The 5 Best Baseball Games for a PC in 2024

Baseball and video games might seem like an unlikely combination given the pace and style of each. However, baseball games have been popular on PCs and gaming consoles for decades, allowing fans to experience the sport in new and exciting ways. With the processing power of modern PCs, baseball games feature excellent graphics, fluid animations, deep simulation mechanics, and a variety of game modes to appeal to all types of gamers.

In this guide, we’ll highlight five of the best baseball video games available for PC in 2024 based on gameplay, graphics, game modes, reviews and more. Whether you want a pick up and play experience or an in-depth management simulation, there’s a great baseball game waiting for you.

Quick Summary – The Best Baseball Games for PC

1Super Mega Baseball 4Arcade-style gameplay perfect for casual fans
2Out of the Park Baseball 24Hardcore baseball management simulation
3BASEBALL STARS 2Retro graphics and local multiplayer
4Baseball Mogul 2023Draft and manage historical MLB teams
5MLB Home Run Derby VRFully-licensed HR Derby in VR

#1: Super Mega Baseball 4

Super Mega Baseball 4 is an arcade-style baseball game focused on fluid gameplay and fun rather than strict realism. With easy to learn controls and reasonable game durations (15-20 minutes per exhibition match), it’s the perfect casual baseball experience for PC.

The cartoony graphics are charming and optimized well for a smooth framerate. Animations like diving catches, monstrous home runs, and pitcher windups are dramatic and satisfying to pull off. Over 200 larger-than-life versions of former MLB players like Vladimir Guerrero, Johnny Damon and Ozzie Smith round out the rosters.

Game modes include exhibition, full seasons, franchise, and online leagues with friends. You can manage rosters, sign free agents, customize teams and players, and progress from Division 3 up to the Metal and Legendary leagues. Review scores average an outstanding 85% approval rating.

For $24.99 on Steam, Super Mega Baseball 4 is a steal. The arcade gameplay makes it easy to jump in even for newcomers while still rewarding skill. If you want a genuinely fun pick up and play baseball experience on PC with personality and style, Super Mega Baseball 4 is absolutely worth your consideration.


  • Arcade-style gameplay perfect for casual fans
  • Charismatic graphics and animation
  • Good variety of modes including seasons and online
  • Create custom teams and progress through different leagues


  • Gameplay prioritizes fun over realism
  • Won‘t satisfy fans looking for an MLB licensed simulation

#2: Out of the Park Baseball 24

For the most realistic and in-depth baseball management experience possible, Out of the Park Baseball 24 is the game to get on PC. As the name suggests, this is the 24th iteration of the series, built on years of improvements and experience developing the best baseball simulation around.

You start by picking any MLB, minor league, historical or custom team to manage. It’s then up to you to oversee your organization from top to bottom. Sign free agents, manage budgets, coordinate coaches, facilitate trades or expansion drafts, develop minor league talent and more. When it’s time for first pitch, you can watch games unfold using the 3D simulator or even jump in to control managerial decisions as the games plays out.

With official MLB and MiLB licenses, all the real players, logos and data are recreated in-game. You can play through multiple seasons, taking an expansion team from terrible to championship-caliber over many years. Out of the Park also allows online leagues, where each human player controls one team and competes over multiple years.

Make no mistake, this is not arcade-style baseball. You’ll spend more time poring over spreadsheets and managing the franchise as a whole rather than playing games directly. For diehard stat heads and franchise builders, the depth of simulation here is unparalleled, even if it comes with a steep learning curve. Just be prepared to potentially spend more time reading manuals than swinging virtual bats in this one.

Out of the Park Baseball retails for $39.99 directly from the developer. For the most authentic and customizable baseball management experience on PC, accept no substitutes.


  • Extremely detailed franchise management
  • Fully licensed teams and players
  • Play through multiple seasons
  • Online leagues to compete against others


  • Very complex with steep learning curve
  • Gameplay is largely focused on data rather than action


If you‘re looking for a retro style baseball experience, BASEBALL STARS 2 revives the classic 1992 NES title for modern PCs. The old-school pixel art visuals transport you back in time with a wonderful charm.

