11 Sports Facts Only a Few People Know

Different sports have some peculiarities that seem weird to people not involved in this field. Some of them are just fun or strange. However, others affect live betting odds, results of different games and tournaments. These are the most breathtaking sports facts you should know.

Tennis Players Shouting During the Match

Maria Sharapova is the loudest among all tennis players. Her screams are famous all over the world; according to measurements, they reach 100 decibels. The train on the subway is just as loud.

And the explanation for the screams is simple: the athlete hits on the exhale. This is roughly how they chop wood: crouching down and exhaling.

Tennis Players

The Football Field is Divided Into Lanes

This was done to make it easier for referees to ensure that the offside rule is properly enforced. Although now, with the introduction of electronic offside control, the relevance of the colorful areas has been slightly diminished.

You Can Become a Professional Athlete by Watching YouTube Videos

It’s tricky, but it’s possible.

The only one, probably in the history of the sport, happened to a Kenyan named Julius Yego. The renowned javelin thrower, the record holder of his country and continent, the silver medalist of the 2016 Olympics.

He started precisely by watching videos on Youtube.

The Cost of an Olympic Medal

The name “gold” in reference to the main Olympic medal has a symbolic meaning. The award has a different meaning and symbolism: its design reflects the culture of the country hosting the games. As for the composition, as a rule, medals are made of metal alloy, on the surface of which particles of precious metal are sprinkled. Their weight is only a few grams.

The prices at auctions for sports awards are not high. It’s about $50.

The Cost of an Olympic Medal

Driving License for Professional Car Racers

Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen, pilot team Red Bull Racing, received a driving license only after becoming the youngest driver of Formula 1. Before that, he had been driving without a license for six months.

However, since 2016, there is a rule that prohibits athletes from participating in car racing competitions without a driver’s license.

Synchronized Swimmers Hear Music Underwater

In synchronized swimming, the music accompanying the performance is one of the main components of success. The artistry of the performance depends on how bright and temperamental the music is.

During the performance, the girls hear the music. For this purpose, special underwater speakers are installed in the pool.

The Reason Tables Are Covered With Green Cloth

For the most part, tables are covered in green cloth, although other shades, particularly red, are also found.

There are two explanations. First: green is the color of grass. Croquet – from this game grew out of billiards. When the game moved indoors and began using special tables, the color of the cloth was determined by itself: the natural, green.

Another explanation is psychological. Billiards is a game that demands high concentration of attention, and often the match lasts for several hours. Green is less tiring for the players.

Moreover, in games with colored balls (snooker or pool) all the balls are clearly visible on this cloth.

Athletes Run the Course Counterclockwise

Athletes Run the Course Counterclockwise

There are several explanations as to why this rule exists.

The following seems to be the most reasonable. The ancient Greeks were the first to introduce running into physical culture. According to their worldview, sport is a man’s overcoming himself and the forces of nature. In nature, the Sun moves clockwise, so overcoming the natural order means running in the opposite direction.

In confirmation of this theory is the fact that not only athletes – runners and speed skaters – move counterclockwise. In the same way are the races at the racetracks, races in automobile and motorcycle sports.

Here’s Why Tennis Balls Are Bright Yellow

For a long time, tennis balls were white.

England is the birthplace of tennis, and the famous Wimbledon tournament mandates that all players perform only in white. The ball, the basic tool of the game, is no exception.

But with the appearance of color television it became very inconvenient to watch white balls, and since the early 1970 in professional tennis balls of today’s familiar bright yellow color were introduced.

Wimbledon, on the other hand, stuck to tradition and played with white balls until the mid-1980s.

Dimples in Golf Balls

This type of groove in golf balls appeared in 1908. The notches affect the speed and trajectory of the ball. Such a ball can travel 2/3 of the distance than a smooth ball, because the recesses improve aerodynamics of flight.

But the key point is still the accuracy of the shot: a “smooth” ball has a smoother trajectory when hitting, so that the golfer can aim as accurately as possible.

Football Players Shave Their Legs

Football Players Shave Their Legs

They don’t do it for beauty. Constant massages with oils and gels require smooth legs.

Soccer players also shave them several times a week because they often have to use taping, which is very unpleasant if taping is applied over their hair.

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