Hey Space Fans! Here are the Top 10 YouTube Channels Bringing the Cosmos Down to Earth in 2022

As an experienced data analyst and space enthusiast, I‘ve witnessed firsthand the explosion of space YouTube channels over the last few years. Major developments in space exploration – like SpaceX rocket landings andMars rover selfies – have captivated public attention and inspired scores of creators to produce boundless space video content.

To help fellow fans navigate this ever-expanding universe of channels, I‘ve compiled a list of the 10 very best destinations for illuminating insights into the final frontier in 2022. From cinematic NASA documentaries to geeky rocket science explainers, these channels inform and entertain while giving you VIP access to the pioneering work unfolding lightyears ahead.

Let‘s rocket into the rankings!

Overview: Space YouTube Channels Captivate Viewers in 2022

Let‘s quickly orbit through some context on the space YouTube scene and factors allowing channels to thrive before zipping through the top 10:

Public sector achievements ignite interest – NASA‘s steady drumbeat of Mars missions and the long-awaited James Webb telescope launch have sustained public interest even amid changing political winds.

Private space goes mainstream – SpaceX retired-astronaut launches, rocket water landings, exploding prototypes – Elon‘s space adventures continuously go viral shapeshifting public perceptions.

Creators meet demand for engaging space content – Scores of talented science communicators translate complex astrophysics into cinematic visuals and entertaining lessons accessible for all.

YouTube algorithm rewards consistency – Channels publishing videos consistently are promoted by YouTube itself expanding their reach and viewership.

Now let‘s get to know the top channels taking space viewership to infinity and beyond!

1. NASA: Epic Space History and Daily Discovery

Founded: 1958

10.7 Million Subscribers, 6 Billion Views

As the world‘s leading space agency for over 60 years, NASA has an unrivaled vault of space video content. Its YouTube channel provides unprecedented access to NASA‘s historic and ongoing cosmic voyages.

Recent viral video hits include:

  • Live coverage of the launch and unprecedented first images from the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Anxiety-inducing footage showing the Perseverance rover‘s descent and landing on Mars
  • Clips from aging Hubble Space Telescope still unveiling breathtaking glimpses of early galaxies and nebulae

With an enviably vast production budget, NASA sets the gold standard for the cinematic space documentary genre. Its expansive view count stems from syndicating content across its broad network of multimedia properties.

While private space firms increasingly rival NASA‘s industry prowess, NASA can flex its unsurpassed legacy of achievements central to expanding humanity‘s comprehension of space. Its YouTube channel is the definitive source to revisit past cosmic glories and witness unfolding new ones.

2. SpaceX: Epic Explosions and Epic Leaps

Founded: 2002 by Elon Musk

6.1 Million Subscribers, 1 Billion Views

If NASA represents calculated and incremental space progress, SpaceX personifies high velocity, high risk attempts to transform access to space seemingly overnight.

While living on the edge has resulted in spectacular flight test explosions severely setting back timelines, SpaceX has ultimately proven several revolutionary space capabilities:

  • Rocket boosters capable of returning to precision landings for reuse
  • Docking with the International Space Station (ISS)
  • Safely sending astronauts to the ISS

Recent videos capturing global attention include:

  • Nervous first ever live astronaut launch webcast direct from the rocket and capsule
  • Videos demonstrating rocket maneuvers seeming unnatural to past astronaut veterans
  • Clips revealing Starship, the towering next generation rocket, standing on launchpads alongside tiny neighboring buildings

Like Tesla in the automotive realm, SpaceX moves incredibly fast often making veteran industry players seem stuck in a past era. Its "test fast and blow up" ethos perpetually keeps followers on the edge of their seats.

3. Science Channel: Astrophysics and Beyond for Insatiable Science Fans

Established: 1996

4.38 Million Subscribers, 2.3 Billion Views

While space holds a special place for every science enthusiast, the Science Channel on YouTube offers astrophysical content alongside companion topics like astronomy, physics, engineering, robotics, nature and technology.

For space fans, standout documentary series and specials include:

  • How the Universe Works – tackles space mysteries surrounding black holes, alien planets, dark matter and more
  • NASA‘s Unexplained Files – investigates strange sightings and happenings during NASA missions
  • Blue Origin VS SpaceX: Who Will Win? – compares the private space rivals on rocket tech, business models and prospects

Led by President Marc Etkind, Science Channel continues expanding its YouTube presence having eclipsed 4 billion lifetime views in 2021. Beyond its own original productions, Science Channel supplements its formidable space content through partnerships with NASA, ESA and other major space content producers.

4. VideoFromSpace: For Adventurous Souls Yearning to Boldly Go

Founded: 2010 by Astronauts

1.63 Million Subscribers, 218 Million Views

Founded by astronauts including Chris Hadfield and Terry Virts, VideoFromSpace offers followers authentic space perspectives directly from those who have lived an existence once only known to sci-fi characters.

Standout astronaut content includes:

  • Surreal clips from ISS expeditions as astronauts gaze at Earth, conduct science experiments, or showcase daily routines
  • Revealing interviews on topics ranging from witnessing spaceflight launch to readjusting to Earth‘s gravity
  • Strange happenings, technical difficulties, frustrations and humorous moments making space exploration uniquely human

While NASA and others provide ISS updates, no other channel offers intimate access to provoke the visceral sense of what spaceflight genuinely feels like. The channel humanizes the concept of defying gravity‘s bounds making orbital experiences imaginable to inspire future generations of explorers.

