Richard Stallman Facts (2024 Updated)

Richard Stallman is a software programmer and computer scientist who developed the GNU operating system. He also founded the Free Software Foundation, which promotes the development of free software.

Richard Stallman was born on October 25, 1953 in New York City. He studied at Harvard University and MIT, but left in 1974 to found the GNU project with another hacker called Brian Kernighan. The project was based on a UNIX-like operating system called BSD Unix that had been developed by Bill Joy and others in Berkeley Software Design Inc.

Stallman’s philosophy is often summarized as “free software”, meaning that users are free to copy, study, modify and redistribute software without restriction from any central authority.

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In 1983 he wrote “The GNU Manifesto,” which has served as an inspiration for other open-source software projects such as Linux and Android.

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In the essay, Stallman described his vision of software development taking place in a socially cooperative manner among people with common interests or goals. This contrasts with traditional proprietary software that is typically developed by for-profit companies whose goal is to make money for shareholders, rather than consumers.

The proprietary software model is criticized by Stall man in the manifesto, which he describes as “a system of software development that relies on massive proprietary marketing campaigns, designed largely to deceive the user into paying for something which is actually useless, while conveniently undermining and sabotaging all other methods of software distribution.”

200+  Interesting Facts About Stallman Facts

stallman free software

Defeating Open Source Free Software enemies, katana-style:)

    1. Richard Stallman’s beard is made of parentheses.

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  1. Richard Stallman never showers: he runs ‘make clean’.

  2. Richard Stallman can touch MC Hammer

  3. Richard Stallman solved the travelling salesman problem by making everything free.

  4. The R in RMS stands for RMS.

  5. When Richard Stallman gets pissed off he doesn’t swear, he recurses.

  6. rms’ facial hair is “free as in beard”

  7. Vendor lock-in is when vendors lock themselves inside of a building out of fear of Richard Stallman’s wrath.

  8. Richard Stallman is the only man alive who can pronounce GNU the way it is meant to be pronounced.

  9. Richard Stallman programmed Chuck Norris

  10. Richard Stallman takes notes in binary.

  11. Whenever Richard Stallman looks at a Windows computer, it segfaults. Whenever Richard Stallman doesn’t look at a Windows computer, it segfaults.

  12. Richard Stallman compiled the first version of gcc with an hexadecimal editor.

  13. Richard Stallman discovered extra-terrestrial life but killed them because they used closed-source software.

  14. Richard Stallman can write an anti-virus program that cures HIV. Too bad he never writes anti-virus programs.

  15. Richard Stallman’s left and right hands are named “(” and “)”

  16. Richard Stallman wrote a program so powerful, it knows the question to 42.

  17. Richard Stallman wrote the compiler God used. The Big Bang was the Universe’s first segfault.

  18. Richard Stallman can parse HTML with regex.

  19. Richard Stallman doesn’t wget, Richard Stallman wdemands!

  20. Richard Stallman wrote the first version of Emacs using Emacs.

  21. Some people check their computers for viruses. Viruses check their computers for Richard Stallman.

  22. Rather than being birthed like a normal child, Richard Stallman instead instantiated himself polymorphically. Shortly thereafter he grew a beard.

  23. Richard Stallman doesn’t need sudo. I will make him a sandwich anyway.

  24. There is no Windows in Stallman’s house.. just DOORs…

  25. Richard Stallman does not own a mobile phone because he can fashion a crude convex dish and shout into it at the exact resonant frequency of the ozone, causing a voice to seemingly come from the sky above his intended recipient.

  26. Richard Stallman don’t cut his hair because there is no GNU/Scissors

  27. In an average living room there are 1,242 objects RMS could use to write an OS, including the room itself.

  28. Tron is actually a biographical story about Richard Stallman. The director decided to tone it down or audiences wouldn’t find it believable.

  29. Richard Stallman doesn’t use web browsers, he sends a link to a demon that uses wget to fetch the page and sends it back to him.

