The 10 Best PlayStation Now Games Today

PlayStation Now has evolved into an essential service for PlayStation gamers. With over 800 downloadable PS2, PS3 and PS4 games across various genres, finding the right title can be challenging. This comprehensive guide will highlight the 10 can‘t-miss experiences currently available through a PlayStation Now subscription.

What is PlayStation Now?

Launched in 2014, PlayStation Now (PS Now) is Sony‘s premier cloud gaming service. It gives subscribers instant access to stream or download a vast library of PlayStation exclusives, acclaimed third-party titles, and games from previous PlayStation generations.

Players can access the service on PS4 and PS5 consoles or Windows and Mac PCs. Sony recently revamped PS Now as part of the new PlayStation Plus lineup. The Premium tier combines the PS Now game catalog with PlayStation Plus to deliver the ultimate PlayStation experience.

#10 God of War III Remastered

It‘s impossible to discuss essential PlayStation experiences without mentioning the acclaimed God of War franchise. The PS Now collection features several series highlights, with God of War III Remastered standing out as an action-adventure masterpiece.

This PS4 remaster of the 2010 PS3 original delivers Kratos‘s vengeful crusade against the gods in stunning 4K resolution. The fluid combat and brutal finishers shine thanks to enhanced textures, improved shadow quality, and sleek 60FPS performance.

Gamers can also unlock series lore and behind-the-scenes developer commentary with bonus content included in the PS Now version. For both franchise veterans and newcomers, God of War III Remastered is the quintessential embodiment of this landmark PlayStation series.

#9 Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar‘s open-world Western epic Red Dead Redemption stands among the developer‘s most revered titles. As the successor to 2004‘s Red Dead Revolver, this cinematic action-adventure experience raised the bar for sandbox gameplay and storytelling.

Players take control of former outlaw John Marston who must hunt down members of his old gang to free his family from capture. This dangerous journey leads him across the fading American Frontier at the turn of the 20th century.

From rural prairies to dusty boom towns, Red Dead Redemption‘s diverse landscapes are a sight to behold even 12 years after its initial release. Iconic shootouts and horseback exploration capture the romanticism of the Western genre. An unforgettable tale filled with colorful characters and impactful choices solidifies this PS3 classic as a must-play on PS Now.

#8 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

For J.R.R Tolkien fans, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor presents an original story separate from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Set between The Hobbit and LOTR trilogy, the game casts players as Talion. He‘s a Gondorian ranger slain alongside his family and mystically bonded with an elven wraith.

With new supernatural abilities, Talion vows revenge against Sauron and his forces occupying Mordor. The combat blends flowing melee attacks with wraith powers and ranged executions. Most impressive is the Nemesis System which tracks procedurally-generated Orc bosses that remember previous player encounters across this open world.

Beyond the polished action mechanics, Shadow or Mordor‘s darker tone and new additions to LOTR lore make it a must-play for fans. It also paved the way for the equally excellent 2018 sequel Shadow of War.

#7 Marvel‘s Spider-Man

Insomniac Games brought everyone‘s favorite web-slinger to PS4 in thrilling fashion with Marvel‘s Spider-Man. Even veteran Spider-Man game fans were caught off-guard by just how fantastic its Manhattan open world and fluid web-swinging felt.

Players resume control of 23-year old Peter Parker who battles Mister Negative and his Inner Demons gang. Iconic villains like Electro, Vulture, Rhino and Scorpion also attempt to take over New York City.

The stellar combat seamlessly blends flowing melee attacks with gadgetry and environmental takedowns. Unlockable skills and snazzy suits inspired by Spidey‘s comic history provide bonuses to diversify playstyles. Few superhero games capture the power fantasy quite like hijacking a helicopter as Spider-Man before sending it crashing down on fleeing thugs.

For PlayStation fans, Marvel‘s Spider-Man is easily one of the PS4‘s most fun and polished exclusives now included with PS Now.

#6 Mortal Kombat 11

When it comes to spine-ripping arcade fighters, Mortal Kombat remains unmatched. The series relaunched impressively in 2011 and continues its hot streak with Mortal Kombat 11. The new Custom Variation mechanic expands special movesets and combo potential for mindgames during fights.

MK11‘s expanded tutorial also helps newcomers learn core mechanics like meter management, wakeup attacks and throw escapes. Veterans can still discover new brutalities and build craftier play styles tailored to their preferences.

With online ranked matches and tournaments open to all PS Now subscribers, players can test their might against the world‘s top competitors. Of course, the absurdly gory Fatalities steal the show as always. This entry‘s new fatality customization and the wild story campaign make MK11 a knockout.

#5 NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata initially seemed like a niche action-RPG focusing on sexy android warriors battling alien machines. However, beneath the slick PlatinumGames combat and risqué character designs lies one of the darkest and most emotional stories in all of gaming.

