Meet Your New HyperX Gaming Keyboard

Hey there fellow gamer! Looking to upgrade your setup with a high-performance gaming keyboard? Then you‘ll definitely want to check out HyperX‘s lineup, which I consider among the industry‘s best.

In this epic guide, I‘ll be spotlighting the 5 hottest HyperX keyboards that will take your play to the next level. I‘m talking buttery smooth switches, stunning RGB light shows, and killer ergonomic designs tested by the pros.

Here‘s what I‘ll cover to help you discover your perfect keyboard match:

  • An overview of HyperX‘s history and most popular gaming keyboard models
  • Detailed summaries of the 5 best HyperX keyboards out now
  • Extra insight on keyboard specs to inform your buying decision
  • Recommendations tailored to YOUR gaming style and priorities

Let‘s dive in and get you keyboard ready to dominate!

All About HyperX Gaming Keyboards

Before highlighting the top models, let‘s quickly discuss HyperX‘s background and what sets their gaming keyboards apart:

Who is HyperX?

You likely know HyperX as the gaming division of memory maker Kingston. They leveraged Kingston‘s 25+ years producing RAM and storage to launch gaming headsets in 2014 and later expanded into keyboards, mice and more.

What Makes Their Keyboards Stand Out?

HyperX keyboards excel in 3 major areas:

  1. Precision: HyperX uses their own mechanical switches designed specifically for gaming‘s demands. Expect super smooth, responsive inputs.
  2. Customization: Vibrant RGB lighting and included software to personalize effects and program macros.
  3. Durability: Aircraft grade aluminum bodies withstand thousands of gaming sessions.

Now let‘s explore HyperX‘s most popular gaming keyboards and see which one resonates with YOUR style!

The 5 Best HyperX Gaming Keyboards

HyperX gaming keyboards fall into three main categories:

  • 60%: Ultra compact size perfect for tight spaces
  • Tenkeyless (TKL): Lacks a number pad for more room to maneuver mice
  • Full Size: Provides a number pad and media controls

They also use different switch types like HyperX‘s own Red linear switches or membrane rubber domes. I‘ll summarize what sets each keyboard apart so you can zero in on the right fit!

1. HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Best Compact Pick

The Alloy Origins 60 delivers stunning RGB effects and rapid mechanical inputs in a super portable size perfect for tight desktop setups or tossing in your bag at a moment‘s notice.

Let‘s glimpse under the hood:

Size356 x 105 x 40 mm
Weight0.9 kg
Switch TypeHyperX Red (linear)
Key Lifespan80 million presses
RGB Zones4 zones
ExtrasAluminum body, doubleshot PBT keycaps, detachable USB-C cable

Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame plus custom HyperX mechanical switches, you can expect phenomenally precise, rapid-fire inputs thanks to the exposed LED design and short 1.8mm actuation point.

Despite the compact layout, HyperX still packed the Alloy Origins 60 with a hearty feature set including per-key RGB customization, dedicated media buttons, game mode and 100% anti-ghosting.

The Alloy Origins 60 is a superb pick when desk space is tight yet you refuse to compromise on features or mechanical precision.

[Image credit: HyperX]

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2. HyperX Alloy Elite 2

Best for Creators & Multi-Taskers

With dedicated media keys and controls conveniently located above the numpad, the full-size HyperX Alloy Elite 2 makes it simple for creators to adjust audio, skip tracks and more while recording videos or live streaming.

Here‘s an overview of what‘s under the hood:

Size444 x 169 x 40 mm
Weight1.8 kg
Switch TypeHyperX Red (linear)
Key Lifespan80 million presses
RGB Zones3 zones
ExtrasAluminum body, USB 2.0 pass through, media controls

In addition to 10 quick access buttons for adjusting everything from brightness to mic mute on the fly, you get HyperX‘s beloved Red linear switches delivering smooth, lightning-quick inputs bolstered by dynamic RGB effects. The included wrist rest prevents fatigue over long sessions.

For creators, streamers and power users who need media controls always within reach, the Alloy Elite 2 delivers desktop-dominating performance.

[Image credit: HyperX]

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3. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Best Tenkeyless Pick

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core retains rapid mechanical precision within a more compact frame by losing the number pad, giving you more room to swing wider mouse movements.

Diving into the vitals:

Size360 x 129 x 43 mm
Weight0.9 kg
Switch TypeHyperX Red (linear)
Key Lifespan80 million presses
RGB Zones3 zones
ExtrasAluminum body, doubleshot PBT keycaps, USB-C detachable cable

Despite its reserves size compared to full-size counterparts, the Origins Core doesn‘t cut corners. You still get exposed LED mechanical switches, aircraft-grade aluminum construction and per-key RGB effects.

