Siamese Cat Facts

Siamese cats are fascinating and beautiful behold. The amount of attention these cats get is amazing if you think about it overall. Why? These cats have been involved in everything from movies to music to even spy cases.

Well, Siamese cats are well known for their sleek, striking, and alluring appearance. Moreover, these cats are just a mystery to many people around the world. However, there is a lot more about Siamese cats many don’t realize.

You will be surprised and fascinated by these creatures. However,  there is a lot more  about Siamese cats than what meets the eye. Look beyond  their mysterious good looks and discover fun facts about these animals.

Siamese Cats are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world

oldest cat breeds

Not many realize that Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats in the world. This is a fact that goes unnoticed among cat lovers. Their long history in the world makes Siamese cats a very special breed.

The Siamese cat  is historically seen as the oldest of the Asian cat breeds. What this means exactly is that the history of this breed is long and noted throughout history. In terms of the birthplace, the Siamese cat originated from Thailand, formally known as Siam.

Allegedly, there is a Thai document from the 14th century, which has proof of the age of this cat breed.  “The Cat Book Poems, a book from present day Thailand, references cats with dark looking points and dark masks. Reports have indicated that the Siamese is quite an old breed.

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The Siamese Cat has a lot of love from the Royalty and Buddhist monks

Buddhist monks with siamese cat

The Siamese cat has had the luxurious and celebrated status much more than most cats. For example, it has attained a royal status for centuries among cats. The Cat is special in more ways than one. The love of royalty and power has been what sets apart Siamese cats from the rest of the animals.

Historically, there is evidence that  this breed of cat was called the “Royal Cat of Siam.” Moreover, the cat was primarily owned by Siamese royalty for many years. The various affable traits of the cat are what make it special.

For example, The charismatic cat is popular for its striking baby blue eyes. Moreover, the very noticeable big ears and lean and muscular build make it unforgettable. Unfortunately, as some may say,  Siamese cats require a good deal of love and attention.

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Siamese Cats are social and need company

Siamese Cats are social and need company

When an animal it means a lot of things, but Siamese cats crave having others around. This is a situation that creates many possible options.

Siamese cats are very affectionate and social. All in all, Siamese cats are seen as intelligent cats, recognizable. All in all, this cat has a  strong outgoing nature. Siamese cats crave and need companionship from other people or cats.

The intense bond with humans makes this kind of cat quite unique. As the Siamese Cats desire and crave company it makes them suffer other consequences. Lastly, the cats are known to be quite vocal as well.

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Siamese Cats are one of the few cats that can get depressed and lonely

Siamese Cats are one of the few cats that can get depressed and lonely

Many would not think that cats are independent and would not get miserable or lonely. What is important to realize is the capacity for Siamese cats to get irritated and isolated.

Siamese cats are very vocal because they want your attention or anyone to be around them. A Siamese cat will strongly demand your time and attention. Also, a cat will  try to get your attention with a noticeable voice.

Since Siamese cats need people or animals in their  company, it is not uncommon for Siamese to really experience depression. This type of cat will become lonely and depressed if alone. The lack of attention, kinship, and socializing does make the cat extra sensitive.

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Siamese Cats are expressive and talkative

Siamese Cats are expressive and talkative

Believe it or not, Siamese cats like to meow and communicate. So, If you own a Siamese cat then you will know about how expressive these cats really are in general.

Siamese cats are known to vocalize their opinions. Now, how does a cat vocalize primarily. These cats have a background, which is royal so expect cats that demand more attention.

A Siamese cat will meow sadly when depressed or meow a lot when you are around. Siamese cats do react to food or crave for food boldly. As well, Siamese cats are observant and like to appreciate and check out their environments as well as meow.

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That Darn Cat in 1965

The allure of the Siamese cats will surprise you. Even today, there are still Siamese cats that are popular and appreciated. Here are some of the more famous Siamese cats around:

First and foremost there is the popular cartoon Garfield, which features a Siamese cat. The Siamese cat is a rival of Garfield. Also, there is a cartoon cat Disney released and produced called “That Darn Cat!” in 1965. The cat that stars in that film is a Siamese cat named DC.

Even in popular music, there are some popular Siamese cats. For example, there is a Siamese cat on the cover art of the Blink-182 album, which is called  “Cheshire Cat”.

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Siamese Cats are quiet intelligent and smart

trained Siamese Cats

In general, Siamese cats are quite curious and intelligent overall. There is more than meets the eye with these felines.

Siamese Cats can be described as quite curious creatures and generally intelligent. Siamese cats are trainable and able to do a variety of things. A Siamese cat can be trained to walk on a lead. However, Siamese casts have their own wishes and desires.

All in all, a Siamese cat is able to learn how to play fetch, do high fives, and more. Furthermore, the Siamese cat even walks on certain things and does tricks.

In summary, the Siamese cat is able to entertain itself. The cat likes  to get into things and make a mess. You will have your Siamese cat wandering the house, roaming within cabinets, and even turning on faucets.

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A Siamese cat was at one time the world’s Fattest

fat Siamese Cat

The Guinness World Records deemed the Siamese Cat the fattest cat in the world at one time. However, this honor means that the Siamese Cat is known for its body and girth.

There was a Siamese cat named Katy that was at one time the fattest in the world. In 2003, the Siamese cat was five-years old, so it stood out .

This big cat was originally from Asbest, Russia. It was hormones to the Siamese cat s that gave this cat a special condition. This Russian cat gained so much weight that it was similar to a young child in size. A common size for Siamese Cats is for males to weigh 11 – 15 pounds, and females between 8 – 12 pounds.

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Siamese Cats were involved in a high level espionage case involving Russia

Siamese cats high level of awareness

The high level of awareness and curiosity has helped make these cats quite valuable and useful. For example, in the 1960s, it was claimed that some Siamese cats foiled espionage. The event took place at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow, Russia.

A couple of Siamese cats could sense that something wasn’t quite right and this led to a huge discovery. The keenness of Siamese cats has to be appreciated for this case.  The Siamese cats had woken up quickly while arching their backs and scratching at a wall. This behavior was suspicious, so the staff investigated and found spy devices and microphones. These cats are very well attuned to their environment and thought a noise at the place was odd.

An investigation found at least 30 tiny microphones hidden in the area where the cats were feeling suspicious and acting out of the ordinary. So think of these cats as feline James Bonds or spies as well.

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The first Siamese Cat to be in the USA was with an American president

First Siamese Cat in America

The first Siamese cat to enter the U.S. was a gift to President Hayes’ wife. The very situation that led this cat to the USA is interesting to say the least.

The story begins in  1878 when an American Consul gifted “Siam” to Lucy Hayes. This gift of Siam, which happened in Bangkok, involved the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. The gift has a lot of significance due to the cat’s arrival in the USA.

In the following years, Siamese cats started to populate the USA. In the many years to come Siamese cats have been spotted in various places. For Example, some of these cats have lived twice or more in the White House.

In conclusion, some other Siamese cat appearances have been made with other presidents. Since their arrival, Siamese cats have been spotted and appreciated with President Gerald Ford’s daughter in 1974. Also, in the following years, these types of cats were then with President Jimmy Carter’s daughter in 1977.

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