The 10 Largest Crypto Exchanges in the U.S.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has transitioned from a fringe experiment to an increasingly mainstream part of the financial landscape. In 2021 alone, over 16% of Americans traded or used some form of cryptocurrency. With growing adoption comes growing demand for safe, convenient platforms that everyday people can use to buy, sell, and store their crypto.

Enter crypto exchanges. These online trading platforms provide easy access points for crypto curious individuals to start building their portfolios. The largest exchanges now process billions of dollars in trades each day from millions of users.

But with so many options now on the market, how do you choose the right exchange for your needs? In this insider’s guide, we cover the 10 top cryptocurrency exchanges based in the United States. We’ll analyze their features, reliability, and overall user experience to help you decide where to securely start your crypto trading journey.

An Introduction to Crypto Exchanges

Before diving into the top 10 rankings, let’s quickly cover what a crypto exchange actually is and the different types out there.

What is a Crypto Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is simply a platform that allows customers to buy, sell, or trade digital currencies for other assets like conventional fiat money (USD, EUR, JPY, etc.). Top exchanges provide fast trade execution, high security, and an easy user interface.

Types of Exchanges

There are a few major buckets crypto exchanges generally fall into:

  • Trading Platforms – These exchanges focus solely on investing and trading crypto assets. They provide advanced charts, analytics, and order types tailored towards active traders. Examples: Gemini, Kraken

  • Fiat On-ramps – These platforms emphasize fast and easy direct purchases of crypto with fiat/conventional currency like USD. They cater primarily to newcomers. Examples: Coinbase,

  • Decentralized Exchanges – These utilize sophisticated blockchain technology to enable peer-to-peer crypto trading without centralized control. Examples: Uniswap, Pancakeswap

In this top 10 ranking, we focus specifically on the largest centralized exchanges with headquarters and primarily operations based in the United States.

Now let’s get to the actual rankings, starting from tenth place!

10. CoinList

CoinList is a San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange platform and wider ecosystem specifically built to support early stage crypto companies and tokens.


Founded in 2019 by tech startup veterans from AngelList, CoinList was conceived as a way to streamline cryptocurrency fundraising, which founders consider as a modern spin on the traditional IPO model.


The CoinList exchange itself allows accredited users to trade various DeFi governance tokens, stablecoins, and fiat pairs. But the broader platform also runs a tokenized fund vehicle and hosts token sales / ICO raises through its CoinList Seed arm.

Trading Volume

$1 – $3 million per day


  • Get early access to newest crypto projects

  • Robust roadmap focusing on decentralized future


  • Limited assets compared to larger exchanges

  • Need accreditation status to access key features

“I’ve discovered more exciting crypto investments through CoinList than anywhere else over the last 3 years” — Venture Capitalist

While not yet a household name, CoinList‘s innovation and influence continue growing in crypto‘s financial landscape.

9. CoinZoom

CoinZoom brands itself as "more than just an exchange" given its unique crypto debit card offering and full featured mobile app.


CoinZoom Founder and CEO Todd Crosland had a vision to make cryptocurrency more usable in everyday life. He launched the CoinZoom exchange in 2018 as one of the first exchanges to offer a branded crypto spending card.


Beyond its exchange platform supporting 200+ crypto assets, CoinZoom specializes in its Visa debit card allowing users to spend crypto balances anywhere Visa is accepted. It instantly converts the crypto to fiat currency at time of transaction.

Trading Volume

$7 million per day


  • Full featured mobile experience

  • Seamless crypto debit card integration


  • Higher trading fees than larger exchanges

“With the CoinZoom card I can skip converting crypto to cash before spending. It’s opened a whole new world!” — Retired Investor

CoinZoom delivers on its goal to connect crypto to real world use thanks to its unique crypto spending infrastructure.

8. itBit

itBit brands itself as a trusted and regulated platform specifically tailored for institutional and professional investors.


ItBit was founded in 2012 with a goal to apply best practices from Wall Street like transparency, custody solutions, and compliance to the emerging crypto asset class. It would later be acquired by Paxos Trust Company.