Dedicated media keys along the top row also facilitate convenient track and volume control. And the durable build makes it easy to drop in bags without worrying about damage.

For those torn between desktop real estate and mechanical precision, the Alloy Origins Core strikes an ideal balance as HyperX‘s best tenkeyless option.

[Image credit: HyperX]

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4. HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Best Budget Pick

The Alloy Core RGB gives you that signature HyperX style at just a fraction of the cost. While it uses membrane switches instead of mechanical, performance remains solid with vibrant RGB effects.

Let‘s peek under the hood:

Size441 x 129 x 29 mm
Weight0.9 kg
Switch TypeMembrane rubber dome
Key Lifespan10 million presses
RGB Zones6 zones
ExtrasSpill resistant, media controls, anti-ghosting tech

You‘ll spot similarities to pricier HyperX models like the signature silver trim and font along with dedicated media keys. Under lighting impresses with 6-zone RGB control.

While not a tournament-grade pick, the Alloy Core RGB provides surprising value and remains a marked step above basic office keyboards.

If your budget is tight yet you still want to enjoy HyperX quality and style, the Alloy Core RGB generously opens the door.

[Image credit: HyperX]

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5. HyperX Alloy FPS RGB

Best For Competitive FPS Gaming

Boasting a durable steel frame housing HyperX‘s ultra responsive Silver Speed switches, the Alloy FPS RGB promises lightning fast inputs to help secure clutch headshots and whip 180 flick shots.

Here‘s a quick look under the hood:

Size444x137x40 mm
Weight1.2 kg
Switch TypeHyperX Silver Speed
Key Lifespan80 million presses
RGB Zones1 zone
ExtrasDetachable cable, USB passthrough

The Silver Speed switches take center stage, requiring just 45 grams of force and 1.2mm travel to register input—25% quicker than standard Cherry MX switches. Such hair-trigger response translates to split second reaction times during chaotic firefights when a single headshot separates victory and defeat.

Paired with a spill resistant design prepared for the rigors of intense gaming, the Alloy FPS RGB is purpose built for domination in competitive FPS titles like Apex Legends, Valorant and Call of Duty.

FPS fanatics wanting the ultimate rapid fire keyboard will feel an instant affinity with the Alloy FPS RGB.

[Image credit: HyperX]

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How to Choose Your HyperX Keyboard Soulmate

Now that you‘ve gotten the download on HyperX‘s hottest keyboards, let‘s discuss how to pick YOUR ideal match based on gaming style and priorities:

Casual Gamers

For casual gaming and general usage, the Alloy Core RGB has all the essentials without breaking the bank. Punchy RGB lighting and multimedia controls heighten the entertainment factor.

Multi-tasking Streamers

Creators and streamers juggling gameplay, OBS, Discord and more will benefit massively from the Alloy Elite 2 and its easily accessible media buttons always within finger‘s reach.

Competitive Esports Players

Serious competitors wanting peak precision should look at HyperX‘s Alloy Origins keyboards packing custom mechanical switches engineered specifically for gaming with hair-trigger response.

Those with Tight Desk Space

If you‘re crammed on a tiny desk, the Alloy Origins 60 squeezes desktop dominating performance in a seriously petite package. Take it anywhere without surrendering mechanical quality.

See how to match YOUR style? Now for a few commonly asked questions:

Common HyperX Keyboard Questions

How much do HyperX gaming keyboards typically cost?

  • HyperX keyboard pricing ranges from just $50 on the affordable end for the Alloy Core RGB up to around $130 for the feature packed, high-end Alloy Elite 2. Expect to invest around $100 for most mid-range options.

What‘s the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards?

  • Mechanical keyboards use individual switches with spring loaded stems underneath each key, resulting in very tactile, responsive key presses. Membrane keyboards have a sheet layer with rubber domes providing squishier, less consistent feedback.

Do all HyperX keyboards have RGB lighting?

  • Yes, RGB lighting features across their entire keyboard portfolio. Higher-end models allow advanced customization while affordable picks offer preset modes. But vibrant colors come standard!

Can HyperX keyboards be used with game consoles?

  • Yup! Simply plug and play. HyperX keyboards are compatible with PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles in addition to PC.

Well my fellow gamer, that wraps this epic dive into the 5 best HyperX keyboards available now! Hopefully all the insight gives you confidence picking the perfect model to give your setup a flashy boost of style and next-level performance. Whichever you choose, enjoy enhanced precision and fluidity as you rack up killstreaks and collect epic loot!

Game on my friend! 😎👾

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