Shark Facts

Sharks have a reputation that is known worldwide. While many may know shars for being dangerous sharks are also quite interesting overall. Most of the world’s oceans, so the shark is a big part of the global ecosystem.

Sharks are varied and come in various sizes. For example, you can find sharks as long as 40-45 feet in length and some as small as 8 inches. The world of sharks is a lot more interesting, complicated, and vital to the whole world.

Sharks are amazing because they can live everywhere around the world there is an ocean. Sharks are found on coral reefs, in the deep sea, and as well shockingly among the Arctic sea ice are of the oceans.

In summary, sharks are truly some of the most interesting animals of the world. Healthy oceans are most certainly dependent on sharks as well. Learn more about these fabulous creatures of the ocean!

Sharks have a long history in the world that dates back millions of years

Sharks have a long history

The importance of sharks is paramount, but the long history of sharks is even more important. Historically, if you look at the background of sharks it dates back to around 455 million years.

The fossils of sharks have been discovered in places like Australia and the United States. There are claims by scientists that sharks have been in the oceans for around 450 million years. Also, it helps that there are 450 species of sharks that have roamed and survived for so long.

Older sharks from the Silurian period of history, generally are regarded as sharks that look much different than sharks do today. The survival of sharks for many years is owed to how sharks can conserve energy and travel long distances.

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Sharks are important part of the world’s oceans and earth overall

sharks for oceans healthy

Sharks are more important than many realize. The history and background of sharks in the ocean’s history can not be discounted. Moreover, sharks have a very crucial role in keeping the oceans healthy.

In essence, since sharks are predators they play a big role. There are around 450 species of sharks in the ocean all over the world, so they are a big influence and factor. Sharks maintain the quality and health of ocean ecosystems, like seagrass beds and coral reefs.

The food and marine ecosystem is crucial and sharks influence it in general. Since sharks are predators that means that they feed on many animals below. However, since sharks feed and limit other fish then it affects the whole ocean. It is a delicate balance and sharks are crucial in keeping the health of the ocean favorable for everyone.

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Sharks can be quite variable and sometimes even strange

Sharks are important

When it comes to sharks, many may only think of them as predators. However, sharks can come and be a variety of things all together. Sharks are multi-colored like many animals, but some of the colors of certain sharks are very unique.

There is a Goblin shark that is bright pink. Moreover, some sharks have some very odd shapes. Many may know about the hammer shaped sharks aptly called the hammerhead. Overall, sharks can be very different and fascinating. For example, the Hammerheads use their head to pin stingrays against the seafloor!

Another odd or unique looking is the cookie cutter shark. This shark is memorable because the bites of the shark leave a cookie shaped bite mark. As well, the Saw sharks are often found in tropical waters, which are characterized by a long and thin sawlike snout. The variety of shark shapes, sizes, and colors is wide.

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Sharks have special and extra sensitive senses or detection ability

ampullae of lorenzini

Sharks are predators so it makes sense that they are able to detect other fish near or far away. The ability of an animal or fish in the sea to detect their prey or predators is crucial to survival.

Sharks are able to get near their prey by sensing the electric fields that are emitted by nearby animals in the water. This feature is quite incredible considering the density and size of the ocean. The sharks have something called an ‘ampullae of lorenzini’ that are located on sharks’ snouts.

In general, the shark has amazing physical features. In particular, some sharks have these specialized electroreceptor organs that are unique in that they can pick up temperature changes and more. For example, the temperature changes and electromagnetic fields are what draw sharks to their prey.

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Sharks do not have bones like most animals in the world


Sharks do not have bonesSharks are unique and distinct in many ways. However, perhaps the biggest thing about sharks that is unique is that they do not have bones. This is a very interesting fact about sharks because instead of bones, sharks have cartilage.

Cartilage is what constitutes the noses and ears of every person in the world. This is not so unique, but the fact that a shark is made entirely of cartilage is incredible. Cartilage is defined as a durable and smooth substance made of collagen, protein, and other materials.

Sharks utilize their gills to be able to filter oxygen in the ocean. However, sharks do have a backbone, but it is not a bony vertebrae but instead made of cartilage. Sharks are  a special kind of fish known as “elasmobranchs.” Sharks are also similar to sawfish and rayfish.

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The largest fish in the ocean is the Whale Shark

Whale Shark

As sharks are varied and numerous then it makes sense that it is the largest fish in the ocean. In the marine world, the whale shark is considered the largest fish in the ocean. Whale sharks are known for having a flat head.

In particular, the whale shark is known solely for its size. The name “Whale shark” also gives it away as being large as well. In addition, the largest living mammal in the world is the blue whale. The Whale shark in particular can reach more than 40 feet in length alone, so it is quite large.

Whale sharks have interesting characteristics, the shark has a flat head, short snout, and the back of the shark has bright colors like yellow on its body. Also, whale sharks can live up to 100 years old at the very maximum. Usually these sharks live in waters with temperatures of 70 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Not all sharks in the world live in the ocean, but some live elsewhere

bull shark

Sharks are known to be ocean predators. However, there are some sharks that inhabit other bodies of water in the world. Now, most sharks can not live in freshwater because they require salt for their bodies and function overall or else they die.

However, there is a shark type, the bull shark, which can live in freshwater. This type of shark  has unique physiological adaptations. Basically, this kind of shark has adaptations in its physiology that enables it to live in freshwater.

Moreover, the other types of sharks that are common outside of the ocean include river sharks. Bull and river sharks are usually in places like rivers in tropical areas because they are between salt and freshwater areas. Also, these sharks outside the ocean are usually in places within South Asia or Australia.

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People love sharks so shark tourism can make a lot of money

Shark tourism

Many people around the world love sharks. Therefore, many will take the time around the world to see sharks. The exact figures show that shark tourism earns around $300 million USD a year.

The appeal of sharks is so strong that it has been shown to boost economies. The type of tourism that comes from sharks is usually called ecotourism. So, if you go to the Bahamas or to the Galapagos Islands then expect to see tourism derived from sharks.

Sharks boost local economies through ecotourism. In recent decades, the ecotourism industry is growing so quickly in other new emerging markets like South Africa. In the end, it has been estimated that these businesses based on shark tourism will produce a lot of work and revenue.  It can be said that shark tourism will provide 10,000 jobs in 29 countries.

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The anatomy of the Shark has been an inspiration for design

shark anatomy

Believe it or not the natural anatomy and functionality of sharks is special. Sharks are so special that their anatomy has inspired more innovative design for watercraft, cars and water turbines.

Sharks are amazing creatures that can do extraordinary things that humans can’t do overall. Therefore, humans by copying nature’s designs can help resolve human problems. In fact, these designs inspired by sharks can help and advance things overall.

In today’s world, the rise of efficient technologies and industries has required more inspiration. Sharks have inspired development for faster cars, artificial skin, and even how to prevent bacterial growth. So, whether you are in a hospital or in a well designed car then think about sharks. Shark skin has been shown to cut down on friction drag and even prevent the accumulation of algae!


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