Space Facts

There are not many things in the world that are as mysterious and fantastic as space. The idea of space is an interesting concept in itself.

By definition, space is defined as what is in the universe above and beyond the earth’s atmosphere. So, in theory, everything we know about space is about the area above the atmosphere of the earth.

Let’s learn more about space and everything above our heads!

Space is a quiet place that can also be loud depending on what you hear


To many, the theory is that space is mostly if all completely silent. However, the idea that space is wholly quiet is partially true. For example, if you were to shout in space then the sound of the scream would travel. However, the sound will travel at a frequency too low for our ears to detect.

When you look at the data and research, it is clear that space is quiet because of the limitations for humans. Also, there is no real medium or soundwave for vibration or sounds to carry that humans can hear exactly.

All in all, the absence of air means that sound can not be transmitted. Moreover, it was recorded in space explorations by astronauts from Russia, Italy, and the United States as recently as 2017 from the International space station.

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The Sun mostly makes up the entire solar system

entire solar system with sun

When it comes to the entire solar system and the beginning of space, the sun is a major part. For example, its total size is quite overwhelming in weight. Statistically, the sun is making up about 99.86% of the entire solar system.

So, the sun is a major driving force and presence in the area of space above the earth’s atmosphere. As well, the sun within the solar system is by weight about 330,000 times that of planet earth as a whole. The sun mostly consists of hydrogen overall.

The mass of the sun will determine the gravitational strength of the universe and space. Moreover, the influence of the sun has a great influence on earth as well. In general, the sun is the leading force of space and the universe.

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There are no exact or accurate predictions of how many stars are in space

stars are in space

Space is infinite to many and just a fairly large space full of the unknown. Moreover, all in all, the immense size means it is very difficult to predict or count the stars in any way. If we think about the galaxies alone then we have to try and predict how many there are in general. For instance, usually a galaxy might have anywhere from ten million to one trillion stars.

Astronomers and more may try to accurately predict or count stars, but estimates are all we have for space. At the moment, the scientific community can only really use the amount of stars within our galaxy.

For example, if we look at the Milky Way galaxy the estimated number of stars is varied but large. Some have claimed that there are between 200 to 400 billion stars in this galaxy alone!  If you think about the number of galaxies beyond the Milky Way then the actual amount of stars in space is extremely difficult to count.

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There is a planet in space that may be entirely composed of diamonds


The secrets in space are still yet to be found. However, a planet that could be made of diamonds is very unique to say the least.

There has been research and claims from scientific research that there is a planet made of diamonds. However, researchers at Yale have found a planet and named it 55 Cancri e. This planet possesses a radius twice the size of earth. As well, this diamond planet has a mass nearly 10 times greater.

In essence, this diamond planet has a surface consisting of graphite and diamond. Within space and the galaxy, 55 Cancri e is located 40 light years away. This diamond planet is visible to the human eye in the constellation of Cancer.

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An astronauts’ footprint on the moon can last as much as 100 million years

An astronauts' footprint on the moon

Space is an incredibly exciting place. The biggest reason for excitement is of course the many ways space can defy how life and things exist in the world.

On the moon, the laws of science and gravity don’t exist. Therefore, erosion is much less likely. Moreover, things are not able to wash away as easily as here on earth. In space, there are places that have no wind or water. The moon is such a place that does not have wind or water at all.

Overall, the footprints or prints from spaceships will possibly be pressed on the moon for a long time.Some of the fww things that affect the moon’s environment are the micrometeorites, which come from outer space.

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A single day on Venus is much longer than one year on earth

venus planet

The way the world here works and functions scientifically is literally and figuratively worlds apart. So, what you may know here on earth is much different all together.

The reason why Venus has a long day is because of many reasons. For example, there is a slow axis rotation. This rotation takes up to 243 days on earth to cycle completely to finish. Moreover, another example for comparison, the orbit of Venus around the Sun is 225 Earth days.

In space, some planets like Venus rotate much slower than Earth overall. Furthermore,  when you look at the facts it is very confounding to see the difference between a single day. One single day on Earth is precisely 23.943 hours.

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Water and other objects are able to float in space unlike earth

objects are able to float in space

One of the more fascinating things about space is that there is floating water in space. This is a fact that is undeniably odd and very exciting about space. The lack of air in space makes things happen in space that can’t happen on our planet.

For example, astronomers doing research and observation have found a massive water vapor cloud. In space, astronomers have been able to locate a water vapor cloud that holds 140 trillion times the mass of water in the Earth’s oceans!

The location of this floating mass of water or oceans of water is not close, Astronomers have determined that this water is far. Precisely, the water vapor is about 10 billion light years away. Moreover, this water has been claimed to be the largest discovery of water ever found ever in world history.

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Things and objects can attach and connect to each other simply by touch

Things and objects can attach

Space has the potential to amaze and this fact is truly shocking. Basically, the theory or proof of this amazing effect is called cold welding. This phenomena is basically the instant binding and connection of things upon touch.

So, the instant attachment or binding happens because the atoms of single pieces of metal are in confusion. Basically, while in space, there is no real way to know how many different pieces of metal are nearby or together. In the end, the pieces of metal join together.

Because on earth on Earth we have air and water that would separate the pieces. These pieces that would be separate in space have nothing to separate from each other. All in all, this type of cold welding effect has a lot of impact on the construction of spacecraft. Even outside of space exploration, this type of reaction would benefit the future of metal-based construction in vacuums.

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The age of our solar system is around 4.6 billion years old

The age of our solar system

When it comes to history and age there is nothing more ancient than our solar system.

The planetary system earth is within is named the “solar system.” It is called the solar system because the Sun is named Sol, after the Latin word for Sun, “solis.” This solar system is within and among the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

The focal point of the solar system is the sun. Moreover, the Sun, the eight planets, and the rest of our Solar System all come from a certain start point. Research has shown that the Solar System is 4.6 billion years old because of doing research on numerous and various objects of the universe.

Scientists are able to research and study meteorites, and determine a lot. Moreover, there are radioactive dating techniques that are able to age and evaluate the material in the Solar System.

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In space, the sun is important and weighs thousands of times more than Earth

the sun is important

The order and importance of things in the solar system is crucial. For example, the earth needs the sun for life and existence and much more. Why? The sun is crucial because it weighs around 330,000 times more than Earth.

In terms of size, the Sun is much bigger at 864,400 miles (1,391,000 kilometers) across. As well, the sun  is around 110 times the diameter of Earth! Finally, the sun is so big that about 1,400,000 Earths can fit inside of the sun.

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