  30. Richard Stallman has no problem using emacs. He wrote it with his 4 hands.

  31. Richard Stallman can telnet into Mordor

  32. Richard Stallman released his own DNA under GNU FDL.

  33. Richard Stallman gets 9 bits to the byte.

  34. sudo chown Richard:Stallman /all/your/base

  35. On RMS’s computer the bootloader is contained in his .emacs.

  36. Richard Stallman’s laser pointer is a lightsaber

  37. Richard Stallman is pronounced “GNU slash Stallman”

  38. RMS means “RMS means Stallman”

  39. Richard Stallman does not contribute to open source projects, open source projects contribute to Richard Stallman.

  40. Whenever Richard Stallman points at a Windows computer, it segfaults.

  41. Richad Stallman’s pinky finger is really a USB memory stick.

  42. Richard Stallman called his operating system GNU because he created it before computers existed, when actual Gnus were used for calcuations.

  43. Richard Stallman first words were actually syscalls.

  44. RMS doesn’t use an editor, he sets the fundamental constants of the universe so that a magnetic platter with his code on it evolves itself.

  45. Richard Stallman wrote the first version of EMACS on a typewriter.

  46. Richard Stallman was coded by himself in lisp with emacs.

  47. Richard Stallman’s compiler is afraid to report errors.

  48. When Richard Stallman makes a sudo command, he loses permissions.

  49. Richard Stallman’s flute only plays free music.

  50. On the first day Richard Stallman said M-x create-light.

  51. Richard Stallman didn’t write the GPL. He is the GPL.

  52. Richard Stallman can make infinite loops end.

  53. Richard Stallman didn’t create the singularity. He is the singularity. Gnu/Linux is only the event horizon.

  54. Richard Stallman successfully compiled a kernel of popcorn.

  55. Richard Stallman doesn’t eat McDonald’s because the machine that kills the cows uses privative software. #

  56. Richard Stallman never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

  57. Richard Stallman can connect to any brain using an emacs ssh client.

  58. RMS doesn’t maintain code, he stares at it until it fixes itself out of reverence.

  59. Richard Stallman once got swine flu, but it got contaminated by viral GPL and thus got assimilated.

  60. Richard Stallman does not compile, he close his eyes, and see energy lines created between bit blocs by the compiler optimizations…

  61. When Richard Stallman uses floats, there are no rounding errors.

  62. Stallman knows of an unfixed bug in TeX.

  63. When Richard Stallman runs /bin/false, it returns “true”.

  64. kill -9 invokes R. Stallman’s rage against a process

  65. Richard Stallman is so zelous about privacy he has /dev/null as his home.

  66. “They can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom.” Willian Wallace after a litle talk with Stallman.

  67. Richard Stallman wrote a program to compute the last digit of pi.

  68. Richard Stallman wrote the HAL9000 OS

  69. All your base are belong to Richard Stallman.

  70. In Soviet Russia, Richard Stallman is still Richard Stallman!

  71. Richard Stallman is just a guy who has strong principles and decided to follow them.

  72. Richard Stallman’s uptime is over 53 years. And counting up.

  73. Richard Stallman does not sleep. He yields.

  74. His beard is in fact not a just a beard, but a microprinted hard copy of emacs source code. New patches must be checked against new hair growth before being approved.

