See The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Denver Today

Denver has emerged as one of the hottest tech hubs in the country, with its thriving startup ecosystem and influx of major tech companies opening offices in the mile-high city. This surge in tech industry growth has fueled strong demand for highly skilled technology workers and professionals in the Denver metro area.

From artificial intelligence and big data to cloud computing and cybersecurity, Denver offers tremendous career opportunities for those with the right technical capabilities and skillsets. Here we highlight the 7 most lucrative and in-demand tech jobs currently available in Denver, along with expected salaries, responsibilities, and more.

1. Data Scientist: $129,092 Average Base Salary

The exponential growth of big data, along with advanced analytics and AI capabilities, has made data scientists one of Denver‘s most sought-after and highest-compensated tech professionals.

What Data Scientists Do

Data scientists utilize specialized skills in statistics, analytics, and machine learning to derive actionable insights from large, complex data sets. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Collecting, cleaning and organizing data from disparate systems
  • Running advanced statistical analyses and building predictive data models
  • Developing algorithms and AI tools to automate analysis procedures
  • Identifying trends and patterns in data to drive business decisions
  • Communicating data-driven insights to key stakeholders

Data scientist working on computer screens visualizing data analytics

Data scientists utilize data to drive business decisions. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a Data Scientist

  • Educational Requirements: Master‘s degree in data science, statistics, computer science or other quantitative field
  • Technical Expertise: Programming (Python, R, SQL), statistical modeling, machine learning
  • Soft Skills: Critical thinking, problem solving, communication, storytelling with data

Data scientists entering the field can expect an average starting salary of $95,000 in the Denver area, with the potential to earn over $150,000 with experience.

"Demand for data experts far exceeds supply right now," said Cirrus Insight CEO Brandon Bruce. "Salaries keep rising across Denver as companies compete for this talent."

2. Machine Learning Engineer: $132,715 Average Base Salary

Machine learning has become essential for everything from facial recognition and recommendation engines to self-driving car tech and predictive analytics. Machine learning engineers develop the complex algorithms and modeling techniques that power these AI capabilities.

What Machine Learning Engineers Do

  • Design and optimize machine learning systems architecture
  • Train, test and deploy ML models to enhance automation and analytics
  • Maintain machine learning pipelines and infrastructure
  • Continuously monitor models and retrain for accuracy
  • Develop frameworks to scale ML solutions across the organization

Machine learning engineer coding models on computer

Machine learning engineers code the models powering AI systems. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a Machine Learning Engineer

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor‘s degree in computer science or related quantitative field
  • Technical Expertise: Python, R, C++, TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, AWS SageMaker
  • Math Skills: Statistics, calculus, linear algebra, probability

Junior-level machine learning engineers in Denver earn approximately $95,000 on average, progressing into the mid $100Ks and beyond with proven modeling expertise.

"The machine learning space is still the Wild West with huge upside," explained Dana Stewart, CEO of Polymatic IO. "Engineers with a math-first approach and the ability to productionize models have really lucrative prospects in Denver."

3. Software Architect: $141,454 Average Base Salary

Software architects serve as the master planners and chief engineers behind complex development projects and enterprise systems integrations. They combine a big-picture view with a strong technical grasp to bring structure and leadership to software initiatives.

What Software Architects Do

  • Create overall system design and architecture
  • Outline software specifications, interfaces and modules
  • Lead teams of developers and engineers
  • Ensure system reliability, scalability and security
  • Coordinate integration testing and bug fixes
  • Continually optimize architecture as needs evolve

Software architect reviewing system design architecture

Software architects design complex system architectures. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a Software Architect

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor‘s or master‘s degree in computer science or engineering
  • Technical Expertise: Object-oriented design, programming languages (Java, C# etc.), development frameworks, UML, system integration
  • Leadership Skills: Strategic thinking, project planning, team building

The average salary for a software architect in Denver is $141,454, making it one of the highest paid and most prestigious tech roles. 5+ years of development experience along with architecture skills can prepare you for this career trajectory.

"We look for thought leadership beyond pure technical competency when hiring principal architects," said Allen Ding, CTO at Replicated. "Fluency in modern delivery practices like CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure as code takes architects to the next level."

4. DevOps Engineer: $128,859 Average Base Salary

DevOps engineers focus on smoothing out the software delivery process by integrating development and IT teams and operations. They configure the tools and cloud-based automation that streamlines the build, test and deployment cycles.

What DevOps Engineers Do

  • Set up and administer cloud infrastructure on AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Automate configuration management using Ansible, Chef or Puppet
  • Containerize applications using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Implement CI/CD pipelines for rapid iterations
  • Monitor systems and troubleshoot issues
  • Continually find ways to improve velocity and efficiency

DevOps Engineer reviewing deployment automation dashboard

DevOps engineers focus on cloud and deployment automation. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a DevOps Engineer

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor‘s degree in computer science or related field
  • Technical Expertise: Linux, AWS/Azure/GCP, Jenkins, containers, automation tools
  • Process Knowledge: CI/CD, infrastructure as code, site reliability culture

The average salary for DevOps engineers in Denver is $128,859. But specialized expertise in Kubernetes, Terraform and other leading technologies can drive higher compensation.

