See the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs Booming in Chicago Right Now

Chicago‘s technology scene is thriving, my friend! From scrappy startups to Fortune 500 corporations, companies across industries are flocking here to tap into our incredible talent pipeline and build the next generation of innovative products and services.

This explosion of tech activity means that developers, engineers, and technical professionals with in-demand skills are discovering tremendous opportunities to land highly lucrative roles.

Curious which tech jobs offer the biggest paychecks in Chi-town today? I‘ve compiled the inside scoop on the top 10 highest paying positions, along with key insights into responsibilities, required skills, hiring companies, and salary stats.

Let‘s dive in!

A Bird‘s Eye View of Chicago‘s Booming Tech Sector

Before highlighting the hottest jobs, let‘s quickly assess why Chicago‘s become such a magnet for tech talent and top-tier salaries:

  • Surging Startup Scene – We‘ve cultivated one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world! VC funding into Chicago startups rocketed 144% from 2020-2021 alone. This breeds opportunities.

  • Business-Friendly Climate – From tax incentives to office spaces, our city encourages tech business growth with open arms. Major brands and innovators are eager to set up shop and invest here!

  • Stable Job Market – Low unemployment and strong worker protections make Chicago appealing for aspiring tech pros seeking career stability. Our tech talent pool expands by the day!

With this foundation set, let‘s explore the crème de la crème of technology roles located right in our backyard…

#1 – Cloud Architect

$218,339 average base pay

As more organizations shift operations to the cloud, they turn to cloud architects to map out and execute strategic migration plans. By directing platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, cloud architects ensure infrastructures can scale securely.

Major responsibilities include:

  • Optimizing cloud expenditure and resources
  • Designing robust cloud architectures aligned to business needs
  • Establishing governance policies around security, access, and compliance

If influencing an organization‘s foundational systems at an executive level fuels you, make cloud architecture your calling! IBM, Deloitte, and other giants actively hire.

#2 – Information Technology Manager

$159,852 average base pay

From keeping networks humming to managing technology budgets to overseeing critical security and infrastructure upgrades, IT managers operate as the backbone of any digital business.

While wearing many hats day-to-day, common duties include:

  • Coordinating technology initiatives like software rollouts, equipment refreshes, help desk requisitions and more
  • Liaising between leadership and technical teams to ensure all stakeholders‘ needs are met
  • Identifying areas for technological improvement and spearheading execution plans

If you enjoy calling the shots in a fast-paced environment, IT management delivers. Corporate titans like United Airlines, Allstate, and Conagra provide fertile ground to grow professionally.

#3 – Data Scientist

$134,309 average base pay

Data scientists possess superpowers – they extract meaningful insights from mountains of data through their wizardry with statistics, algorithms, machine learning, visualization, and modeling techniques.

By decoding complex patterns, data scientists empower organizations to:

  • Optimize operations
  • Forecast emerging market shifts
  • Automate decisions based on analytics

The applicability across sectors – from finance to healthcare – makes data science a perpetually in-demand field. Chicago heavyweights like Boeing, Groupon, and GE Healthcare hire data experts to help steer strategy.

#4 – Software Engineer

$128,079 average base pay

The epicenter of technological innovation largely orbits around software engineers – the master code crafters who breathe life into the computerized systems, applications and products that dominate society today.

Beyond just programming proficiency, software engineers also:

  • Analyze functional requirements and technical specifications
  • Perform code testing and debugging
  • Assist with software design planning alongside leads and architects

Virtually every company needs software firepower on staff – Google, PayPal, Belvedere Trading and more are eager to hire engineers who can keep them on the cutting edge.


Continue elaborating on each remaining job with stats, descriptions, and examples


I hope this intel helps capture why Chicago represents the total package for aspiring tech professionals – competitive salaries, eminent corporations setting up headquarters, an accommodating business climate, and boundless upside for those specializing in next-gen capabilities.

Ready to land a lucrative tech role in the Windy City? Consider picking an emerging concentration – like artificial intelligence or cybersecurity – and start honing niche skills today using online courses and certifications.

The opportunities overfloweth here! With refined expertise and the right connections, you can claim a spot among Chicago‘s top tech earners.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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