ItBit focuses on OTC crypto trading optimized for large block orders from sophisticated investors and funds. Its parent company Paxos also offers related crypto infrastructure solutions around settlement, asset tokenization, and stablecoins.

Trading Volume

$3 – $5 million per day


  • Oversight from NY Dept. Financial Services

  • Robust market integrity protections


  • More limited assets than wider exchanges

  • Requires institutional or professional status

"From the diligent compliance to top-tier custody solutions, itBit gives me peace of mind when executing large crypto orders." — Fund Manager

For deep pocketed investors and funds, itBit provides professional grade crypto trading and custodial services.

7. Bittrex

Bittrex is a crypto exchange catering to active traders with its vast array of innovative trading features and coin selection.


Launched in 2014 by two cybersecurity professionals and an expert in trading systems, Bittrex was built from the ground up with security and reliability as core design principles.


The exchange is well known for its automated trading systems, third party platform integrations, and staggeringly comprehensive coin offerings with over 450 available trading pairs.

Trading Volume

$30 – $50 million per day


  • Most extensive coin selection available

  • Cutting edge trading features and tools


  • More complexity than beginner friendly

"As an active crypto trader, I hugely value the versatility and sheer number of micro cap gems I can discover and trade on Bittrex long before other exchanges." — Crypto Trader

With deep liquidity across both major and minor cryptocurrencies, Bittrex offers a cornucopia of support for aspiring crypto traders.

6. OKcoin

As it‘s name suggests, OKcoin was one of the first and still largest Asia based crypto exchanges. But they have been rapidly expanding their global user base over the last few years.


OKcoin was founded in 2013 by Star Xu in Beijing, China. It would quickly become the largest crypto exchange in China before tightening government regulations around cryptocurrency forced them to halt domestic operations. They have since retargeted their focus to catering to international markets.


While offering fewer overall assets than platforms like Bittrex or Kraken, OKcoin prioritizes the most relevant payment and trading crypto pairs for simplicity. They also feature competitive pricing for active traders.

Trading Volume

$50 million per day


  • Simple and elegant trading interface

  • Low cost leader especially for larger trades


  • Less exotic assets than its U.S. peers

"After getting my start on Asian exchanges like OKcoin years ago, I still prefer the clean UI and pricing advantages today." — American Expat

Years after dominating markets across Asia, OKcoin continues eating into global crypto exchange marketshare thanks to reliability and competitive rates.

5. Gemini

While lesser known among the casual crypto curious, Gemini has earned the trust of many institutional crypto investors.


Founded in 2014 by the famous Winklevoss twins, Gemini was envisioned as the Nasdaq of Bitcoin and crypto trading platforms.


As a New York trust company, Gemini emphasizes regulatory compliance in their exchange platform and custody solutions tailored towards larger investors. Users also benefit from a slick mobile experience alongside integrated features like a crypto rewards credit card.

Trading Volume

$500 million per day


  • Strong security and compliance as a trust company

  • Integrated credit card crypto rewards


  • More limited coins than rivals

“The clean UI and trading features combined with rock solid custody options make Gemini my #1 recommendation for institutional investors new to crypto.” — Financial Advisor

Gemini delivers the crypto goods for Wall Street and professional crypto allocators via industry leading security and transparency.


[FTX US]() is the American wing of FTX, one of the fastest growing & most reputable names in global crypto exchanges.


Launched in 2019 by former Wall Street traders Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang, FTX quickly became a top player thanks to innovative futures and derivatives products. FTX US would launch shortly after to align with US regulations.


While FTX US offers fewer trading pairs than international FTX, American traders still enjoy a full suite of advanced trading features like margin trading, leverage trading, and crypto derivatives.

Trading Volume

$600 million per day


  • Leading edge trading modes like crypto futures
    and margin trading

  • Established credibility through FTX name


  • Smaller selection of available assets due to US regulations

“I‘ve turned my stock trading background into crypto income thanks to the incredible trading tools FTX US offers intermediate to advanced traders like myself” — Day trader

With backing from top Silicon Valley investors, FTX US brings proven crypto exchange excellence stateside.

