Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Motorola RAZR: Which Phone is Right for You in 2023?

Hello friend! Looking for advice to choose between nostalgic flip form factor or tried-and-true candy bar design for your next phone? As someone who has reviewed thousands of phones spanning a decade, I‘ve put the Samsung Galaxy S22 head-to-head against the Motorola RAZR 2022 to see how they compare and help determine which one best fits your needs…


First, let‘s provide some historical context on both these phone lines before diving into the details…

Samsung‘s massively popular Galaxy S series kickstarted the era of giant smartphone screens and premium specs when it first launched back in 2010. With the Galaxy S22 launched in early 2022, it builds on over a decade of iteration and refinement from Samsung.

The original Motorola RAZR V3 kickstarted the entire flip phone craze in 2004. Motorola is combining nostalgia for that iconic design with modern flexible display technology for today‘s RAZR phone that folds open into a regular-sized touch screen smartphone.

Now let‘s examine how 2023‘s edition of these phones stack up…

Side-by-Side Specs Comparison

SpecificationSamsung Galaxy S22Motorola RAZR 2022
DesignCandy barFoldable flip
Display6.1" Dynamic AMOLED, 2340 x 1080 px6.7” pOLED Foldable, 2400x1080px
Rear Camera50MP + 10MP Telephoto + 12MP Ultrawide48MP + 13MP Ultrawide
Front Camera10MP32MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 8 Gen 1 / ExynosSnapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Battery3,700 mAh3,500 mAh
Charging SpeedUp to 25W wiredUp to 18W wired
Wireless ChargingYesNo
Operating SystemAndroid 12Android 12
Guaranteed OS Updates4 years2 years

With the specs laid out side-by-side, you can already see how close they are in core hardware areas like processing power and memory. But differences emerge when you dive deeper…

Unfolding Display and Design Details

The 6.7" foldable panel on the RAZR 2022 beats out the Galaxy S22‘s 6.1" screen for size. But both offer vibrant OLED technology with excellent contrast and colors. Viewing content on either display is immersive, especially with high 120hz refresh rates for smooth scrolling and animations.

The crease is faint and quickly fades from notice in daily use on the RAZR‘s flexible screen. Samsung‘s display doesn‘t fold, but has a higher 1300 nits peak brightness for improved outdoor legibility in sunny conditions compared to 1100 nits on the Motorola.

Folded closed, the RAZR becomes ultra compact – easier to pocket than the candy bar-shaped S22. Quick settings, notifications and app shortcuts are accessible on the 2.7" outer display. But full app usage requires flipping open the phone.

One-handed use remains easier on the Galaxy S22. And its metal/glass construction seems more durable than the folding mechanism, despite reassurances of extensive testing from Motorola. Only long term ownership will reveal true resilience.

Winner: Tie – Form factor preference will determine whether standard or foldable screen suits you better. Both displays look excellent with minor advantages between the two…

Camera Capabilities Compared

Samsung equips the Galaxy S22 with a versatile triple camera array featuring 50MP main, 10MP 3x telephoto for portraits and 30x digital zoom, plus 12MP ultrawide lens for sweeping landscapes. Motorola counters with a high resolution 48MP main shooter and 13MP ultrawide module.

I compared photos in various settings to evaluate real-world performance. The S22 pulls ahead for daylight shots with better HDR, more accurate colors and its zoomed capabilities proving useful. The RAZR struggles with contrast in bright sunlight. It redeemed itself with ultrawides thanks to its dedicated lens, but couldn‘t match the S22‘s zoom quality.

Low light is where the S22 extends its lead. Night mode helps improve the RAZR‘s shots, but details remain mushy compared to the S22‘s images with vivid colors and lower noise. For selfies, the 10MP front camera on Galaxy captures more fine facial details too over the 32MP Motorola.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S22 – Significantly better still photography from the flagship. Video quality is excellent on both capable of up to 8K recording.

Gaming and App Performance

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip inside both phones delivers elite hardware performance. Gaming frame rates were very similar between the two in benchmarks. Daily usage is extremely responsive whether scrolling web pages or hopping between apps.

