Thailand Facts

Thailand is a popular country to visit for many people around the world. The amount of enthusiasm and love surrounding this island will surprise many for various reasons.

One of the things many may not realize about Thailand is the geography. Why? Thailand has thousands of islands. Thus it is not surprising that Thailand is a great tourist attraction because of all the tropical beauty.

Learn more about one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. Read more to discover more about Thailand!

Thailand’s capital of Bangkok is the most visited city in the world


First and foremost, Thailand is one of the biggest Tourist Destinations in the world.

According to some surveys, Bangkok beats top tourist spots like  Paris, London, Dubai and Singapore as the top most visited cities in all of the world.

Thailand is popular for tourists for a variety of reasons. The stunning nature, islands, culture, food, and temples draws many people every year to almost every part of Thailand. Bangkok has numerous temples, cultural attractions, food, and more.

All in all, in Thailand, the natural attractions are quite engaging and appealing. Thailand has 1430 Islands, so the desire to visit as a tropical getaway is clear. In general, with so many places to see in Thailand it is difficult to know which place to visit in Thailand.

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The overwhelming majority of Thai people are Buddhists

Thai people are Buddhists

Thailand has the second biggest Buddhist population in the entire world. The Buddhist population of Thailand only rivals and is second to China. There are 64 million Buddhists that are in Thailand.

The statistics for Buddhists in Thailand are quite high and are 95% overall. There are statistics from the U.S. Department of State, which lists Thailand as one of the most Buddhist countries in the world.

Buddhism is so ingrained in Thailand that you will have reminders of the religion in many parts of the country. Moreover, the law requires that the king of Thailand must be Buddhist. In this aspect, the king of Thailand is the protectorate for Buddhism and the faith of the Thai.

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Thailand is unique in Southeast because it was not colonized by Europeans

Thailand is unique in Southeast

Many countries in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia or Singapore, have been colonized or invaded by Europeans. However, Thailand is different and stands out for its peaceful history. The nickname of Thailand overall is the “Land of Smiles.”

The pureness of Thailand is clear to anyone who visits as well. As Thailand is a place that is filled with temples, Buddhist sites, and an ethical society based on indigenous Thai customs.

Historically, the history in Thailand of great importance was from the 19th and early 20th centuries.  This period was peaceful for Thailand that escaped European colonial threats. The invasion and harm of European conquerors was very evident in Southeast Asia in the 1800s and 1900s.

Thailand was also spared colonial damage or influence because some of the European powers of the time, like the French and the British, wanted to keep a neutral territory. The neutral territory was kept to avoid conflicts in the region.

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Thailand has the largest Buddha in the world

Thailand has the largest Buddha in the world

The world’s largest buddha is in Thailand. Another interesting thing about this Buddha is that it is made of gold.  Buddhism is a big part of the culture and society in Thailand, so a gold Buddha is of great importance overall.

This golden Buddha is located in Bangkok, Thailand in the Wat Traimit temple. Also, in general this statue is the world’s largest gold sculpture that exists anywhere. The Buddha statue may have never been saved had it not been taken back from looters in the past.

The gold buddha is covered in a stucco disguise or decoration.  The buddha stands at 15 feet high, weighing around 5.5 to 6 tons, and is accessible to see if you visit Bangkok. The Buddha in question is of Phra Phuttha Maha Suwana Patimakon. The Buddha is worth millions of dollars as well.

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Thailand hosts the largest and most active water fight in the world

Thailand hosts the largest and most active water fight in the world

This water fight is held every year in Thailand. BAsically, Thailand operates and runs the world’s biggest water fight, which is called Songkran. This Songkran water festival is special and spiritual but also fun and brings a lot of joy and revelry in every town in Thailand.

The Songkran Festival is also because of what it represents in Thailand. Songkran, the water festival, symbolizes  the traditional Thai New Year festival. The water festival coincides with this commemoration to bring more goodwill, love, compassion. and thankfulness in your life. And, it is water that helps bring these virtues to the festival and celebration in Thailand.

The Thai new year is every April 13 through 15. Also, every year millions of Thai people and tourists come out with squirt guns to wet each other. This big water festival happens in the streets. Expect to see everything from wet Buddhas even to Monks having fun getting wet or sprinkled with water

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Thailand is known to have the stinkiest food in the world

Thailand is known to have the stinkiest food in the world

When it comes to food, Thailand is world renowned and respected. Moreover, odd enough, this stinky fruit is also expensive in Thailand. The name of the fruit that is known to be quite stinky is Durian.

Worldwide, Durian has been restricted and even banned in various settings in countries outside of Thailand like Japan and Hong Kong. Durian is known to be so stinky that the fruit is banned in certain places. Durian fruit is banned in various places including all public transportation and most public places.

In general, Durian has been described to smell like foul smelling feet combined with rotten eggs. Even though Durian is quite stinky, this food item is popular. For example, despite the smell of Durian the fruit is highly valued.  For instance, one Durian fruit, the size of a watermelon, can retail and sell for around hundred dollars USD.

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Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles to the World

Land of Smiles

The nickname, the Land of Smiles, for Thailand is well known and appreciated. Many tourists have also spread the word about how friendly and smiley Thai people are overall. The tourism industry is important in Thailand so being friendly is crucial, but the Thai have made smiling a famous hallmark of their culture.

In the past, Thailand escaped war and colonialism and remained safe and free of conflict. All in all, peace and lack of wars have madeThailand become the real life land of Smiles. As outsiders will proclaim, especially tourists and expats, the Thai people will greet you with a smile and even sometimes with a bow.

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Thailand has the world’s smallest mammal

Kitti’s hog-nosed bat

It is an odd fact, but Thailand is home to the smallest mammal in the entire world. These interesting facts about the wildlife and habitat of Thailand are one of the things that fascinate people about Thailand.

The name of the mammal is the Bumblebee Bat. This is a unique mammal because it is only an inch long. The nickname of this animal is the Bumblebee Bat because it is so small! This animal looks like a “hog-nosed-bat.” The animal resembles a tiny microscopic bat.

The bumblebee bat is popular because it is the world’s smallest mammal. This animal is native to Thailand’s Kanchanaburi Province. Sadly, the bat is possibly facing extinction with only around 2,000 of the species left remaining.

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Thailand has an annual monkey festiva

Thailand has an annual monkey festivaThis is a popular festival that features everything from seeing monkeys of course to feeding thousands of monkeys! Monkeys have a special connection to the gods according to the Thai.

The Monkeys are seen as descendants of the god Hanuman. All in all, the monkeys are viewed and respected as if they are kings. Expect to see monkeys being fed and pampered on the streets and around temples.

The monkey festival is held in a 13th-century temple ruin. Usually, the festival is held in November every year. Moreover,  it takes place in the town of Lopburi, where the Thai town is transformed.

Some locals believe the monkeys, especially the macaque monkeys, bring them good luck.The festival is known as well as the Monkey Banquet. Interestingly enough, some of the monkeys that have been known to misbehave. For example, some monkeys end up stealing purses, bags, and various things from locals and tourists.

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Thailand had a different name until recently

Thailand was known as Siam

Thailand was known as Siam in the past. Before 1939, Thailand was referred to and known as Siam. The name Siam originates from the Sanskrit word, syam. The name Siam was adopted from another name used by European powers like POrtugal in the 1600s and 1700s.

The name change to Thailand was made permanent only around 1950. Today, Thailand is known mostly as a place that can be referred to as Siam. Also, the stunning and unique Siam cat breed is from Thailand. The Siam cat name derives from the ancient name and land before Thailand was a country.

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