Players mainly control the curvaceous android 2B who teams with 9S to recover Earth from invading machine lifeforms. The fluid hack-n-slash combat blends heavy and light melee combos with positional mechanics for dynamically swapping weapon loadouts mid-attack. Bullet hell mini-games and hacking segments provide surprising diversity as the mysteries surrounding NieR‘s post-apocalyptic world slowly unravel.

Despite some minor technical issues, NieR: Automata still stands as a profound masterpiece thanks to its meta-narrative about finding purpose in life‘s repetitive cycles, existential questions of consciousness and multiple story routes showcasing different perspectives. Any PlayStation gamer seeking all-time greatness must play NieR: Automata.

#4 Grand Theft Auto V

As one of the best-selling games ever, Grand Theft Auto V hardly needs an introduction. Rockstar‘s scathing satire of contemporary America delivers unprecedented freedom through its sprawling sandbox update of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Gamers assume control of three criminal protagonists with interwoven stories full of over-the-top heists. The open-ended gameplay allows players to go sightseeing, take strangers on outrageous hijinks or simply wind down by playing golf or tennis in their spare time.

Dozens of vehicles keep the chaos fresh whether you‘re stunting motorcycles on mountaintops or dodging the cops in drifting supercars. Developer Rockstar continues supporting GTA Online which allows up to 30 players to play together with new competitive modes, missions and silly novelty vehicles. Hundreds of hours worth of content cements GTA V‘s legacy as a hallmark of PlayStation gaming freedom.

#3 Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios‘ beloved Batman trilogy concluded with the epic open-world adventure Batman: Arkham Knight. Alongside mainstays like gliding, gadgets and Detective Vision stealth, the Dark Knight now battles foes across a sprawling Gotham City empowered by the Batmobile.

This menacing new vehicle helps Batman rapidly traverse Gotham‘s three islands while occasionally transforming into a tank to exchange missiles with unmanned drones. Arkham Knight‘s exceptional melee system gets upgraded with new environmental takedowns and weapon disarms to knock guns from enemies‘ hands.

Having access to iconic locations like Wayne Tower, Ace Chemicals and the Panessa Movie Studio fulfills Batman fantasy fulfillment. A twisted story featuring Scarecrow uniting Gotham‘s most dangerous villains against Bats pushes the series‘ excellence into masterpiece territory for diehard super fans and casual players alike.

#2 Bloodborne

FromSoftware pioneered their distinct brand of tense, precision-based combat with 2009‘s Demon‘s Souls before expanding massively in popularity through Dark Souls. For their Sony-exclusive PS4 project, the studio crafted the Lovecraftian gothic nightmare known as Bloodborne.

There are no shields here — only swift dodges and parries followed by merciless counterattacks against deranged mobs and hulking bosses. The setting of Yharnam provides jaw-dropping gothic environments spanning Victorian neighborhoods, eerie castles and long-abandoned medical facilities.

Instead of standard swords and bows, players utilize Saw Cleavers, magically-infused Firearms and the razor-sharp Threaded Cane to slice monstrosities to ribbons. Bloodborne demands incredible skill and rewards patience to slowly unravel mysteries regarding The Hunt and the tormenting Great Ones lurking beyond our mortal plane of existence. Terrifying, frantic fun.

#1 The Last of Us Remastered

Naughty Dog‘s emotionally charged masterpiece represents the pinnacle of PlayStation‘s storytelling prowess. This brilliant character-driven adventure balances tense stealth, frenetic gunfights and tender heart-to-heart conversations seamlessly.

Players control hardened survivor Joel who must escort teenager Ellie across post-pandemic America ridden with desperate scavengers and horrifyingly mutated undead. Their perilous coast-to-coast journey explores the very best and worst of humanity.

From abandoned cities consumed by natural reclamation to countryside communes struggling to endure, The Last of Us crafts a disturbingly believable post-apocalyptic scenario. Oscar-caliber performances and some of gaming‘s most heartwrenching moments cement Ellie and Joel as icons while raising the bar for interactive drama. The Remastered version‘s enhanced 1080p visuals at 60FPS make revisiting this masterpiece even more profoundly moving.

For PlayStation faithful yearning to be engrossed by equal parts action, stealth and storytelling mastery, no game hits harder than The Last of Us. Undoubtedly an essential interactive experience.

With hundreds of acclaimed titles across various generations, PlayStation Now grants subscribers access to an incredible library of games. From polygons to pixels then finally cinema-quality visuals, these 10 PS Now greats represent must-play PlayStation classics as well as modern masterpieces no gamer should miss.

Which PlayStation Now game will you play next? Sound off in the comments below!

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