Hey, Costco Has Some Seriously Good Deals on Tech Right Now!

As inflation pushes prices higher across the board, we‘re all looking to save money where we can. One way is being smarter about big purchases – like consumer electronics and gadgets. And I‘ve got great news: Costco offers killer deals on TVs, laptops, gaming systems and more that will delight your wallet!

I track tech prices across retailers as an industry analyst. And Costco beats most stores thanks to direct supplier relationships that cut out the middleman.

In 2021, Costco sold over $7 billion worth of consumer electronics in the US alone according to their latest financial filings. With prices like these, no wonder they are moving truckloads of tech!

Beyond bargain prices, Costco offers a risk free buying experience unmatched by Amazon or big box retailers. Their 90 day no questions asked electronics return policy means you can try out any device worry-free.

Many items also include bonus 2-3 year extended warranties and dedicated technical support lines better than premium credit cards. And the options don‘t just stop at TVs and computers – wearables, smart home tech, gaming gear also fill the shelves end to end.

Let‘s explore the 10 hottest deals grabbing eyeballs across Costco warehouses right now:

CategoryCostco PriceComparable Retailer Price% Savings at Costco
55" LG OLED CX TV$1199$1799 at Best Buy33%
MacBook Air M2 Chip$1050$1199 at Apple12%
Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch$220$300 at Target27%
Xbox Series S 512GB Console$240$299 at Walmart20%
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds$199$279 at Bose.com29%

And the savings don‘t end here…let‘s take a closer look across the 10 hottest tech categories:

Booming Home Audio

Your TV‘s built-in speakers leave a ton on the table. I should know – as a former audio editor I‘ve listened to thousands of sound systems! Upgrading to a surround sound system or serious soundbar elevates movies, music and games to incredible heights.

And Costco has raging deals on audio brands like Bose, Sony, JBL and LG kicking. We‘re talking wireless speakers and soundbars that would cost 30-50% more at specialty AV stores!

My pick? The JBL Bar 5.1 Surround Sound System for just $399. Trust me, virtual Dolby Atmos height effects and a huge soundstage transform your living room into a private cinema. While the detachable battery powered surround speakers deliver 3D audio without running wires across rooms either.

  • JBL Bar 5.1 Sound System: $399 ($599 MSRP elsewhere)
  • LG SP9YA Soundbar: $499 ($699 at Crutchfield)
  • Bose Smart Soundbar 300: $249 ($399 on Bose.com)

*The JBL Bar 5.1 Surround System upgrades TV audio without wiring headaches*

I helped my folks set this up last month and even modern sci-fi like Dune felt real enough to touch! And with Costco‘s generous return policy, you can test drive it for the big game risk-free.

Wireless Earbuds Worth Showing Off

Do you constantly misplace your AirPods? My pockets seem to magically devour those tiny things! Well leading brands now offer affordable wireless buds packed with way better features without breaking your budget.

Case in point? The Jabra Elite 7 Active noise canceling earbuds on sale for just $149. That‘s a whopping $80 below Apple AirPods Pro 2 that lack proper waterproofing or the excellent Jabra MySound test for optimized audio.

Plus the Jabra gives you bonus advantages like:

  • Active Noise Cancellation up to 40db
  • IP57 dust and water resistance
  • 30 hour total battery life with case
  • 4 mics for crystal call clarity
  • Fast charging: 1 hour play on 5 minute charge!

Having used both, I can assure the Jabras deliver better overall value, especially for active lifestyles. Whether you‘re sweating it out at the gym or caught in a sudden rainshower, your music keeps flowing without disruption.

Go beyond outdated AirPod design at prices that please. Treat your ears to something fresh!

*Jabra Elite 7 Active – Big sound now comes waterproof!*

Security Cameras Protecting Homes

Home monitoring systems used to cost an arm and a leg with mandatory paid monitoring contracts. Well not anymore! Evolving camera tech let‘s you self install security systems covering every vulnerability for under $500.

Costco currently has smoking hot deals on Arlo, Ring and Swann cam bundles protecting front doors to backyards. In fact…

  • Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight 3 Cam Kit – $480 ($600 at Best Buy)
  • Ring Alarm 8 piece kit – $190 ($250 at Lowes)

My choice for most homes is Arlo‘s wire-free Pro 4 spotlight system. The portable magnetic cameras give you total flexibility for catching faces and activity where you need it most.

160° views minimize blindspots while color night vision provides 24/7 recording – crucial evidence for both insurance claims and police reports. And the ear shattering 100+ decibel siren deters most intruders before they can even make a move!

Home protection made easy? This is it!

*Arlo Pro 4 spotlight cameras flexibly protect doors, windows, driveways and more*

Gaming Goldmines

Modern consoles featuring 4K gaming, ray tracing and buttery smooth 120FPSframerate gameplay are finally available. But good luck finding one! Between console shortages and $70 games, this generation of gaming has turned ridiculously expensive.

