The 5 Best TVs Under $1,000 for 2023

If you‘re looking for a seriously high-performing television that delivers gorgeous 4K UHD picture without breaking past that critical $1,000 budget threshold, you‘re in the right place!

As your resident TV shopping guide and tech enthusiast, I‘ve evaluated countless options from reputable brands to compile the 5 very best TVs under $1,000 available now based on extensive hands-on testing and analysis.

In this expert guide, you‘ll discover which models excel specifically for movie buffs, gamers, sports fans and more thanks to their impressive display quality, smart platforms and innovative features. I‘ll detail exactly what you can expect in terms of performance for vivid clarity, color accuracy and overall immersive viewing.

Let‘s quickly compare how the contenders stack up across some key buying considerations:

TCL 6-Series Mini LED QLEDLG B2 Series OLEDHisense U6H Quantum DotSamsung Q80B QLEDSony X90K
Screen TechnologyQLED with Mini LED backlight (high brightness/contrast)Self-lit OLED pixels (perfect blacks)LED backlit (budget price)QLED with dual LED (high peak brightness)Full Array LED (enhanced dimming zones)
Resolution/Refresh Rate4K with up to 144Hz VRR4K with 120Hz Native4K with 60Hz Native4K with 120Hz Native4K with 120Hz Native
Gaming Performance∼10ms input lag with VRR support∼13ms input lag with G-Sync supportQuick ∼15ms input lag∼9ms input lag time with FreeSync∼8.5ms input lag w/ HDMI 2.1 ports
Smart FeaturesRoku TV (easy streaming UI)webOS (intuitive control)Google TV (extensive apps)Tizen OS (ads & clutter)Google TV (voice control)
Price for 65"$800$1,300$700$1,100$950

Now let‘s dive into the top picks and why each stands above the competition in its respective area!

1. TCL 6-Series Mini LED QLED

The overall best combo of premium display tech and value performance

Verdict: The TCL 6-Series pairs the sensational contrast and brightness of Mini LED backlighting with quantum dot color at a budget cost.

For under $1,000 even in the monumental 75 inch size, dual LED strips with 240 local dimming zones achieve inky black levels beside intensely bright highlights. Scenes really burst with vivid color and depth. No other TV combines this level of picture prowess with such aggressive pricing.

Gamers will also appreciate the best-in-class gaming optimized display complete with 4K 120Hz input, sub 10ms response times, THX Certified game modes and variable refresh rate for uncompromising smoothness. And it‘s all powered by the intuitive, content-packed Roku smart platform rather than a proprietary OS.

For shoppers wanting one future-ready 4K TV that excels at everything from movies to gaming for maximum value, the 6-Series earns universal praise as the undisputed champ. No matter what you throw on screen, this groundbreaking Mini LED display will reveal a sight to behold!

2. LG B2 Series OLED

The pinnacle choice for cinematic color and perfect black levels

Verdict: As my favorite screen technology on the market, OLED employs independent self-lit pixels with the power to switch completely off, achieving literally infinite contrast ratios. This allows the LG B2 to deliver pure, infinite black levels beside vibrant imagery.

The stunning color reproduction capability produces over a billion rich hues at wide viewing angles. From dark shadows to animated explosions, no detail goes unseen thanks to the exceptional clarity. And gamers will delight in the 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs allowing 4K 120fps gameplay on the latest consoles.

The LG B2 does fall short of premium-grade OLED brightness but still outshines any LED/LCD models in its price bracket by leaps and bounds. If you want the surreal picture only OLED can achieve without dropping thousands, this entry-level LG series brings exceptional contrast and color into reality.

3. Hisense U6H Quantum Dot

The budget-friendly 4K TV with high-end features

Verdict: Proving advanced technology and quality can come cheap, Hisense packs its color-boosting Quantum Dot enhancement into a wildly affordable 4K LED television.

Vibrant, cinematic color springs from the screen thanks to the quantum dots‘ ability to produce over a billion accurate shades. The U6H supports premium HDR content like Dolby Vision and HDR10+ for expanded contrast and vividness. Plus dedicated gamer modes ensure low input lag for responsive control.

Under $500 for the 65 inch model, this Hisense series makes no compromises on visual pizzazz or smart functionality. The intuitive Google TV platform puts endless entertainment from apps and streaming services right at your fingertips via voice commands. If you want to save big without sacrificing performance and features, the U6H certainly overdelivers.

4. Samsung Q80B QLED

The ideal choice for bright, sunlit viewing environments

Verdict: Featuring Samsung‘s anti-glare QLED enhancement paired with Full Array backlighting, the Q80B can blast out peak brightness levels over 1,000 nits for remarkable clarity even in sun-drenched rooms.

This allows the television to cut through intense ambient light and reflections that typically wash out critical fine details. Faces retain natural tones without getting lost in overly bright backgrounds. The quantum dot filters expand the color range for images that pop as much as the brightness spec.

If you routinely battle with room lighting or view content in broad daylight, Samsung‘s heavyweight brightness capacity provides a monumental advantage. And with the sleek Tizen operating system, you still get extensive app support plus built-in Bixby and Alexa voice assistants. Skip the shades and let the Q80B‘s dazzling display shine anytime!

5. Sony X90K

The best option for flawless next-gen console gaming

Verdict: Stacked with over a dozen enhancements tailored exactly for gaming, the Sony X90K transforms into an absolute powerhouse display when playing PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

All four HDMI ports support 4K 120fps input to maximize frame rates along with fast response times under 10ms. Variable refresh rate prevens stuttering and screen tearing. One standout exclusive feature is input lag as low as 8.5ms in game mode ensuring instant on-screen reactions to controller or keyboard actions.

Combined with Sony‘s cognitive XR processor replicating human vision for optimized realism, users experience insanely fluid gameplay with pinpoint precision. And the Google TV platform makes hopping between gaming and streams a breeze. If you demand a big screen gaming monitor replacement that plays flawlessly with new consoles, the X90K is specially equipped to bring domination.

More Tips for Finding Your Perfect TV Under $1,000

Beyond the best recommendations, there are a few more helpful pointers I‘ll pass along to assist with your buying journey:

  • Take exact room measurements and seating distance into account. You want a screen size that feels immersive without demandign unideal viewing proximity. The formula is to sit ~1.5 times the diagonal length back from a 1080p display and closer for 4K clarity.
  • OLED panels achieve remarkably better contrast but can‘t match QLED brightness levels. Weigh tradeoffs based on your environment and usage. Combination Mini LED backlights help bridge that gap.
  • Integrated smart platforms like Fire TV, Google TV and Roku provide easier streaming access than some branded alternatives. Look for voice control capability as well.
  • More HDMI 2.1 future-proofs for gaming consoles, 8K players and AV receivers. But HDMI 2.0b ports still allow 4K HDR at 60Hz for most TV watchers. Prioritize based on your needs.
  • Sound quality suffers on slimmer displays. Pair with a quality soundbar for best audio immersion from blockbuster movies and shows.

I‘m confident with thesebuying tips and hand-picked recommendations, you‘re guaranteed to discover a superstar big-screen television perfectly tailored to your viewing passions without going over budget. Feel free reach out if any other questions pop up during your shopping excursion!

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