5. SciShow Space: Your Astrophysics Professorinterpretation

Created: 2012 by Hank Green

1.44 Million Subscribers, 275 Million Views

If Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive astrophysicist rather than spider, his superpower would be condensing mindbending cosmic topics into entertaining lessons like the team at SciShow Space accomplishes.

Recent videos efficiently unpacking complex phenomena include:

  • Water discovery on the Moon upending beliefs about our dusty orb
  • Interstellar object `Oumuamua‘s strange shape hinting at an alien civilization‘s solar sail
  • Misconceptions on observing stars – they don‘t "twinkle" as poetically described

Hosted by astronomer Dr. Caitlyn Hofmeister and physicist Schuyler Helford, each 5-15 minute video addresses space questions submitted from the channel‘s community of nearly 3 million followers across social media platforms. Viewers appreciate SciShow‘s balance of edutainment simplifying astrophysics just enough while retaining scientific integrity.

6. European Space Agency: Offering the Crucial Global Perspective on Space Exploration

Founded: 1975 with 22 Member Nations

903 Thousand Subscribers, 357 Million Views

While NASA seemingly inhabits its own orbital plane capturing our collective imagination of venturing into the cosmos, the ESA provides critical context on the international cooperation essential for advancing human and robotic space exploration.

Features highlighting this global cooperation include:

  • Astronaut interviews reflecting representation from over a dozen nationalities
  • B-roll contributions from partner space agencies across Europe, Canada, Japan and more
  • Videos spotlighting collaborative ESA-led missions and experiments utilizing various spacecraft and observatories

With 22 member states and billions in funding, ESA pursues space science and exploration independent from other geopolitical dynamics. Its channel expands perspectives beyond individual country efforts offering followers the real, multifaceted portrayal of expanding our reach beyond Earth‘s atmosphere.

7. Primal Space: Binge-Worthy CGI Space Spectacles Transporting You Across the Cosmos

Founded: 2016

512 Thousand Subscribers, 185 Million Views

While NASA and others focus episodes on particular space topics or events, Primal Space excels at producing lengthy, cinematic CGI visualizations capable of mesmerizing viewers for hours.

Standout spectacles include:

  • 20-minute renderings transporting you through black holes, nebulae and galaxy filaments
  • Alien world visualizations informed by datasets from exoplanet-hunting Kepler spacecraft
  • Head-spinning size comparison animations contextualizing Earth against largest stars

Blending scientific data with artistry, Primal Space makes the astronomical sublimely accessible. Droves flock to the channel to get lost in journeys through reality-transcending spatial scales and alien processes requiring no words for appreciation.

8. BPS.space: Showcasing Space Photographer Joe Barnard‘s Astronomical Masterpieces

Founded: 2014 by Joe Barnard

463 Thousand Subscribers, 117 Million Views

Astrophotography dynamo Joe Barnard attracts legions of night sky admirers through his YouTube channel BPS.space featuring ultra high-definition views of astronomical wonders captured using precision tracking mounts, cutting edge optics and careful post-processing.

Milky Way standouts include:

  • Panoramas featuring iconic Ancient Bristlecone Pine trees contorted over millennia against the Milky Way‘s glowing galactic core
  • Star trail vista encapsulating ~23 hours of Earth‘s rotation above Los Angeles
  • Rocket launch footage framed with vibrant nebulae, galaxies and our home planet

With expensive battery packs funding remote multi-day shoots in pristine dark sky parks, Joe‘s production quality far exceeds most under moonlit night conditions. He generously reveals behind-the-scenes planning in live streams helping beginners produce results rivaling his legendary images.

9. Space Googlevesaire: Innovating Space Entertainment Through Novel Google Mashups

Founded: 2006

324 Thousand Subscribers, 467 Million Views

Space Googlevesaire stands apart from other channels by creatively utilizing Google‘s free products to inform and dazzle viewers.

Choice Google mashups include:

  • Google Earth "tours" through solar system locales using actual imagery from past missions
  • Google Mars incorporating NASA rover panoramas into 3D landscape visualizations
  • Google Sky integration with telescope imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope

The channel also employs Google Search Trends showing realtime lookups on trending space topics and Google AdSense to generate revenue from its viral videos.

While simplistic compared to modern CGI capabilities, the channel‘s novel Google remixes display innovation continuing to connect space curious viewers 13 years since first upload.

10. Space News Pod: Satisfying Your Daily Space headlines Craving in 15 Minutes

Founded: 2017

89.3 Thousand Subscribers, 14 Million Views

Boasting over 2000 episodes spanning observed space developments, Space News Pod provides enthusiasts their essential audio/video briefing to stay on top of unfolding stories without time commitment binging documentaries.

Typical episodes summarize the latest updates on:

  • SpaceX and Blue Origin rocket launches
  • Astronomical revelations from observatories like Hubble and Webb telescopes
  • Space tourism vehicles under development from Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX
  • ISS mission exploits from government agencies and private astronauts
  • New proposals for technologies supporting interplanetary colonization

Delivered digestibly from host Elise Strickland, Space News Pod episodes air Monday-Friday featuring space journalists from periodicals like Scientific American, Sky & Telescope, SpaceNews and more.

As outlined above, while space YouTube broadly offers boundless galactic content, a handful of exceptional channels exist well worth prioritizing in subscribers‘ feeds.

Hopefully you discovered a couple new cosmic video companions from this list! Let me know which ones you‘re now beaming aboard and feel free to recommend any other standout channels warranting a shoutout @DataDanTheSpaceFan.

Here‘s to expanding perspectives and understanding on both YouTube and in space! 🚀🌝

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