Here‘s a juicy money saving hack.

Costco currently offers the Xbox Series S next-gen console bundled with an extra wireless controller, 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial and 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate. All for just $289!

At the equivalent eligible retailers you‘d pay:

  • Xbox Series S: $299
  • Extra Controller: $59.99
  • 3 Month GPU: $44.99

That‘s $114 in bonus gear free…a steal deal equivalent of upgrading from a 500GB hard drive to the 1TB model elsewhere!

Now here‘s why Game Pass Ultimate matters. For a Netflix-style monthly fee, you gain access to a library of 100+ free games like Doom Eternal, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite worth $5000+ in value! More games are added every month spanning Xbox exclusives to popular titles across PC too.

It‘s quite simply the best value in gaming hardware and entertainment today. And Costco bundles make entry more affordable than ever. Time to level up and cash in!

*Red hot bundles – Xbox Series S offers next-gen gaming on a budget*

Health Tracking Wearables

Modern fitness trackers and smartwatches reveal deeper insights into health and wellness than most doctor visits. Top models today go beyond step counting to monitor heart health, sleep quality, blood oxygen levels, stress scores and more.

The breakout device I‘m loving right now is Fitbit‘s new Sense 2 available at Costco for just $199 ($300 MSRP!). Tbsp reviews named it the best wearable you can buy, and I fully agree.

Here‘s why I believe the Fitbit Sense 2 surpasses even the mighty Apple Watch for health tracking in 2022:

  • New sleep profile and sleep stages analysis
  • Upgraded sensors enabling cEDA stress and ECG heart tests
  • Faster charging giving 1 day‘s use in just 12 minutes
  • 5+ day battery life means less overnight charging
  • Women‘s health tracking covering menstrual cycles and fertility
  • Relaxation and meditation programs via Premium service
  • Costs $100+ less than comparable Apple Watch models

When life gets busy, the convenience of on-wrist health insights keeps you on top of fitness and tense moments before they escalate. Let Sense 2 earn its name as your personal wellness guardian!

*Go beyond steps and calories with Fitbit Sense 2 health insights*

Picture Perfect 4K TVs

4K resolution equates to over 8 million pixels filling up LED displays for unbelievable clarity and dynamism. Detail so realistic that images leap off the screen with textures and colors you can almost touch!

While 4K TV prices have dropped enormously, serious home theatre demands more. Contrast, brightness and motion handling separate budget panels from tier 1 brands recommendeded by CNET and RTings.

Costco currently offers the 65" Sony X90K 4K Google TV for a scintillating $949 after $350 savings. Why‘s it so special?

  • Best in class peak brightness hitting 1000 nits
  • Cognitive XR processor delivering intense contrast
  • Next-gen HDMI 2.1 ports enabling 4K 120Hz gaming
  • Integrated Google TV and voice assistant
  • Highest review ratings among 2022 releases

Passionate home theater requires best-in-class display advancements, not just higher resolution. This Sony delivers performance confidence that exceeds expectations every movie night!

*Sony X90K 4K TV matches magnificent brightness with cognitive intelligence*

Crazy Computer Deals

If you‘re still dragging around a wheezy 3 year old laptop, all the security risks and slow speeds are likely driving you bonkers already. Well my friend, wipe your upgrade worries away because…

Costco just slashed $250 off the powerful new M2 chip Apple MacBook Air model!

This slim and sleek unibody aluminum laptop oozes premiumness with incredible 8-core Apple Silicon performance, 18 hour marathon battery life and blazing fast SSD storage.

The buttery smooth 500 nit "Liquid Retina" screen makes spreadsheets and documents pop beautifully as well in a thin 2.7 lb chassis you can carry anywhere.

  • 13.6" MacBook Air w/ M2 Chip: $1049 ($1299 on Apple.com)
    • 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU
    • Up to 18 hour video playback
    • 512GB Superfast SSD storage
    • Deep Learning image signal processor

I helped my college freshman daughter upgrade her slow Windows laptop to this M2 Air. She‘s getting so much work done now thanks to the incredible speed boost!

With back to school sales ending, this is the perfect time to refresh your tech and gain efficiency heading into 2023. Skip the incremental Intel upgrade and go straight to Apple Silicon power!

*The MacBook Air M2 chip leaves Windows laptops in the dust!*

Let‘s Recap:

Across audio, wearables, gaming, TV and computers, Costco provides irresistible deals on the most coveted devices today. Their bundled offers and member-only coupons take hot releases like Xbox Series S, LG OLED TVs and MacBook Airs to prices not matching even Black Friday sales elsewhere!

So skip the variety overload and questionable brands on Amazon this holiday season. Costco‘s curation guarantees products worth obsessing over at member prices that pamper your wallet.

With inflationary pressures straining budgets, smart shopping matters more than ever. Hopefully these tech standouts gave you gift ideas as well – treating loved ones without tapping hard earned savings has never been easier!

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