  75. Whenever someone writes a “Hello, world” program, Richard Stallman says “Hello” back.

  76. Richard Satallman can make any operating system free, from drivers.

  77. If Richard Stallman has 1GB of RAM, and if you have 1GB of RAM, Richard Stallman has more RAM than you.

  78. When Richard Stallman executes ps -e, you show up.

  79. Richard Stallman can write /dev/null full.

  80. There is no chin under Richard Stallman’ beard. There’s only another beard. Recursively.

  81. Richard Stallman doesn’t read web pages. They write to him.

  82. Richard Stallman doesn’t need to buy a bigger hard drive. He can compress data infinitely.

  83. There is no software development process, only a bunch of programs RMS allows to exist.

  84. When Richard Stallman pipes to more, he gets less

  85. Some people wear Linus Torvalds pyjama’s to bed, Linus Torvalds wears RMS pyjama’s.

  86. Richard Stallman’s DNA includes debugging symbols. But he doesn’t need them.

  87. Stallman can determine whether an arbitrary program will terminate.

  88. Richard Stallman wrote a program that divides by zero.

  89. For Richard Stallman, polynomial time is O(1).

  90. Richard Stallman doesn’t sleep, he is compiling

  91. When Richard Stallman pours his alphabets cereal into a bowl, only G’s, N’s, and U’s come out.

  92. Richard Stallman went out of scope for a while. Garbage Collector never dared to touch him.

  93. Richard Stallman’s doctor can retrieve a blood sample via CVS.

  94. Geeks wear Tux t shirts, Tux wears a Stallman t shirt.

  95. Global warming is caused by Richard Stallman’s rage toward Windows Vista

  96. Richard Stallman can remove his own appendix, using only gdb.

  97. Richard Stallman’s DNA is in binary.

  98. The NOOP was created to give Richard Stallman some time to comb his beard

  99. Behind Richard Stallman’s beard there is another fist, to code faster.

  100. Richard Stallman never sleeps because he altered his own source to gain background garbage collection.

  101. Richard Stallman met Chuck Norris once. Chuck tried a roundhouse, but Richard bashed him in the skull.

  102. Richard Stallman is so handsome that when he was young he was responsible for all other geeks not being able to get girls. This is why he has to cover his face with a thick layer of hair.

  103. If you execute emacs backward it either undoes the industrial revolution or induces the rapture. But only Richard Stallman knows which.

  104. Richard Stallman is my shephurd, and I am his GNU.

  105. Richard Stallman proved P=NP, twice!

  106. Stallman does not actually write programs. He comes up with a length and digit index in pi.

  107. In the beginning-of-buffer there was Richard Stallman.

  108. Richard Stallman has a katana. ‘Nuff said.

  109. Stallmans computer has only two buttons. One is for guests.

  110. Richard Stallman will never die, it goes to /dev/null

  111. Richard Stallman always wears a red shirt to make sure that whatever attacks his away-team has to go through him first.

  112. Richard Stallman will get Coca Cola to release their recipe under the GPL.

  113. Richard stallman wasn’t born he was compiled from source.

  114. Richard Stallman needs neither mouse nor keyboard to operate his computer. He just stares it down until it does what he wants.

  115. intx80 first calls stallman before calling sys_call

  116. Richard Stallman’s tabbed browser is a set o wget/telnet fg/bg processes.

  117. Richard Stallman can coerce meaningful data from /dev/null.

  118. RMS never steps down, he shifts the universe up .

  119. Richard Stallman can get *nine* bits in a byte if he wanted to.

  120. Richard Stallman will revert the big rip by adding parenthesis to the dark matter.

  121. Richard Stallman did not write GNU Emacs, he simply read the source code from /dev/null.

  122. Richard Stallman knows that you don’t have class because it is a keyword that he defined.

  123. Richard Stallman can walk on windows!

  124. When Richard Stallman counted his fingers as a kid, he always started with 0.

  125. Richard Stallman memorises all his documents. In binary. He just types everything in whenever he needs a document.

  126. Richard Stallman’s distributed version control system is a flamewar on usenet.

  127. Richard Stallman is licensed under GPL, so you can clone him and redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor. For example a version that take a bath more often.

  128. RMS, upon reading this website, didn’t laughed at all. Instead, he complained that he is being linked to those dirty “open source” software. He also asked it to be changed to “free software”, in order to raise awareness for software freedom in our society.

  129. Richard Stallman’s nervous system is completely wireless.

  130. “RMS” stands for “RMS Makes Software”

  131. Richard Stallman’s brain accepts UNIX commands.

  132. Richard Stallman eats ethernet cables. That’s why they invented wireless.

  133. Richard Stallman’s computer doesn’t have a clock, it defines what time it is.

  134. There is no chin behind RMS’s legendary beard, there is only another Emacs.

  135. Richard Stallman’s brain compiles and run C code.

  136. When Richard Stallman cannot take your call, his beard answers the phone for you.

  137. Richard Stallman found Wally using grep in /dev/null

  138. Richard Stallman is the answer to the Turing Test.

  139. Richard Stallman’s first words were in binary. When they couldn’t understand him, he wrote a parser.

  140. Richard Stallman can solve the halting problem… in polynomial time.

  141. Richard Stallman can GPL your code just by looking at it funny.

  142. Richard Stallman doesn’t write programs, they write themselves out of reverence.

  143. after being unable to satisfy my wife for years, RMS was able to handily unlock her orgasm within seconds and managed to write a texinfo page minutes later for other Users