"We sponsor DevOps engineers to get GCP and Kubernetes certified," said NextFaze CEO Alban Scotchbrook. "Cloud native skills and container orchestration are where the growth is at."

5. Cybersecurity Engineer: $132,519 Average Base Salary

Protecting systems, networks and data from digital attacks is more crucial than ever for enterprises and governments alike. Cybersecurity engineers safeguard assets by designing secure IT infrastructure solutions and controls.

What Cybersecurity Engineers Do

  • Perform security risk assessments and audits
  • Architect zero-trust and defense-in-depth programs
  • Deploy firewalls, VPNs, endpoint security tools
  • Monitor networks to rapidly detect intrusions
  • Document policies and procedures, conduct training
  • Research emerging threats and recommend upgrades

Cybersecurity engineer reviewing threat detection dashboard

Cybersecurity engineers protect against digital threats. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a Cybersecurity Engineer

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor‘s degree in cybersecurity, computer science or IT related field
  • Technical Expertise: Network infrastructure, ethical hacking, encryption methods
  • Industry Certifications (helpful): CISSP, CISM, CISA, OSCP

Cybersecurity professionals enjoy rising demand amidst the increasingly dangerous threat landscape. The average base compensation for cybersecurity engineers in Denver is $132,519.

"We invest heavily in professional development including paid certs and immersive hands-on training," said Andrew Hayslip, CISO at Optiv. "The cyber talent war is as competitive as ever right now"

6. Full-Stack Developer: $126,010 Average Base Salary

Full-stack developers possess the multifaceted skills required to build web and mobile apps from the ground up, working on both the user-facing front-end design and interfaces as well as the behind-the-scenes server-side logic.

What Full-Stack Developers Do

  • Design responsive application interfaces and UX flows
  • Program front-end components with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Develop back-end application logic and REST APIs
  • Interface applications with databases and cloud services
  • Deploy finished products directly to production
  • Continuously iterate upon features and functionality

Full-stack developer programming front-end and back-end code

Full-stack developers build complete apps and websites. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor‘s degree in computer science or web development
  • Technical Proficiency: JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Node), Java, Python, GIT
  • Design Skills: Responsive web design principles, usability heuristics

Full-stack developers in the Denver area can expect an average starting salary of $95,000, achieving mid-career compensation up to $150,000 and beyond.

"Junior developers with grit, determination and a commitment to constant upskilling have limitless upside," said Stephanie Burns, CEO at ChickTech. "We look to nurture this whole-career mindset."

7. Cloud Solutions Architect: $127,703 Average Base Salary

As enterprises shift technology infrastructure to the cloud, they rely heavily on solutions architects to engineer scalable, secure cloud environments customized for their needs.

What Cloud Solutions Architects Do

  • Consult with business stakeholders to gather requirements
  • Architect multi-cloud or hybrid technology solutions
  • Migrate legacy apps and data storage to cloud platforms
  • Coordinate proof of concepts and integration projects
  • Continuously monitor cloud architecture health and usage
  • Control cloud spending by optimizing utilization

Cloud architect reviewing cloud management dashboard

Cloud architects design and deploy cloud-based systems. Credit: Unsplash

Becoming a Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor‘s degree in computer science, information systems or related discipline
  • Technical Expertise: System administration, programming, scripting languages
  • Cloud Knowledge: AWS, Azure and GCP architectures, services and tools

Strong cloud infrastructure skills combined with solutions thinking and client management abilities can propel cloud architects beyond the average salary of $127,703.

"Cloud technologies move so rapidly, we sponsor associates to get vendor-specific certifications and maintain them annually," said ecdio CEO Tom Shoemaker. "Architects really understanding the art of the possible in cloud can make bank."

Beyond the attractive compensation packages available for skilled technology professionals, Denver offers a host of advantages for advancing your tech career:

Thriving Technology Ecosystem – With key players like Oracle, Google, and Slack establishing major hubs and Amazon Web Services anchoring "Cloud City", Denver‘s tech scene is booming.

Access to Capital – Raising early-stage funding is getting easier, with firms like Access Ventures and The Syndicate Fund fueling startups.

Strong Engineering Talent Pipeline – Top universities nearby including CU Boulder and Colorado School of Mines supply smart graduates.

Outdoor Lifestyle – With epic ski resorts and hiking trails just minutes away, Denvermakes it easy to maintain work-life balance in the tech grind.

TitleAverage Base Salary
Data Scientist$129,092
Machine Learning Engineer$132,715
Software Architect$141,454
DevOps Engineer$128,859
Cybersecurity Engineer$132,519
Full-Stack Developer$126,010
Cloud Solutions Architect$127,703

Denver‘s emergence as a technology hotspot shows no signs of slowing down. As more venture investment flows in and companies hunger for top tech talent, salaries and demand will continue to rise across data, engineering and developer roles.

For those looking to level up their careers and skills amidst mountain-life and the great outdoors, the time is now to pursue these lucrative Denver technology job opportunities.

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