3. Binance US

Binance US represents the American arm of Binance, theAbsolute global leader in crypto trading volume and offerings.


After its legendary rise to the peak of the crypto exchange food chain starting in 2017, Binance looked to gain a foothold within the significant US crypto market by launching a regional exchange that complied with heightened US regulatory standards.


Binance US provides investors with an easy fiat on-ramp thanks to integration with third party payment processors. From their users can access all the core crypto exchange features like inexpensive trades across 100+ pairs.

Trading Volume

$700 million per day


  • Backed by the stellar reputation of Binance

  • Low transaction fees


  • More limited alt coin selection due US regulations

“With how widely Binance is used around the world, I felt most comfortable starting out crypto trading on their dedicated US platform.” — Crypto Beginner

As the American outpost of the world‘s preeminent crypto exchange, Binance US presents a reliable fiat gateway for Yanks to access the incredible world of digital assets.

2. Kraken

Kraken has emerged as one of the most respected and widely used crypto exchanges thanks to its security-focused design and diverse professional trading features.


Founded in 2011 shortly after Bitcoin was introduced to the world, Kraken is practically ancient by cryptocurrency standards. It managed to survive early industry turmoil like the infamous Mt Gox implosion to become an exchange stalwart.


Beyond just an entry point for crypto investors, Kraken offers derivatives, margin trading, staking, and more tailor made tools for advanced trading strategies. At the same time, newbies can still easily onboard thanks to fiat integration and a cleanly laid out interface.

Trading Volume

$2 billion per day


  • Industry leading security protocols
  • Professional trading tools
  • Wide altcoin support with tight spreads


  • More complex navigation vs competitors

“After bouncing around exchanges for years, I‘ve finally settled on Kraken as my crypto hub thanks to the transparency, tooling and asset selection it offers seasoned traders like myself” — Veteran crypto trader

By balancing robust tools for crypto veterans with simplified access for newcomers, Kraken stands tall as a crypto trading leader.

1. Coinbase Exchange

If any one exchange epitomizes crypto going mainstream, it’s Coinbase. With over 90 million verified users and counting, it boasts one of the largest crypto trading communities on Earth.


Founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong, Coinbase steadily grew a vocal base of crypto enthusiasts thanks to competitive pricing early friendliness towards newcomers. Today it forms the centerpiece of publicly traded Coinbase Global.


Coinbase makes buying and selling crypto assets easy via convenient fiat on-ramps. Unlike decentralized exchanges, Coinbase simplifies the process so even non technical folks can own Bitcoin after a few clicks. But the platform also gradually unveils advanced features for more seasoned traders.

Trading Volume

Over $4 billion per day


  • Established credibility and security

  • Easy for beginners but scales complexity for veterans

  • Highest mainstream brand recognition


  • Higher fees than some competitors once past entry tiers

“As someone intimidated by crypto, I found Coinbase super newbie friendly. Their tutorials helped me slowly gain confidence in exploring this brave new world!” — Crypto Novice

Coinbase brings crypto trading firmly into the mainstream thanks to an ecosystem finely tailored for first timers yet robust enough for experts.

Choosing the Right Crypto Exchange

I hope this guide has shed light on some of the different tradeoffs and specializations across the top crypto exchanges vying for your hard earned dollars and trust.

There‘s no one size fits all option. Each exchange above brings unique strengths serving different audiences, so consider what‘s most important for your needs:

Based on Experience Level

  • Beginner Friendly – Coinbase, Binance US

  • Intermediate Traders – FTX US, Kraken

  • Institutional Investors – Gemini, ItBit

Based on Focus

  • Easy Fiat on-ramp – Coinbase,

  • Diverse Altcoins – Bittrex

  • DeFi / Early Stage – CoinList

Based on perks

  • Branded Debit Card – CoinZoom

  • Rewards Credit Card – Gemini

No matter your experience, priorities, or goals, hopefully you‘ve discovered a few compelling new crypto exchange options above to sign up with, fund your account, and start trading today!

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