  144. C is actually written in RMS.

  145. Richard Stallman had a Google Plus account in 2010.

  146. Stallman’s doesn’t kill a process, he just dares it to stay running.

  147. Stallman doesn’t need any codecs, he just opens a multimedia file with emacs, and reads the bytes of the file as plain text. He then performs all the necessary decoding in his mind. But he refuses to decode CSS encrypted files with his mind, although he is able to.

  148. Ricahrd Stallman doesn’t use zip drives, he just squeezes the hard drive.

  149. Stallman doesn’t evaluate expressions, expressions evaluate to Stallman

  150. When you make a Google search and it don’t find the answer, Google gently ask’s Stallman for.

  151. Rms user TAR to compress air.

  152. Richard Stallman doesn’t mind if you read his mail as long as you don’t delete it before he reads it.

  153. If Richard Stallman’s beard were ever trimmed, the clippings would re-marshal into an exact copy of Richard Stallman.

  154. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with RMS, and the Word was GNU.

  155. Richard Stallman calculates the universe’s entropy by exploiting forced stack overflows.  kbmonkey

  156. Gnu/Hurd is taking more than twenty years to develop because Richard Stallman is using a programming language comprised entirely of different lengths of time.

  157. Stallman exists because he compiled himself into being.

  158. Richard Stallman didn’t “write” emacs or created it in his own image. Richard Stallman made Emacs an instance of himself.

  159. Richard Stallman spends his leasure time playing Duke Nukem Forever on GNU Hurd.

  160. Richard Stallman is not affected by Godwin’s Law.

  161. Richard Stallman never showers: he runs ‘make mrproper’.

  162. Some people say M-x psychoanalyse-pinhead is a merely a program. Others say M-x psychoanalyse-pinhead *is* RMS. All I know is, RMS is The Stig.

  163. Stallman wrote his own library and lives in it.

  164. Richard Stallman’s beard trimmings can cure cancer. Too bad he never shaves.

  165. There’s no chin under Richard Stallman’s beard, only another Emacs.

  166. Richard Stallman doesn’t code. He dares the computer to not do his bidding.

  167. Stallman can write a context-free grammar for C.

  168. Because Richard Stallman’s DNA is licensed under the FDL, his doctor can’t draw his blood without violating HIPAA.

  169. Richard Stallman’s traceroute goes all the way through an infinite number of anonymous proxies back to the traffic’s source.

  170. Richard Stallman has a URL tatooed on the left side of his chest where you can download his genetic code.

  171. When Stallman’s computer gets a virus, he simply applies a GPL license to it which converts the whole botnet to Linux.

  172. Richard Stallman ported emacs to intel 4004 chip.

  173. Richard Stallman’s consciousness will one day become the singularity, which will create Deep Thought, and answer the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

  174. for i = 1 to Stallman will never stop.

  175. Richard Stallman doesn’t use X11: X11 uses Richard Stallman.

  176. Richard Stallman can leave neutral or negative feedback on eBay.

  177. Richard Stallman’s nervous system is completely wireless.

  178. RMS knows the entire wikipedia by heart, markup included

  179. Richard Stallman can see Russia from his house

  180. Richard Stallman programmed himself before he can even exist

  181. Stallman is evidently the new Chuck Norris.

  182. RMS is the most interesting programmer in the world. He doesn’t always run an OS kernel, but when he does he prefers GNU/Hurd. Stay free, my friends.

