Hey there! Deciding Between Rivian‘s R1T and VW‘s Upcoming Scout EV Truck? Here‘s My Breakdown As An EV Analyst

I know you‘re trying to determine which of two compelling options – the Rivian R1T or the upcoming VW Scout EV – best fits your needs when it comes to capable, adventure-ready electric pickup trucks. Well, you‘ve come to the right place!

As an electric vehicle analyst, I‘ve been following both Rivian‘s first-to-market R1T closely since its launch and VW‘s Scout EV ambitions very nearby. I‘m here to provide my complete download based on the specs, features and capabilities revealed so far on both trucks to help you make an informed decision.

Let‘s hit the key questions I know you must have before diving into the nitty gritty details…

What Exactly Are The Rivian R1T and VW Scout EV Trucks?

The Rivian R1T arrived on the scene in 2021 as one of the world‘s first all-electric adventure pickups trucks aimed at serving the off-roading crowd rather than just daily commuters.

Backed by investments from major companies like Amazon and Ford, the Irvine, California based startup Rivian has exclusive focused on developing battery-powered trucks and SUVs purpose-built for outdoor exploration since their founding in 2009.

VW‘s Scout EV represents storied automaker Volkswagen first push into the EV pickup segment, which came about through their recent acquisition of the Scout off-road vehicle brand from truck maker Navistar.

Slated to begin full production in 2026, VW intends to leverage it‘s vast resources and EV knowledge to make the Scout EV a formidable R1T competitor on capability while beating Rivian‘s truck substantially on upfront pricing.

Why Compare The R1T and Scout EV Trucks?

Great question! At this point, you can walk into a Rivian dealership today and drive home their critically praised R1T that offers class-leading performance and technology paired with cleaver adventure-centric touches.

Meanwhile, the Scout EV exists only concept form as VW gathers feedback and plans their factory. So why pit these trucks against each? Because what the Scout EV lacks in present availability, it aims to make up for in terms of value and broader appeal down the line.

By taking a sneak peak at how specs stack up given what VW has teased about their future e-pickup, I can provide perspective on the defining contrasts between these compelling electric trucks.

Basically, Rivian already built an exceptional product for early adopters, but VW wants to do so for the masses. These differing philosophies manifest in where each truck shines…and falls short.

Let‘s examine those key strengths and weakness area-by-area, shall we? You‘ll know exactly where your priorities lie by the end!

Rivian R1T vs. VW Scout EV Truck: How They Size Up

Before going wheels down on the specs, it‘s worth noting the Rivian R1T comes available in several battery pack and motor configurations allowing you to tailor performance, range and pricing to your exact needs.

The Core Specs

AttributeRivian R1TVW Scout EV
Max Range (mi)314 to 400+~300 (estimated)
0-60 mph Time3.0 – 4.5 secN/A
Max Power600+ to 800+ hp~300 hp (expected)
Max Tow Rating11,000 lbsN/A
Available Batteries105 kWh / 135 kWh / 180 kWhN/A
Price$73,000 to $93,000~$55,000 (expected)

A few things standout right away – Rivian offers far punchier performance across the board but demands a steeper upfront investment. VW is clearly targeting mainstream buyers through cost, though wouldn‘t scrimp too much on capability knowing Rivian‘s benchmarks.

Now, let‘s scrutinize how these trucks compare where rubber meets trail by splitting factors that matter for electric adventure trucks into two buckets – performance/capability and innovation/amenities.

Performance, Range & Charging – Where Rivian‘s Experience Shines

While the Scout EV‘s 300 horsepower and standard AWD system promises respectable capability paying homage to rugged off-road Scouts of yore, there R1T brings vastly more muscle and sophistication to traverse tough terrain and confidently tow heavier loads.

With up to 835 horsepower hitting the pavement from it‘s quad motors and advanced torque vectoring technology, the R1T can scramble up precipitous inclines and scamper over rough roads where others fear to tread.

You also get a bevy of drive modes tailored to needs like rock crawling or highway cruising along with impressive water fording depth and up to 400 miles of driving range. VW clearly has work ahead replicating such brawn, though the Scout EV‘s 300 mile range target stays competitive.

For charging, Rivian has again set the bar sky-high for newcomers like VW. Their 200kW DC fast charging adds 140 miles in just 20 minutes – perfect for topping off at trailheads when adventure calls. We‘re still awaiting charge details from Volkswagen.

For those seeking to stray far off the beaten bath for days on end, I give the R1T a decisive edge for now based on Rivian‘s real-world tested battery and drivetrain strengths…but continued competition in the EV truck space could compel Rivian to offer more varieties to enhance choices by the time the Scout EV appears in a few years time.

Innovation & Features – R1T‘s Adventure Upgrades VS Scout EV‘s Affordability

Besides brute force truck credentials, both Rivian and VW clearly recognize the importance of differentiation and added value when wooing EV early adopters and mainstream buyers alike.

We know Rivian obsesses over helping drivers get the most from their adventures. That passion manifests itself through purposeful touches like the handy built-in air compressor for adjusting tire pressures on the fly, exterior mobile charger you can take into the woods, removable Bluetooth speaker, built-in flashlight and host of tough yet thoughtful cargo accessories.

Additionally, the R1T interior offers a stunning degree of digital immersion thanks to the giant touch display integrating controls plus a supplemental digital cluster feeding back key driving info.

While VW has hinted at unique touches fitting Scouts adventurous spirit, it remains to be seen if their ambitions drift towards lifestyle personalization or function additions moreso…given cost targets, mainly the later seems likely.

However, VW knows value depends on perception rather than simply discounting. I expect Scout EV‘s interior will be thoroughly modern including the latest infotainment and connectivity with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, advanced driver aids and perhaps some unique EV advantages over gas counterparts related to controls or storage.

All said, Rivian clearly out-paces the Scout EV regarding innovation today. But let‘s not overlook VW‘s hidden X-factor – it‘s phenomenal global scale and manufacturing efficiencies that permitted them to shock the world when announcing Scout EV pricing 25% below the R1T‘s current starting point. That revelation set the stage for the Scout SUV and pickup broadening enthusiast EV appeal when production commences.

Essentially if you crave loads of power, range and adventure gear today, Rivian already delivers a thrilling product. But for cost-conscious buyers who value digital connectivity and bold styling alongside competence traversing trails or jobsites, Scout EV deserves a spot on your consideration list sight unseen given VW‘s ambitions.

Which Electric Truck is Right For You? Key Takeaways

After pouring over specs and breaking down each model‘s strengths, hopefully my guide offered clarity regarding the factors separating the exciting R1T and Scout EV as you weigh options.

If you want jaw-dropping acceleration and domination of tough terrain today, the R1T brings purpose-built capabilities at a fair asking price.

However, When the Scout EV arrives in a few years, expect enhanced affordability increasing access to competent electric trucks for more buyers thanks VW‘s global scale and commitment to value.

While Rivian isn‘t standing still complacently, Volkswagen‘s entry usheres in a welcome new dimension of choice in a rapidly evolving EV truck niche. I‘m thrilled to see this increase enthusiasm for more sustainable electric mobility choices!

So there you have it – my full downloading on choosing between two compelling electric pickups. I aimed to education you on the Rivian R1T advantages available immediately and also make sure VW‘s Scout EV remained firmly on your shopping list given it‘s intriguing future prospect.

Let me know if any other questions pop up while finalizing your awesome zero-emission truck! I‘m always glad to help explain nuances as an EV analyst focused on this booming product category.

Take care and happy trail blazing!

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