Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 vs S8+: In-Depth Comparison and Full Review

The Android tablet market may not be as vibrant as it once was, but Samsung aims to breathe new life into the category with its latest flagship offerings – the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8+. Sporting powerful new hardware and software enhancements, these premium tablets deliver impressive specs and features designed to maximize productivity and entertainment.

But with two strong contenders now sitting atop Samsung‘s S series lineup, many shoppers find themselves wondering – which is better, the S8 or S8+? In this detailed comparison review, we‘ll analyze the key differences buyers should know plus provide advice on choosing the right model for your needs and budget.

Hardware Design and Build Comparison

The Tab S8 and S8+ tablets share a similar sleek, minimalist aesthetic with nearly identical dimensions aside from screen size. Samsung sticks to an aluminum unibody construction with thin, uniform bezels surrounding the display.

Tab S8

  • 257.8 x 165.3 x 6.3mm
  • 567 grams
  • Mystic Black, Graphite, Silver color options

Tab S8+

  • 285 x 185 x 5.7mm
  • 572 grams
  • Mystic Black, Graphite, Silver

Despite the larger 12.4-inch screen on the S8+, Samsung manages to shave off 0.3mm in thickness. But the bigger tablet does weigh slightly more at 572 grams vs 567 grams for its smaller 11-inch sibling. Both remain easy to grip and comfortable to use handheld or paired with an optional cover and stand.

For protection against accidental dents and scratches, the tablets feature a strong frame and Gorilla Glass on front. However, neither model boasts an IP water/dust resistance rating, an unfortunate omission at this price point. Users would be wise to invest in a sturdy case, especially if you’ll travel with the device or have kids using it.

Display Technology Advantage Goes to the S8+

The key distinction between these two tablets lies in the display. The Tab S8 houses an 11-inch 2560 x 1600 pixel LCD with standard 60Hz refresh rate while the S8+ comes equipped with a larger 12.4-inch 2800 x 1752 Super AMOLED display with smoother 120Hz refresh rate.

The Plus model also takes advantage of Samsung’s excellent Super AMOLED screen technology, enabling higher brightness levels up to 500 nits, vivid colors, deep blacks and stellar viewing angles. By comparison, the S8 utilizes a standard LCD which can’t match AMOLED performance but still impresses with its dense 276 pixel per inch pixel density and 16:10 aspect ratio ideal for web browsing or viewing movies.

Both screens feature razor sharp clarity and plenty of real estate for easy reading, writing and other everyday tasks. But the S8+’s extra 1.4 inches of diagonal screen space makes a noticeable difference when multitasking, video conferencing, editing documents or watching your favorite Netflix shows. And the faster 120Hz refresh rate allows for smoother scrolling and graphics rendering in compatible apps and games. Avid mobile gamers will appreciate the edge here too.

As more content shifts to 4K resolution, the Quad HD+ display gives you additional breathing room as well. Ultimately, serious multimedia users will gain the most from upgrading to the superior S8+ display. But both sizes and panel types allow for an excellent visual experience even when using the tablets side by side.

Matching High-End Performance and Everyday Responsiveness

Samsung pulls no punches when it comes to performance by outfitting both tablets with cutting edge processing muscle….

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