The 10 Best Craigslist Alternatives in 2023

Craigslist has long been the go-to site for everything from finding an apartment to selling your old furniture. But in recent years, dozens of new platforms have emerged to challenge Craigslist‘s dominance.

Many of these alternatives offer improved features, stronger buyer and seller protections, and more specialized services. So whether you‘re tired of Craigslist or just want to see what else is out there, you have great options to choose from.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ve spotlighted the 10 best Craigslist alternatives based on trust, pricing, and services offered.

An Introduction to Craigslist and Why People Want Alternatives

Craigslist began over 25 years ago as a simple email distribution list focused on events in the San Francisco Bay Area. It slowly expanded regionally and eventually became a nationwide classified ads site.

The barebones, no-frills site connects local buyers and sellers for nearly everything – housing, jobs, personals, services, community events, and discussion forums. Its simplicity is both a strength and weakness.

While Craigslistoffers access to a massive audience, it lacks key features that users increasingly demand:

  • Safety – No identity verification or transaction oversight means scams remain common.
  • Trust – Anonymous users and lack of seller rating systems make trust difficult.
  • Usability – The outdated interface offers a poor user experience.
  • Support – There is no customer service if issues arise.

New classifieds platforms address these weaknesses with improved protections, reviews, ease of use, and customer assistance. And many specialize in specific verticals like cars, fashion, or jobs rather than awkwardly combining everything onto one site.

That‘s why an increasing number of users are seeking out alternatives that better meet their needs. The sites we feature below aim to fill the gaps that Craigslist lacks.

1. Facebook Marketplace – Best Overall Alternative

With over one billion active users on Facebook, their Facebook Marketplace offers the largest audience to buy and sell both new and used goods locally. Electronics, vehicles, fashion, household items, and more are commonly available.

Key Services

  • Local buyer/seller connections
  • List/search postings by location
  • Purchase protection for eligible orders

Standout Features

Facebook‘s massive user base eclipses the reach any other classifieds site can offer. Their purchase protection also adds security for eligible transactions made via Facebook Messenger.


Listing fees: Free
Seller fees: None
Other fees: None

For general buy/sell purposes, Facebook Marketplace beats Craigslist with its unrivaled audience size, improved protections, and zero listing or selling costs. The interface and filtering capabilities also outperform Craigslist‘s dated design.

2. Decluttr – Best for Selling Used Tech

When it‘s time to clean out old electronics and media items, Decluttr makes the selling process quick and painless. The site buys your used CDs, DVDs, games, books, cell phones, tablets, and more to resell on their online store.

Key Services

  • Trade-in old tech and media items
  • Receive quotes and free shipping labels
  • Payment via direct deposit or PayPal

Standout Features

Decluttr offers guaranteed quotes, flexible payout methods, and vetting of all items they resell so you know your stuff helps other buyers. Environmental sustainability is also a focus given items are resold rather than tossed out.


Listing fees: None
Seller fees: None
Other fees: None

For selling used technology quickly, Decluttr beats meeting up with sketchy buyers on Craigslist to try haggling for a fair value. Just enter your items, ship them out for free, and bank the cash.

3. Nextdoor – Best for Finding Garage/Yard Sales

Your neighborhood likely has its share of garage and yard sales. But catching wind of them isn‘t always easy. The community-based social platform Nextdoor aims to connect people living close to one another.

Key Services

  • Neighborhood news, events, recommendations
  • Classifieds like garage sales and items for sale
  • Community assistance opportunities

Standout Features

With over 295,000 micro-neighborhood communities globally, Nextdoor offers hyperlocal access to buy/sell opportunities, assistance, and connections no broader site can match.


Listing fees: Free
Seller fees: None
Other fees: None

For anybody tired of driving around hunting for garage and yard sale signs, Nextdoor provides early alerts so you can hit up all the best sales in your area.

4. Poshmark – Best Alternative for Clothes

fashion-focused users should turn to Poshmark as the premier Craigslist alternative. Their 80+ million members buy and sell new and used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Key Services

  • Buy/sell women’s, men‘s, kids fashion
  • New with tags, gently used, vintage items
  • Authentication of luxury brands

Standout Features

Posh Protect backs all transactions so you can shop confidently. Poshmark also offers authentication of luxury goods to prevent counterfeits.


Listing fees: Free
Seller fees: $2.95 on sales under $15; 20% above $15
Other fees: None

For those looking to freshen up their wardrobe on a budget or wanting to earn cash clearing out their closet, Poshmark is the leader in online fashion resale.

5. – Best Rental Housing Alternative

Anyone on the hunt for a new apartment knows how frustrating combing through Craigslist rental listings can be. Instead, should serve as your go-to rental site thanks to their over one million verified listings.

Key Services

  • Rental listings for apartments, houses, condos
  • Options for roommates, affordable, luxury, pet friendly
  • Tools for rental applications and payments

Standout Features

All listings on are verified and updated daily by a research team, unlike Craigslist posts which may be fake, duplicated, or out of date. Helpful search filters also make finding your perfect rental easier.


Listing fees: Free for owners/managers
Other fees: None for renters

Anyone who has dealt with rental scams on Craigslist will appreciate that listings on are 100% verified. Plus helpful tools assist across the full rental journey – from search to application to securing your new home.

6. Doublelist – Best Personals Alternative

After Craigslist shut down their personals section, the dating and relationships space remains painfully lacking viable alternatives. Yet Doublelist stands out for successfully replicating the Craigslist personals format and experience.

Key Services

  • Dating, personals,missed connections
  • Local community classifieds
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

Standout Features

Doublelist revived the Craigslist personals option that millions of users loved with a similar interface and user experience. Their technology also keeps spam low and verifies users are real.


