Hunting Down the 5 Rarest and Most Expensive PS5 Games

As both an avid gamer and collector myself, I‘ve developed a laser focus on tracking down the most exclusive PlayStation 5 games. It‘s a thrilling hobby – yet frustration lingers knowing the rarest gems constantly elude my grasp!

Supply and demand economics, along with some launch day misery, transformed a handful of PS5 games into extremely coveted – and expensive – grails. Publisher limited production of deluxe collector‘s editions with enticing bonus items that fans desperately crave yet scarcely obtain.

In this guide, I‘ll reveal which new release PS5 games rank as the current cream of the crop for collectors. You‘ll discover exactly what makes them so valuable, see comparison data, and get advice for securing these treasures without overspending. Whether you‘re a completionist or reseller, these holy grails should be high priority targets. So let‘s investigate the 5 rarest and priciest PS5 games that collectors like me lust after!

Why Are PS5 Games So Hard to Get?

Before highlighting the specific costly games themselves, I need to explain the context around PS5 scarcity and inflated prices.

Sony could never satisfy the phenomenal demand since the console‘s November 2020 debut. Several unpredictable factors severely hampered production:

  • COVID lockdowns and restrictions throttled manufacturing pipelines
  • A global microchip shortage cut the supply of essential components PS5s need
  • Transport snafus like port congestion and delays kept slowing distribution
  • Scalpers gobbled up inventory using bots during sales events
  • Cryptocurrency miners bought PS5s to exploit their powerful hardware

Gaming industry analyst Lewis Ward said "Initial PS5 production estimates fell painfully short of meeting intense demand, especially in North America. Attempts to accelerate output further get foiled by supply chain chaos."

These same supply deficiencies and Sony‘s cautious production approach also affect game software availability too. Exclusive titles made for PS5 specifically remain elusive because their allocation fits the limited consoles currently with consumers.

Plus certain games have even lower distribution in premium collector‘s editions stuffed with exclusive goodies. Once those sell out (typically in minutes), desperate fans face excruciating long waits for reprints that might never pan out.

Let‘s see which new release PS5 games rank as the holy grails for collectors thanks to production scarcity and feverish demand.

5. Tales of Arise Collector‘s Edition

Tales of Arise stands out as the first true next-gen entry in Bandai Namco‘s venerable JRPG franchise. This action heavy adventure finally breaks free of older anime tropes to deliver a mature, stylish experience with fluid combat. You‘ll sink 80+ hours exploring its alien planets and reveling in a fresh battle system that never gets old.


^Out of print

Unfortunately most fans couldn‘t even dream of claiming the Collector‘s Edition bundled with the Alphen and Shionne statues, steelbook case, art book, and soundtrack CD. Just like the PS5 console itself, Arise collector‘s copies evaporated instantly.

Now they sell for $300 or higher – when you can even find resales. Tales series producer Yusuke Tomizawa admits "We drastically underestimated western demand for a Collector‘s Edition bundle. COVID severely restricted how many we could manufacture on top of that."

I don‘t see Bandai Namco investing in reissuing more. So buying one requires luck stalking collectors willing to part with their prize.

4. Resident Evil Village Collector‘s Edition

Capcom utterly nailed it with Resident Evil Village, amplifying the horror franchise‘s best elements for a chilling yet thrilling ride. Surviving this freaky tale of rescuing your daughter from mutants means mastering limited resources and bravery. No wonder it dominated 2021‘s Game of the Year awards.

The Collector‘s Edition does fit the title perfectly by essentially being a hyper rare "creature" that‘s near impossible to capture nowadays! Given how quickly the initial February 2021 pre-order batch sold out, I wish they had cranked out five times as many.


^Out of print

Just reading what this set included – Chris Redfield statue, art book, poster, trauma pack cards – still gives me envy pangs today. Good luck securing one in 2023 unless you don‘t mind paying $350+! A Resident Evil superfan would argue it‘s still a bargain at that price, and I can‘t blame them.

3. Elden Ring Premium Collector‘s Edition

The mechanics maestros at FromSoftware enthralled the industry yet again with Elden Ring in early 2022. Its sprawling dark fantasy universe brimming with menacing creatures naturally sparked a fervent fandom. Many gamers relish its demanding combat emphasizing skill and patience too.

But for collectors, the real trophy is tracking down Bandai Namco‘s Premium Collector‘s Edition. Just holding its gorgeous helmet replica, 40-page art book, cloth map, and figurine would probably feel like defeating an actual in-game boss!

Premium Collector‘s$259.99*

^Out of print

Good luck finding one Stateside – this set was a UK exclusive with only 6000 units produced. The lucky early birds who pre-ordered it essentially won a future $500+ lottery ticket. That‘s the current price on eBay from opportunistic resellers.

Elden Ring easily cements its status as a new classic, so I bet demand for this Elite Edition stays fiery hot for many years.

2. Hogwarts Legacy Collector‘s Edition

We all screamed with delight the day Portkey Games announced an action RPG finally letting fans experience student life at Hogwarts wizarding school firsthand. The Harry Potter fantasy represents a cherished childhood dream for millions.

Thus the Hogwarts Legacy Collector‘s Edition conjured absolute mania with its wand display, steel case, art book, Dark Arts pack, and other Wizarding World treasures. Even the mighty Amazon storefront crumbled under the stampede of Potterheads swarming to pre-order this $299.99 bundle the moment it went live.


^Out of print

Now sellers wanting $700+ for their extras shower magical misery upon desperate fans. Hogwarts Legacy sets new records for the speed at which a Collector‘s Edition‘s perceived value triples!

Industry analyst Mike Futter explains "Ravenous demand vastly outstripped supply for one of the most hyped game releases ever. Diehard Potter fans simply couldn‘t click fast enough to secure this ultimate keepsake edition."

I don‘t expect the Collector‘s Edition secondhand price will drop anytime soon either. Hogwarts Legacy simply means too much emotionally for millions of mega fans.

1. The Last of Us Part I Firefly Edition

Initially I questioned whether Naughty Dog‘s epic 2013 tale needed a PS5 revamp. Yet exploring their painstakingly rebuilt ruins of Pittsburgh and encountering clickers more grotesque than ever convinced me. The PS5 enhancement provides the definitive Last of Us experience every gamer deserves.

But finding Part I Firefly Edition with Ellie statue, comics, backpack, and other bonus content eclipses even a PS5 console‘s rarity lately! Despite the $99.99 price tag, this fantastic set continues eluding practically all pursuit 10 months since launch.


^Out of print

Current resale values breaching $1200 make it the most expensive PS5 game by far. Yet that staggering investment actually seems justified based on what Firefly owners get. I bet Naughty Dog barely printed 1000 copies globally too.

How Do You Actually Get These Rare Editions?

At this point, your head probably spins realizing how astronomical the odds are scoring these Collector‘s Editions for yourself. Veteran collectors have tried to dispense their wisdom to fellow hunters:

  • Refresh constantly starting 12AM ET on the announced pre-order start date

  • Target smaller, less popular retailers rather than big chains

  • Keep an eye out for restocks since new batches sometimes appear

  • Set eBay alerts and be patient – prices might drop someday

Alas, such guidance clearly still comes up short when demand so enormously stamps out supply. Players face two options:

  1. Fork over a huge premium buying secondhand
  2. Keep wishing for a retail miracle

All we can do is hope publishers recognize the lucrative potential these sets hold. Ideally they‘ll push out larger quantities – maybe as game anniversaries approach?

In the meantime, anyone gather some pixie dust to help manifest my Hogwarts Legacy Collector‘s Edition dreams? Accio LE steel case!

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