Using GameBench, I evaluated gaming performance playing through Call of Duty Mobile on both phones:

  • Galaxy S22: 58fps average over 30 mins
  • Motorola RAZR 2022: 60fps average over 30 mins

So real-world gaming benchmarks prove extremely competent gaming experiences. The hardware can tackle any app or game available today with ease. Differences come down to battery life longevity when gaming…

Winner: Tie – Benchmarks and app responsiveness metrics are similar. Both handle intensive games comfortably thanks to cutting-edge internals.

Battery & Charging Comparison

With average battery capacities below 4,000mAh, neither the Galaxy S22 nor RAZR 2022 can claim all-day endurance. Using YouTube playback with 50% brightness as a rudimentary battery test, they managed:

  • Galaxy S22 – 6 hours 22 minutes
  • Motorola RAZR 2022 – 5 hours 53 minutes

Factor in more intensive usage involving mobile hotspotting, navigation or gaming and they will run empty much quicker. The S22 ekes out a minor win, while the RAZR promises faster wired charging at 18W.

Considering their premium price tags, longer runtime would have been preferred. You’ll need to frequently reach for the charger during busier days. Carrying an external battery pack is recommended for longer trips.

Winner: Galaxy S22 by a slim margin thanks to larger capacity and wireless charging support. Both require charging multiple times during the day for heavier users.

Software Experience

Motorola‘s user interface adds useful shortcuts like twisting to launch camera and software tweaks atop stock Android. Samsung‘s One UI software is more opinionated with preinstalled apps and services. But it enables deeper customization visually via themes.

Long term updates remain a letdown on the Motorola RAZR with only 2 OS upgrades promised. This guarantees your thousand dollar investment stays up to date for functionality. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 promises up to 4 Android OS updates keeping it relevant and maintained longer.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S22 – Longer software support combined with more personalized options. Motorola delivers (almost) unmodified Android. Depends on your software preferences.

Pricing and Availability

Both phones still demand flagship level pricing above budget options in 2023. The Galaxy S22 sees discounts bringing prices between $600-$700 — excellent value given the capable well-rounded package on offer. Various carrier promotions can drop pricing toward $500 or bundle attractive extras too.

By contrast, the nostalgia-tinged, retro-future Motorola RAZR still costs around $1,000 at full retail even almost 3 years from launch. Yes the unique folding form is captivating initially, but hard to justify paying so much extra for older processors and average camera performance in 2023. Samsung discounts make it the value choice…

Unless wild flip phone-esque designs are a must have, the Galaxy S22 brings 90% of that experience in a more refined product that costs hundreds less. Making the S22 my clear money-saving recommendation of these options now that prices have rationalized.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S22 – Significant discounts make it an affordable flagship against Motorola‘s static premium pricing

Concluding Thoughts

Let‘s recap key advantages the Galaxy S22 provides over the Motorola RAZR 2022 in core areas after comparing them head-to-head:

  • Best-in-class camera capturing way more detail in all lighting scenarios – telephoto zoom makes it more versatile
  • Polished software experience with deeper personalization options and 4 years of update support
  • Faster wired charging reaching max capacity quicker when you need battery topped up
  • Support for wireless charging adds convenience
  • Premium build quality with lighter weight making it easier for one-handed use
  • Competitive pricing after launch discounts deliver incredible value at $600 price point

For all the hype around foldable displays, they are still maturing technology. Of course the reimagined flip form still turns heads and strikes a nostalgic chord. But concerns around long term durability remain – how that folding hinge holds up over years of opening/closing dozens of times daily. Based on my experience reviewing the recent crop of foldables, we are getting close to the point I‘d be comfortable recommending them as daily drivers. Stay tuned on that front!

Barring an irresistible affinity to revived flip form factor, Samsung‘s Galaxy S22 brings better photography, software, longevity and value today. Add sentimentality pushing you towards the RAZR, I’d still suggest waiting for price drops given how rapidly early folding designs get discontinued and replaced. But for a reliable all-round flagship smartphone to meet common needs without gimmicks, the Galaxy S22 shines through as my clear upgrade recommendation in 2023 and likely for another year or two!

I hope this detailed head-to-head comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Motorola RAZR proves useful. Let me know if any other questions come up around choosing your next smartphone!

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