Reddit‘s 8 Best Game Pass Games Showcase the Service‘s Strength

Xbox Game Pass has revolutionized gaming by providing access to hundreds of titles for one low monthly price. With new games added all the time spanning various genres, there‘s no shortage of options for subscribers. But sifting through the entire catalog to find the cream of the crop is a tall task.

That‘s where Reddit comes in.

The Game Pass focused subreddits feature active discussions and recommendations from real gamers on the standout titles worth your precious playing time. And the community votes speak volumes.

In this ultimate guide, we‘ll highlight Reddit‘s 8 most highly upvoted Game Pass games along with the specific elements that make them so beloved by fans.

The Value Proposition of Xbox Game Pass

Before diving into the recommendations, let‘s examine why Xbox Game Pass has become such a hit. For $9.99 per month on console or $14.99 per month for Game Pass Ultimate across console, PC and cloud gaming, subscribers gain access to:

  • Over 400 games and counting
  • Xbox exclusives available on day one
  • Top third-party titles added all the time
  • Prestigious additions from Microsoft studio acquisitions like Bethesda and Activision Blizzard

Considering new Xbox games cost $59.99 or more, Game Pass begins paying for itself quickly if you‘re an avid gamer. It essentially serves as a Netflix style buffet for gaming, making it economical to sample and discover new favorite franchises.

Why Reddit Should Guide Your Game Pass Choices

Between the various gaming related subreddits – r/Xbox, r/XboxGamePass, r/XboxSeriesX – there are endless lively discussions happening around what games to play on the service. The upvote system surfaces which titles the community deems as must play.

Reddit offers authentic perspectives from real gamers who have hands-on experience completing these titles. You‘ll find in-depth critiques going beyond the typical review scores. This makes Reddit an invaluable resource to cut through the noise as you parlay your Game Pass subscription each month.

Now let‘s investigate the top crowd-pleasing picks across various genres.

Vampire Survivors – Roguelite Greatness

Genre: Roguelite/Survival

This indie smash hit takes the Roguelite formula of procedurally generated levels and cranks it up to 11 with frantic bullet hell style combat. The aim is to survive oncoming hordes for 30 minute runs, unlocking new characters, weapons and power ups as you repeat.

Despite the simple pixel art aesthetics, the action itself is incredibly addicting. The variety of classes and random enemy patterns make no two runs the same. It‘s easy to lose hours mastering the nuances over repeat attempts.

As one Redditor states: "It perfectly captures that addictive Roguelite loop where you constantly want just one more run after you die to try a new weapon combo".

The community agrees it‘s an ideal Game Pass title since you can boot it up and enjoy a quick session whenever you have a spare moment without a huge time commitment. Definitely don‘t overlook this indie gem.

Forza Horizon 5 – Racing Bliss

Genre: Racing/Open World

As the premier Xbox racing franchise, the Forza series has cultivated a reputation for unmatched realism and customization. Horizon 5 represents the open world spin-off which amplifies the free roaming fun.

Set across a lusciously rendered Mexico environment, the landscape diversity allows for awe-inspiring locales to test your driving chops. From vibrant rainforests to arid desert valleys to quaint coastal villages, no two routes feel the same even after countless hours of playtime thanks to dynamic weather and lighting.

Combine this with over 500 vehicles to collect, a pounding licensed soundtrack and rewarding progression systems, it‘s easy to get lost joyriding for days.

As Redditor u/Returnofthemack3 raves:

["Forza Horizon 5 quite literally feels like a next gen experience…this is the new high bar for the racing genre going forward."]

If you have any affinity for racing games, passing on this masterpiece would be downright criminal.

Yakuza 0 – The Gold Standard for Story Driven Action

Genre: Action-Adventure/RPG Hybrid

The Yakuza franchise has quietly become a cult sensation thanks to gripping crime drama narratives paired with satisfying combat and endearing oddball side activities.

