster early e-ink devices once felt like novelties, modern readers now deliver gorgeous 300+ pixel-per-inch paper quality clarity in slim, durable frames bursting with battery life. Whether you crave simplicity like the Kindle, customization with Kobo, business uses of the Note Air2 or kid-friendly designs, today‘s impressive e-readers remove all friction standing between you and your next great read.

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