Listing fees: Free
Other fees: None

For anyone still missing the ability to post personal ads just like the glory days of Craigslist, Doublelist brings that trusty format back in a safer environment.

7. Indeed – Best Job Listings Alternative

With over 250 million monthly visitors, Indeed is the leading job and career site for posting openings or searching opportunities. From entry-level to executive roles across all industries, Indeed offers unmatched reach.

Key Services

  • Job, internship, volunteer postings
  • Local, remote, freelance opportunities
  • Career development resources

Standout Features

Indeed has earned strong trust in the hiring domain thanks to vetted reviews, salary comparisons, and a massive volume of listings. Helpful tools like skills tests and virtual interviews simplify recruitment.


Listing fees: Free to post jobs
Other fees: None for job seekers

Unquestionably the top employment website, Indeed blows Craigslist classifieds out of the water with 10x the traffic plus better search and hiring resources.

8. Carvana – Best Vehicle Listings Alternative

Purchasing a car from Craigslist always carries risk. It also takes extensive effort coordinating test drives and visits to DMV offices. Instead, online retailer Carvana fully modernizes how to buy or sell a car.

Key Services

  • New/used vehicle listings and sales
  • Financing, trade-in support
  • 7-day money back returns
  • Home delivery

Standout Features

Carvana Revolutionized car buying/selling thanks to upfront pricing, home delivery, test drives, and purchase protection. Their website and app also offer a vastly superior experience than combing through poor quality Craigslist car photos and descriptions.


Listing fees: None if selling to Carvana
Other fees: Delivery fee if buying

For anyone who has wasted hours driving to meet flaky Craigslist car sellers or sifting outdated listings, Carvana streamlines the entire process online. You‘ll pay slightly more for the convenience but save money on avoiding repairs down the line thanks to their inspection and return policy.

9. TaskRabbit – Best Services Alternative

Craigslist offers numerous handyman, cleaning, moving and errand services. But quality and reliability vary wildly. Instead TaskRabbit vets all their workers to take the guesswork out of hiring for help around your home.

Key Services

  • Home cleaning, handyman, mounting
  • Assistance with errands and deliveries
  • Moving help, packing, unpacking
  • Furniture assembly

Standout Features

Unlike Craigslist, every Tasker must pass background checks before assisting clients. The platform also offers support via phone, chat, and email to resolve any issues.


Service listing fees: Free for Taskers
Client fees: Varies based on the Task and Tasker rates. Expect $40-50 per hour.

By turning chores and tasks into on demand services, TaskRabbit removes the uncertainty that comes with hiring labor off Craigslist. The platform ensures quality and even follows up so customers can provide feedback.

10. Kidizen – Best Kid Items Alternative

Parents tired of overpriced kids clothing and toys should skip Craigslist and discover Kidizen. Their marketplace makes it affordable to purchase quality kids items secondhand or sell your own for reasonable rates.

Key Services

  • Buy/sell new and used kids items
    Up to 70% off retail prices
  • Clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, strollers, car seats

Standout Features

You can save bundles as buyer or quickly earn cash selling your kids items thanks to Kidizen‘s selective brand partnerships, quality standards, and pricing guidance.


Seller Plan Options:

  • Basic – $12/month +10% commission
  • Premium – $22/month + 5% commission
  • Personal Shopper – $44/month + 0% commission

For parents looking to save or make money, Kidizen makes shopping resale incredibly simple so you can stop scouring Craigslist. Their seller plans and commission rates encourage reasonable pricing that buyers appreciate.

How to Select the Best Craigslist Alternative

With so many options now available beyond Craigslist, how do you determine which alternative site to use? Follow this decision process:

Step 1) Clarify your primary purpose — are you looking to buy, sell, rent, date, get a job etc. That narrows suitable alternatives.

Step 2) Compare options just for that purpose based on audience size, costs, protections.

Step 3) Sign up for an account with 2-3 options to test their post creation process and search features.

Step 4) Make your posts live and interact with some respondents to evaluate the user experience.

Step 5) Within 2-4 weeks, tally your results and satisfaction to select a long-term platform.

The right alternative depends hugely on whether you will be a buyer or seller and what category you aim to transact in. But these steps help identify the best fit.

Why These Sites Beat Craigslist

We selected this list of top-rated Craigslist alternatives because they each improve upon Craigslist‘s weaknesses:

  • More secure – Ratings, verified users, purchase protections, guaranteed listings, etc. decrease risk.
  • More specialized – Targeted sites for specific verticals allow better audience matching.
  • Better features – Modern sites offer better search, listings, communications, and support.
  • Peace of mind – Reviews, guarantees, and assistance grant comfort Craigslist lacks.

While Craigslist will always retain niche user bases, we strongly recommend the above alternative sites that excel in key areas Craigslist falls short.

Now Discover Your Preferred Classifieds Alternative

We hope this guide has showcased viable substitutes for Craigslist that warrant your consideration across core categories like buy/sell, housing, jobs, services, and more.

While Craigslist admittedly still maintains positives like simplicity and ubiquity, the specialist sites profiled above generally outperform Craigslist in security, features, and service quality.

We suggest giving these top-rated platforms a try over the next couple months. Evaluate if you find greater success securing buyers/sellers, candidates, orwhatever your needs may be.

Once you settle on the best community marketplace for you, we hope your user experience, satisfaction and savings/earnings show noticeable improvements over antiquated Craigslist.

Did we leave out any great Craigslist alternatives you discovered independently? Let us know in the comments your feedback and recommendations!

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