The Definitive Guide to Rubius: Setup, Earnings, Gaming History and More

With over 14 million loyal followers across Twitch and YouTube, Rubén Doblas Gundersen (better known as "Rubius") has solidified himself as one of the most popular Spanish-language streamers in the world.

But how did this charismatic gamer capture such a massive audience and build a multi-million dollar empire around his playthroughs? This comprehensive guide will reveal everything you need to know.

The Origin Story: Skyrim Parodies Launch a Phenomenon

Long before Fortnite dances and Minecraft manhunts, a young Rubius got his start making absurdist Skyrim videos on YouTube in 2011. Just one week after the iconic RPG’s launch, Rubius posted gameplay of various glitches and exploits, narrating the chaos in his trademark witty style.

The most viral early clip, “Skyrim: Doesn‘t Know How to Dialogue With Giants,” showed Rubius ordering his companion Lydia to “speak” with a giant, predictably sparking a fierce battle ending in Lydia violently ragdolling through the air. The unexpected hilarity resonated widely, scoring over 1 million views.

Sensing he struck a chord, Rubius committed to elaborating his mods and roleplaying amusing scenarios. His Skyrim sketches became more cinematic, weaving inventive storylines bolstered by custom animations, models and logic. Within months, he was Spain’s fastest growing gaming YouTuber.

Getting the Streamer Bug: Explosive Growth on Twitch

By 2019 Rubius was ready to conquer another platform—Twitch. He worked out an exclusive deal to stream solely on their service, allowing Twitch to market his channel in Spain and Latin America.

The push worked wonders. Just one week after signing, Rubius gained 100,000 new followers with no signs of slowing. He soon became Twitch’s #2 Spanish language streamer, second only to megastar AuronPlay.

In May he partnered with Epic Games on a custom Fortnite competition called Icon Series Cup with a €3 million prize pool, at the time the largest in Twitch history. Over 1.2 million concurrent viewers tuned in, dominating Spanish internet traffic that weekend.

The event demonstrated Rubius could enthrall at scale far beyond his solo streams‘ typical 30,000 fans. Since then he’s netted collaboration deals with Netflix, FC Barcelona and various record labels.

Branching Beyond Gaming: Mainstream Mexican Music Video

Contrary to assumptions, Rubius does not limit himself exclusively to gaming content. He‘s explored vlogging, animation, film breakdowns and even literature across his YouTube presence over 40 million subscribers strong.

However his most unexpected endeavor came in 2022 when Rubius appeared in Mexican singer Kenia Os’ music video “EA.” Playing Os’ aloof love interest, Rubius displays some actual acting talent alongside cheeky cameos from several fellow Spanish internet celebs.

The clip has garnered over 71 million views, introducing Rubius to mainstream Latin pop audiences often disconnected from gaming culture. It signaled ambitions to engage wider entertainment mediums, hinting we may see Rubius cameo in traditional media someday.

By The Numbers: Rubius’ Impressive Net Worth

Between his fiercely loyal fanbase and savvy business plays, Rubius has unquestionably built an empire most YouTubers dream of. Let‘s break down the pillars supporting his immense net worth estimated between $6-8 million.

Twitch Subscriptions:

With 29,000 committed paying subscribers at an average $5 monthly rate, Rubius earns around $145,000 a month or $1.7 million annually from subscriptions alone. Twitch also allows viewers to tip streamers directly, of which Rubius likely pockets a significant percentage.

YouTube Revenue:

Based on his whopping 2.6 billion lifetime views, marketing data sites estimate Rubius’ primary channel earns between $34,000-$540,000 monthly. At the higher end, that translates to a staggering $6.5 million yearly just from ads.

Sponsorships & Brand Deals:

As his fame grew, Rubius began aligning with major brands like PlayStation, Fanta and HBO Max for integrated sponsorship campaigns most often tied to custom gameplay events or videos.

While his individual deal terms remain confidential, the largest gaming influencers can easily secure six figures for a short sponsored series. It’s safe to speculate Rubius’ earn rates fall within the top bracket.

Merchandise Sales:

Rubius operates an online store stocked with apparel, accessories and collectibles adorned with his branding and channel art. While merch profits add supplementary income, this revenue branch likely represents under 20% of his overall earnings.

Together these income streams should net Rubius around $5 million yearly at minimum. And with scope to widen his commercial appeal, there’s no signs he’s plateauing any time soon.

Inside the Streaming Setup: High-End Gear Enabling Crisp, Dynamic Gameplay

Delivering such popular streams requires premium equipment built for performance. Let‘s analyze Rubius‘ formidable setup powering his audience experience:

Peripherals: Logitech Mouse & Corsair Mechanical Keyboard

Precise control is paramount for competitive gaming, leading Rubius to choose Logitech‘s G402 mouse offering robust customization through adjustable sensitivity, programmable buttons and colorful DPI lighting.