Yakuza 0 serves as the perfect entry point by taking you back to 80s Japan as series protagonists Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. Alternating between their interwoven tales, you‘re immersed in the seedy Tokyo underbelly with plenty of plot twists and double crosses.

Sega perfected the formula here for balancing serious cutscenes with goofy diversions like karaoke, arcade games or dance battles. One Redditor explains that "it sits in a sweet spot between intricate story and total nonsense."

With so much content crammed in, Yakuza 0 continually surprises with both hilarity and emotionally charged drama. It‘s an easy recommendation for an engrossing adventure.

Tunic – Captivating Zelda Inspired Excellence

Genre: Action-Adventure

Tunic infuses nostalgic Legend of Zelda sensibilities with modern advancements for a novel take on exploration driven combat. You tackle dungeon style environments from an isometric perspective while controlling an adorable fox hero armed with a shield and sword.

With no dialog or instructions provided, gradually uncovering secrets feels impactful and places emphasis on curiosity fueled discoveries. The world opens up in Metroidvania fashion once you obtain new movement abilities to access previously blocked off areas.

Visually, the diorama style backgrounds are stunning resembling tiny intricate toy sets. The endearing protagonist and cryptic hints that encourage notetaking give Tunic a spark of originality in a crowded genre.

Summarizing the unanimous praise, Redditor u/Returnofthemack3 states "I cannot overstate how good Tunic is. A clear game of the year contender in my eyes." This fox definitely earns a pet behind the ear.

Halo Infinite – Master Chief is Back in Fine Form

Genre: First-Person Shooter

A new mainline Halo release always brings feverish expectations from Xbox faithful, and Infinite delivers in spades. TheCampaign makes great strides modernizing franchise pillars with a semi-open world housing outposts to liberate from Banished control.

Traversing the ring world with enhanced mobility like the grappling hook grants Master Chief increased versatility during encounters. While narrative missteps are present, the gunplay and set pieces recapture the awe of original combat arenas.

However, Infinite finds its true strength in the multiplayer suite. The arena foundations have been resurrected with new modes like zone control building on legacy greatness. Combine this with balanced weapon sandboxes, better progression and free-to-play access, you have the total package.

Dedicated Halo fan u/Timefreezer475 sums up the appeal: "It‘s addicting, especially with how smooth and enhanced everything feels. Easily the best multiplayer since Halo 3."

Whether for campaign or PvP, Halo Infinite proves there‘s plenty of life left for Master Chief.

Hollow Knight – Metroidvania Excellence

Genre: Platformer/Metroidvania

It‘s impossible to discuss the best indie darlings without mentioning Hollow Knight. This 2D action platformer implements the Metroidvania framework masterfully where new movement abilities open up more of the sprawling underground insect kingdom.

The world design interlinks remarkably with shortcuts that sequence break intended paths should you desire more challenge. Boss encounters put combat mechanics to the test with patterns to internalize. And the atmosphere/score combination is hauntingly beautiful, especially in ruins filled with cryptic lore.

u/Returnofthemack3 explains "I cannot recommend this game enough. It is a cut above most Metroid style games and frankly most 2d platformers in general." Completionists will adore backtracking to discover all secrets/upgrades.

Hi-Fi Rush – Rhythm Fueled Mayhem

Genre: Action/Rhythm Hybrid

This brand new addition exemplifies the surprise factor Game Pass delivers by showcasing titles you otherwise may have overlooked. Hi-Fi Rush puts a literal spin on combat by integrating a pounding soundtrack.

Attacks and movements sync to the beat resulting in a harmonious flow state against robotic foes. Chaining moves while avoiding hits becomes almost dance-like as everything dynamically reacts to the music.

Beyond novel gameplay, Hi-Fi Rush stands out through killer style. The vibrant colors, Saturday morning cartoon story/characters and awesome licensed songs exude fun. It‘s impossible not to tap your foot along!

u/Returnofthemack3 sums it up best: "This is an easy 10/10. It has it all – substance, style, rocking tunes…I can‘t recall a game recently that put such a dumb smile on my face so consistently."