Gameplay options in Baseball Stars 2 include exhibition games, full seasons, and local multiplayer with two players controlling opposing teams on the same PC. There‘s a 15-team world tournament ladder that provides plenty of single-player content to conquer. You can also make substitutions, adjust fielding arrangements, initiate double plays and more with an adapted control scheme designed for PCs.

With fast-paced gameplay sessions around 20 minutes per exhibition, Baseball Stars 2 retains that pure arcade-style baseball action of the original while making smart changes for the PC platform. At $7.99, this retro revival is a baseball bargain. If you grew up with the NES classic or just appreciate old-school aesthetics, Baseball Stars 2 deserves a roster spot.


  • Faithfully retro graphics and audio
  • Local competitive multiplayer
  • Classic arcade-style baseball gameplay
  • Cheap at only $7.99


  • Visuals remain very basic by today‘s standards
  • Gameplay nuance is limited compared to modern titles

#4: Baseball Mogul 2023

For diehard statistics nerds who want to rewrite baseball history, Baseball Mogul 2023 offers an astonishing wealth of historical MLB data to build upon. We‘re talking 76,000+ real MiLB and MLB players spanning over a century of rosters dating back to 1901.

As a general manager, you‘re tasked with drafting, trading, managing your budget and facilitating every detail required to build a championship contender. Baseball Mogul 2023 features a 3D simulator to watch your team‘s lineup in action when tactical decisions need to be made. Seamlessly transition from franchise management strategic to in-game baseball manager during any contest.

Part of what makes Baseball Mogul excel is the accuracy of past MLB seasons. Recreate history across numerous campaigns or introduce butterfly effects like preventing Babe Ruth from being sold to the Yankees. With all 30 current MLB teams plus over 100 historical minor league clubs included, the possibilities are incredibly vast for rewriting baseball‘s extensive history your way.

Retailing at $39.95 directly from the publisher, Baseball Mogul 2023 is essentially MLB‘s answer to the famous Football Manager series. If you want the deepest baseball management experience fused with historical MLB data, Baseball Mogul 2023 knocks it out of the park.


  • 76,000+ real MLB and MiLB players
  • Accurate historical MLB data since 1901
  • Replay or rewrite baseball history
  • Transition from management to in-game managing


  • Menu and data heavy rather than action-focused
  • Quite expensive at $39.95

#5: MLB Home Run Derby VR

The ultimate baseball fantasy is brought to life in MLB Home Run Derby VR. Using a compatible VR headset and controllers, Home Run Derby allows you to step into the shoes of an MLB slugger across 30 photorealistic stadium environments.

Swing for the fences using tuned physics designed with real ball flight in mind. Tracking works effectively in VR to replicate swinging a bat. You can even customize everything from your player avatar to bat selection.

As an officially MLB licensed product, Home Run Derby VR nails the sights, sounds and sensation of smashing dingers out of Major League parks. Compete on the leaderboards or cooperatively with friends also in VR. Special baseballs like Golden Bombs and multiple camera angles add diversity when replaying your monster blasts.

At $19.99 plus the need for a solid gaming PC and compatible VR hardware, Home Run Derby VR is certainly a luxury. It also provides a singular virtual baseball experience though for super fans. Stepping into the box at Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field to the cheers of 35,000 fans can’t be replicated any other way.


  • Fully licensed MLB ballparks and branding
  • Accurate physics and baseball flight
  • VR multiplayer support
  • Customize player avatar and equipment


  • Requires a strong PC + VR headset
  • Content limited to Home Run Derbies
  • Expensive for the novelty

Wrapping Up: Top Baseball Game Experiences on PC

While recent years have seen fewer AAA baseball video games developed specifically for PC compared to consoles, there are still excellent and varied experiences available as seen above. Casual fans can jump right into the arcade-style fun of Super Mega Baseball 4 while franchise building devotees will lose hundreds of hours to Out of the Park Baseball‘s management simulation majesty.

Retro throwback BASEBALL STARS 2 turns back the clock with nostalgia and couch competition. Baseball Mogul 2023 provides the deepest historical baseball statistics and management around. Finally, MLB Home Run Derby VR lets you live the dream of taking your cuts on hallowed MLB soil in virtual reality.

No matter what you‘re looking for, PC baseball gaming still delivers. Now grab yourself a Cracker Jacks, fire up one of these diamond titles and enjoy America‘s pastime digitally today!

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