His keyboard is perhaps even more crucial for swift movement. Rubius wields Corsair‘s Strafe RGB MK.2 featuring responsive Cherry MX Red mechanical switches with per-key RGB backlighting for quick visual reference while enabling rapid inputs.

Audio: Astro A50 Headset

Immersive sound is integral for an engaging viewer experience. For crisp game audio and vocal clarity while live communicating, Rubius utilizes Astro‘s A50 wireless headset touting Dolby processing for surround sound, a 15-hour battery for marathon streams, and a retractable mic.

Visuals: An Ultra-Fast 280Hz ASUS Monitor

Handling intense firefights without motion blur demands a high-performance monitor. Rubius games on ASUS‘ flagship PG279QM model sporting a WQHD 1440p resolution at a blistering 280Hz refresh rate for ultrasmooth visuals only top-tier GPUs can fully leverage.

With profound HDR contrast, G-Sync compatibility mitigating screen tearing and versatile ergonomic adjustment options, the PG279QM is specially engineered for gaming excellence across genres.

Processing & Streaming: An AMD Threadripper CPU + Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU

But this elite hardware would be ineffective without adept internal components crunching graphics, encoding video streams and juggling software simultaneously without hitch.

Rubius commands an AMD Threadripper PRO 3975WX CPU boasting 32 physical cores and 64 threads for ambitious multitasking required of high profile streamers. For tackling graphics, he wields Nvidia‘s brand new RTX 4090 graphics card which utilizes advanced AI rendering to enable high framerate 8K gaming.

With the 3975WX CPU focused on streaming and system processes, the 4090 can purely dedicate its colossal power towards rendering pixels without disruption. Combined with PCIe 4.0 storage delivering ultra fast load times, Rubius‘ PC stands on the cutting edge of performance.

Gaming Dominance Across Genres: Grand Theft Auto 5 as Most Streamed Title

Let‘s analyze Rubius‘ gaming habits and most frequented titles throughout his career using publicly compiled statistics:

As this activity breakdown shows, Rubius holds exceptional versatility streaming over 50 games since rising to prominence. Most prolific is Rockstar‘s infamous crime sandbox Grand Theft Auto 5 topping his airtime logs at nearly double his second most played title, Minecraft.

Open world adventures seem to be Rubius‘ specialty judging by his inclination towards games promoting freedom like GTA, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Elder Scrolls series. However he dabbles across genres too, dedicating over 50 hours alone to grueling horror opus Outlast and its sequel.

Rounding out his charts are competitive multiplayer staples like Fortnite, Valorant and Call of Duty suggesting Rubius can adapt to most popular games and provide knowledgeable commentary fans crave.

Notable Career Moments: Record-Shattering Fortnite Tournament Viewership

Rubius‘ diagonal rise has supplied several memorable moments cementing his star power. But perhaps most astonishing was the reception towards his May 2019 Fortnite Icon Series Cup.

At peak viewership the event drew over 1.2 million concurrent spectators, a record figure for any gaming livestream at the time. As one of Twitch‘s most promoted programs ever for a Spanish creator, the tournament helped propel Rubius into a household name.

The competition demonstrated his sheer influence rallying gaming audiences, outperforming medium staples like Lollapalooza music festival in online traction that weekend. It also exhibited his marketing potential for publishers seeking exposure towards younger demographics.

Ubisoft in particular has utilized Rubius‘ services having selected him for multiple Assassin’s Creed Valhalla promo spots last year and naming him an official content ambassador for the series.

But fame hasn‘t overridden Rubius‘ personable roots. Despite astronomical success he retains the candid humor and eccentric energy endearing his initial fans. While sometimes controversial, Rubius always comes across genuine with followers–a rapport many streamers lose chasing numbers.

The Future of Streaming According to Rubius

When asked recently about streaming landscape shifts in coming years, Rubius predicted tighter platform relationships between creators and technology brands like Nvidia, Valve and Meta Quest as immersive hardware custom built for gaming hits saturation.

"Streamers depend so much on all this gear…I can definitely see them working directly together more with people like me to fine tune it towards what we actually need and promote it the right way."

He also foresees exponential growth in mobile gaming viewership, especially across Latin America and Southeast Asia where smartphone usage outweighs PCs. While inferior for play, mobile possesses innate accessibility advantages making gaming streams more discoverable outside enthusiast circles.

But Rubius contends the importance of personality and community building will never fade regardless of trends or tech.

"If you don‘t have a real conversation with your audience constantly and show your human side, you‘ll flame out quick. People want authenticity."

Wise words from one of this generation‘s most authentic gaming celebrities. Rubius has left an indelible mark on Spanish internet culture through resilient creativity, electrifying entertainment and perhaps above all else, transparent compassion towards fans.

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