Hi-Fi Rush screams classic in the making thanks to rhythmic joy. What a way to kick off 2023!

Skyrim – The Open World RPG Benchmark

Genre: Open World RPG

Even a decade later, there‘s no discussion of influential open world games without Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim entering the chat. This critically revered blockbuster perfected the gameplay loop of exploring dungeon style content, gathering loot and enhancing skills.

The northern regions of Tamriel represent a snow-swept Hyborian fantasy brought to life through sublime world building. Dynamic side adventures like guild story arcs or daedric quests provide carrots on sticks urging you to crest every hill.

And mods extend content almost infinitely should you somehow exhaust the staggering breadth of content. Simply put, Skryim‘s formula has been copied but never duplicated.

As Redditor u/Returnofthemack3 affirms: "Honestly, Skyrim might just be the perfect game pass game. Even though it is aged, the value proposition is insane…"

From iconically shouting dragons out the sky to quicksaving before stealing everything in sight, Skyrim grants endless tales limited only by imagination.

The Takeaway

While everyone‘s taste differs, the Reddit gaming hive mind serves as the strongest compass for which Xbox Game Pass games you shouldn‘t miss.

The titles above represent just a sample of the acclaimed selections across genres that subscribers gain access to for a tremendous value.

Just boot up your Xbox console or PC, browse the catalog and let Reddit guide you towards memorable adventures that best align with your interests. Game Pass makes it simple to experience more while paying less.

So what are you waiting for? With new gems continuing to enter the fray as Microsoft bolsters their first party portfolio, it‘s a wonderful time to dive in.

Summary Table

GameGenreKey Elements Redditors Praised
Vampire SurvivorsRoguelite/SurvivalAddictive run based Roguelite loop, vast character/weapon combinations, quick sessions
Forza Horizon 5Racing/Open WorldGorgeous Mexico environments, Hundreds of cars to collect, Dynamic weather/seasons
Yakuza 0Action-Adventure/RPG HybridIntricately crafted crime drama narrative, Goofy and serious tone balances perfectly, Tons of rewarding side content
TunicAction-AdventureZelda inspirations modernized beautifully, Enchanting diorama art style, Encourages exploration through cryptic hints
Halo InfiniteFirst-Person ShooterSatisfying return to sci-fi FPS foundations of the series, Liberating outposts across a ring world grants more gameplay versatility than past entries, Multiplayer suite expanded substantially to great effect
Hollow KnightMetroidvania PlatformerThe interconnected insect kingdom world design is incredible, Challenging combat and fantastic score/atmosphere combination
Hi-Fi RushRhythm/Action HybridInnovative rhythm mechanic amplifies combat/platforming, Killer art style/soundtrack and Saturday morning cartoon vibe
SkyrimOpen World RPGExtremely polished questing foundations layered within a winter fantasy realm, Continued support through active mods community keeps content fresh even a decade later

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix style subscription service from Microsoft that provides access to over 400 games spanning Xbox console, PC Windows and cloud streaming. For one affordable rate each month, you can download and play a vast catalog of titles.

How much does a Game Pass subscription cost?

For access just on Xbox consoles, Game Pass costs $9.99 per month. For Game Pass Ultimate which covers console, PC and cloud gaming, the cost is $14.99 per month. Discounts are available for longer commitments.

Why does Reddit provide reliable Game Pass recommendations?

Various gaming focused Reddit communities like r/XboxGamePass feature authentic perspectives from real world players on titles worth your time. It serves as a great aggregator to identify the most acclaimed games across genres.

Does Game Pass include brand new releases?

Yes! Increasingly more new games launch directly into Game Pass including entries from Xbox first party studios like Bethesda, Activision Blizzard and more. This makes the subscription an even greater value.

Can I play multiplayer with friends if we all have Game Pass?

Absolutely. Xbox Game Pass grants full access to any games in the catalog, so you can squad up online as you normally would in titles that support multiplayer/co-op options.

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