  183. Richard Stallman anti-virus programs cures HIV

  184. The agent Smith loves Richard Stallman’s smell

  185. Richard Stallman made it possible to not absolutely abhor HPUX.

  186. richard stallman dosnt have a cell phone

  187. Stallman can chown anything! stallman@stallman~$ chown stallman:stallman Earth (for example)

  188. RMS doesn’t change clothes. He makes case mods.

  189. RMS will be the last guest on Linux Outlaws

  190. Stallman’s beard makes ads for Gillette and Braun appear on this page.

  191. Stallman uses Vim to create Emacs.

  192. The GNU command line idiom that Richard Stallman could use more frequently – “date | more”

  193. When Richard Stallman gets hungry, he just picks debris from his foot and eats it.

  194. sudo chown rms:gnu ~/base -R

  195. Out of principle a hot and thirsty Stallman turned down a free beer in favour of a refreshing hardcopy of a beer recipe.

  196. Richard Stallman wrote the compiler God used. The Big Bang was the Universe’s first segfault.

  197. RMS doesn’t code, he just travel around the world.

  198. Richard Stallman won a Suduku that started with only one number in each line

  199. Richard Stallman Ipod plays OGG and WMA

  200. Stallman is the one who trims Chuck Norris beard. And he does it for free, of course.

  201. Stallman is a Matrix software that born proprietary, but him rewrote itself in GPL. First him rewrote his hands, because wanted be rewritten with hands free.

  202. Richard Stallman doesn’t need a qwerty/dvorak keyboard only two buttons “1” and “0” and his erected penis.

  203. Richard Stallman can touch this

  204. RMS is fat and he has a beard.

  205. RMS’ DNA is open source and of course, you are free to use, study, modify, redistribute it.

  206. Chuck Norris had to shorten his beard in the presence of Stallman because two beards that awsome, so close would segphault the universe (again).

  207. Richard Stallman pipes the emacs binaries to /dev/dsp before he goes to sleep.

  208. Richard Stallman invented alternating current and decided to rate it by an RMS-value.

  209. Richard Stallman has a slave who whispers in his left ear, “Thou, too, art mortal,” and another one shouting into his right ear, “Don’t believe that guy! You’re a fschkin’ GOD.”

  210. R.M.S. is one radical mean square.

  211. Richard Stallman tries to apply the four fundamental freedoms to everything he cares about. That’s why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

  212. We like to think he is our friend to think that he isn’t our master.

  213. Richard Stallman was installed in the world, it runs on a free program ..

  214. Richard Stallman can use grep to fine Jimmy Hoffa.

  215. If Richard were to stumble upon, he would find it a nuisance.

  216. The level of nolifery must be over 9000 to get these Stallman jokes.

  217. Richard Stallman open sourced his beard so he can always check what’s in it.

  218. RMS is the babelfish of his own speeches.

  219. Richard Stallman was browsing /g/ one day and said ” OP is a faggot “

  220. RMS is so fat, the recursive function computing his mass causes a stack overflow.

  221. RMS’s beard contains RMS, whose beard contains RMS….

  222. RAM stands for RMS Accessible Memory.

  223. Whilst coding a an emacs fuction to contact extraterestrial life Richard Stallman accidentally assimilated the Borg.

  224. Stallman’s nervous system generates background electromagnetic noise strong enough to wipe a hard drive. This would be problematic were any hard drive brave enough to lose data in his presence.

  225. Richard Stallman is more afraid of plants than of spiders.

  226. Richard Stallmann was born in /dev/zero, gone through /dev/urandom, and will die in /dev/null.

  227. “I bless your computer, my child” said Richard Stallman… And the computer became alive and ethical one.

  228. Stallman has no known weaknesses, except for a phobia against soap.

  229. Richard Stallman can produce food on his foot!

  230. Richard Stallman doesn’t eat herring, just code.

  231. RMS wrote a RPN OS so he can do a stall man

  232. Whenever Richard Stallman doesn’t point at a Windows computer, it still segfaults.

  233. RMS is the only person carrying the Swine/GNU. for Swine Was Illness, Not Editor.

  234. Richard Stallman is polycelibate.

  235. Chuck Norris told Stallman to create the internet. Stallman did and even gave a toast: pornography

  236. Richard Stallman doesn’t really believe in open software, because he actually owns everything.

  237. Richard stallman is not a person, in fact he’s two pesons, they borned Conjoined twins and get separate at age of 18 , this is the explanation of the “share” filosophy.

