What Channel Is Starz on DirecTV? Your 2024 Guide

Hey there! If you‘re a DirecTV subscriber wondering how to access Starz, you‘ve come to the right place. I‘m going to overview everything you need to know about navigating Starz on DirecTV—from channel numbers, to content offerings, to how Starz stacks up against competitors.

Whether you‘re considering adding Starz or want to better utilize channels you already have, my goal is to present insider knowledge that makes you a streaming expert among your friends! Let‘s get started.

A Quick Intro to Starz

For readers less familiar, Starz is a premium cable TV network owned by Lionsgate that focuses on commercial-free movies and original exclusive TV series. Like HBO and Showtime, Starz relies on subscriptions to fund programming rather than advertising.

What sets Starz apart is an extensive studio film licensing library spanning Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and more. This lets Starz showcase major blockbuster movies on its channels. Starz also airs more popcorn entertainment focused on action, sci-fi and comedy versus the arthouse and indie films favored by some competitors.

Now that you‘ve got the 101 on Starz, let‘s explore specifically how to access this network through your DirecTV subscription.

Accessing Starz on Your DirecTV Channel Guide

The main Starz East and West channel feeds are available to add onto any DirecTV programming package for $8.99 per month. By subscribing, you‘ll get unlimited on-demand access to Starz movies and originals in crystal clear high definition.

Here are the key Starz channels accessible through DirecTV and their associated channel numbers:

Channel NameDirecTV Channel Number
Starz (East Coast Feed)525
Starz (West Coast Feed)526

With Starz added to your DirecTV subscription, you can flip between the East or West feeds based on your timezone to catch primetime content live. Everything also streams on demand so you can watch Starz programming any time.

Now let‘s explore what you can watch with Starz access.

Starz Channel & Programming Guide

Beyond the main Starz network, DirecTV offers a number of speciality multiplex channels focused around genres and categories:

Channel NameDirecTV Channel NumberProgramming Focus
Starz Cinema531Hit and classic films
Starz Comedy528Comedy films & comedy specials
Starz Edge529Edgier and twisted films + series
Starz In Black530Black filmmakers and Black stories
Starz Kids & Family527Family-friendly films

These extra Starz channels let you stream movies perfectly tailored to your mood and interests without changing networks or inputting what you want to watch. It‘s the convenience of personalized streaming but faster!

I‘ll highlight some standout programming examples across both Starz originals and its extensive licensed film collection so you know exactly what to get excited for.

Starz Original Series Programming

While the channels prioritize movies, Starz has been investing heavily into acclaimed original series over the last decade as premium networks shift to compete with streaming.

Some highlights span historical epics, modern crime dramas, sci-fi thrillers, and boundary-pushing comedies:

  • Outlander – Beloved romantic time travel drama with gorgeous cinematography and emotional resonance.
  • Power – Gritty family crime saga centered around a nightclub owner/drug kingpin divided between worlds.
  • Counterpart – Twisty espionage thriller mining captivating parallel universe premise powered by J.K. Simmons‘ dual leading role.
  • American Gods – Stylish adaptation of Neil Gaiman novel fusing fantasy and modern America through lens of immigration experiences.
  • Minx – Comedic exploration of 1970s sexual revolution via famed feminist author collaborating with smut peddler on erotic magazine for women.ugins

I‘m impressed by the range here spanning historical fiction to sci-fi to boundary-pushing comedy. Starz is clearly angling for Emmy attention and competing directly with streaming originals.

Now let‘s explore the extensive Starz movie catalogue.

Must-See Movies Streaming Now on Starz

Thanks to licensing deals with Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Lionsgate and more, Starz grants you commercial-free streaming access to thousands of hit movies.

You‘ll find every genre imaginable from animated family films to sweeping romances to special effects extravaganzas. To showcase the diversity, here‘s just a sampling of great films you could be watching tonight on Starz:

  • Top Gun: Maverick – Record-smashing 2022 sequel garnering major Oscar buzz and critical acclaim for adrenaline-fueled flight sequences.
  • Nope – Horror/sci-fi mashup from visionary director Jordan Peele about mysterious happenings at a California horse ranch.
  • The Lost City – Charming romantic comedy vehicle for Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum featuring hilarious slapstick jungle adventures.
  • West Side Story – Steven Spielberg‘s vibrant 2021 adaptation of famed musical love story with eye-popping visuals and choreography.
  • Incredibles 2 – Long-awaited sequel to Pixar superhero family animated comedy with cutting-edge animation and nonstop action.

From buzzy film festival favorites to box office smashes raking in nearly $1 billion, Starz offers an incredible variety of movies in every conceivable genre. You‘ll never run out of great films to choose from on a Friday movie night thanks to Starz.

Now that you know precisely how to access Starz on DirecTV and the breadth of bingeable content available, let‘s compare to other premium cable offerings.

How Starz Compares to Other Premium Cable Networks

While Starz airs plenty of hit movies month after month like competitors, a few factors make Starz stand out:

Bigger is Better Film Library – Starz licenses TWICE as many films as Showtime and has a deeper catalogue than HBO. We‘re talking over 1,000 movies a month across Starz channels!

Blockbusters over Arthouse – Whereas HBO and Showtime focus more on acclaimed indies and Oscar contenders, Starz embraces special effects heavy blockbusters, broad comedies, and popcorn entertainment.

Cost – At only $8.99 per month, Starz provides fantastic value compared to pricier HBO ($15.99/month) or Showtime ($10.99/month) with arguably deeper libraries.

While of course premium networks share more similarities than differences given the ad-free movie and originals model, I hope breaking down Starz‘s unique advantages shows why it‘s a perfect add-on for film lovers hungry for the biggest variety of movies.

Let‘s wrap up with a final rundown of everything Starz brings to the table for DirecTV subscribers.

Why Add Starz to Your DirecTV Package?

To recap why Starz is a stellar premium network perfect for supercharging your DirecTV subscription, check out these key benefits:

Endless Movies – We‘re talking over 1,000 major studio films every single month across action to horror to animation and more genres. You‘ll never run out of top-tier commercial-free movie options a click away.

Expanding Originals Slate – Starz is investing heavily into compelling and boundary-pushing original series like fan favorite Outlander to better compete with streaming networks.

Genre-Focused Sister Channels – From Starz Comedy to Starz In Black to Starz Westerns and other themed channels, enjoy a customized streaming experience catered to your interests

Great Price – For just an extra $9 a month, you unlock unlimited access to the deepest premium movie catalogue out there and a slate of acclaimed originals. Incredible bang for your buck!

I don‘t know about you, but after overviewing everything Starz offers through DirecTV including an unparalleled movie library and growing originals slate, I‘m ready to finally take advantage. It‘s the perfect add-on taking your at-home streaming to the next level.

Hopefully now you feel like a Starz expert ready to get the most entertainment value out of your DirecTV subscription! But if any other questions come up on how to access Starz or what to watch, don‘t hesitate to reach out in the comments.

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