  238. Richard Stallman does not take bath for the hydroelectric use proprietary software

  239. He is the choosen one.

  240. Richard Stallman once used GDB to reverse-engineer Windows 7 into an open source operating system – able to run on GNU Emacs!

  241. Richard Stallman don’t like money, because the government doesn’t open the source code, but use because Chuck Norris said to like.

  242. When Stallman report a bug, your inbox that receive it.

  243. Richard Stallman doesn’t like neither PCs-Intel nor Burger King.. He prefers e-Macs…

  244. Peter Griffin write Richard Stallman

  245. Mister Stallman don’t like iPhone he like the iFhone , why ?beacuse is not so expencitavi

  246. Richard Stallman uses Warez sites, saying “Torrents are too mainstream these days.”

  247. #!/bin/bash exit 0

  248. Richard Stallman loves ToeFu.

  249. Richard stallman doesn’t shower.

  250. Richard Stallman barely makes sense and is borderline insane. Simply put, he acts more like a “prophet” or Moses or something than someone you want to hang out with. He’s pudgy, unkempt, grungy, the beard is hideous, and he dresses rather badly for professional events. Feel free to thumb this down, but this is a REAL set of facts about Stallman. I’ve actually met the guy. Have you?

  251. Richard Stallman can write a software that does not have a buffer overflow when counting money lost my Jerome Kerviel.

  252. There were no double rainbows before Richard Stallman

  253. RMS is Titanic.

  254. The GNU command line idiom that Richard Stallman could use more frequently – “date | more”

  255. Richard Stallman’s toe cheese is aged to perfection.

  256. Richard Mathew Stallman loves birds. Birds make love to Richard Mathew Stallman.

  257. Richard Stallman is not cleaned with water, uses make clean

  258. Richard Stallman surely smokes golden herbs, or something similar to Jamaican traditional medicine (aka. Skunk, Chronic, etc.)

  259. Richard Stallman’s favourite glamour model is Carol Meta

  260. According to “Rolling Stone”, Richard Stallman can write the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin.

  261. All genetic algorithms eventually produce Richard Stallman’s .emacs

  262. GNU stands for “GNU Nuk’em Ultimatly”


Richard Stallman is an American software freedom activist and computer programmer who is the founder of the GNU Project. His net worth is estimated to be $13 million.

Richard Stallman, also known as RMS or Richard M. Stallman, was born on March 16th 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended Harvard University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics in 1974 and a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science in 1976.

Richard stallman website

The website was created by Richard Stallman, a software freedom activist and founder of the Free Software Foundation. The site is dedicated to disseminating information on free software and the ethical use of computers.

Richard Stallman is a renowned computer programmer, author, and ethical hacker who has been involved in the development of the GNU operating system since its inception in 1984. He became well known for his advocacy of free software and for founding the Free Software Foundation in 1985 with his friend Brian Behlendorf.

Richard Stallman Statistics

  • Around 20 percent of the users followed his advice at the time, although passwords ultimately prevailed. (
  • However, this had relatively little impact on the FSF, as it has stated that direct financial support from corporations accounted for less than 3% of its revenue in the most recent fiscal year.
  • The FSF’s bylaws, according to the FSF website’s crooked scanned images , haven’t been updated since 2002 and include no code of conduct or other required norms for leadership.
  • According to dozens of witnesses, Stallman actively sexually harassed women students and faculty at MIT, for 30 or more years. (
  • In DigitalOcean’s 2019 survey , 75% of women said diversity is of utmost importance for them to contribute, while only 58% of men agree.
  • The 2017 Github survey , of which only 3% of respondents were women and 1% were nonbinary, found half of all respondents had “witnessed bad behavior,” which ranged from rudeness, name-calling, and stereotyping, all the way to stalking and outright harassment.
  • Edited on 03/22/2021: If you are reading this in 2021, it is likely because Stallman has been reinstated as a board member of the free software foundation. (
  • It is likely some of them are “18 years old or 17”.
  • I chose it because I can run it with 100% free software even at the BIOS level. (
  • However, in 2018 he defended Cody Wilson, who later pled guilty to sex with an underage girl , with Stallman saying that the girl likely had “entirely willing sex with him.” (

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