4 Compelling Reasons to Make LG’s New G3 Your Next TV

The world of television technology moves quickly. Major manufacturers are constantly one-upping each other to deliver the next big thing in home entertainment displays. 2023 is no different, with flashy new model lines revealed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) promising to yet again raise the bar for picture and sound excellence.

And based on early hands-on impressions, there is one clear standout TV vying for the “most lust-worthy” title this year: the all-new LG G3.

LG has dethroned rivals over the last few years to become many AV experts‘ and enthusiasts‘ brand of choice for premium TVs. Thanks to industry-leading advancements with self-lit OLED technology along with Apple-esque sleek designs, LG displays have become THE object of desire for home theater aficionados.

And the recently unveiled G3 looks poised to continue this tradition of cutting-edge excellence. With reviewers raving about future-forward features enabling an immersive viewing experience that needs to be seen firsthand, the OLED evangelist community views the 2023 G3 as LG flexing its technical prowess yet again.

So what‘s so hot about this upcoming TV series? Let‘s dive into the specifics and showcase 4 compelling reasons YOU will want to splurge on an LG G3 television this year…

Quick Overview: Meet LG‘s New Flagship Display

Before elaborating on what‘s new, let‘s recap core capabilities:

Display Technology: Self-lit OLED panel with per-pixel illumination control

Available Sizes: 55”, 65”, 77”, 83”

Display Specs: 4K Ultra HD Resolution + 120Hz Native Refresh Rate

Smart Platform: webOS 23

Key Features:
➡️ Brighter OLED panel with anti-reflection coating
➡️ α9 AI Processor for picture/sound optimization
➡️ Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos immersive audio/video
➡️ Gaming-centric features like VRR and Game Optimizer
➡️ Next-gen HDMI 2.1 ports

Reviewers are impressed how LG keeps making OLED better year after year. And this time, they may have just perfected the technology with their new OLED Evo panel…

Reason 1: Best-in-Class Picture Quality

OLED panels already deliver spectacular image quality thanks to perfectly dark pixels and vibrant color. But LG‘s latest OLED Evo technology in the G3 enhances brightness by leveraging new material in how pixels emit light.

This translates to images that make you stop and say WOW. Photos look like real life thanks to amplified luminance hitting ~1000 nits for HDR content. Eye-searing highlights allow you to see all nuances and details in a scene.

And Apple knows the importance of brightness for immersion. Their $5000 reference monitor hits 1600 nits! While not quite matching that elite level, the LG G3 gets far closer for a TV costing thousands less.

But it‘s not just about searing brightness. Thanks to anti-reflection and light transmission enhancements, off-angle viewing is also radically improved:

|| LG G2 OLED TV | LG G3 OLED Evo TV |
| ———– | ———– | ————- |
| PeakBrightness | ~700 nits | ~1000 nits |
| Anti-Reflection | Good | Excellent |
| Off-Angle Clarity | Fades at ≥30° | Consistent brightness to ≥60° |

This means more viewers can enjoy the display‘s stellar picture quality for movie nights or gatherings.

And this revamped panel in the hands of LG processing experts results in images that feel more three dimensional and life-like. LG‘s new α9 AI Processor uses deep learning to get the most out of content by optimizing how every pixel displays colors and contrast. From sports to cinematics to nature docs, scenes feel almost surreal thanks to this enhanced sense of depth and immersion compared to last year‘s impressive G2.

Do you indulge in eye candy content and value mesmerizing picture quality above all else? This new standard of excellence alone makes the LG G3 a mouthwatering proposition.

Reason 2: Enjoy Your Favorite Streaming Apps Better Than Ever

Of course a 2023 television needs to cater to the reality of how we consume entertainment today – streaming it over the internet!

This is where LG‘s newest webOS platform aims to remove all friction from searching across services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and finding that perfect show or movie. The new interface introduced in webOS 23 provides quick access to all major streaming partners.

And navigating this simplified menu system feels extremely snappy thanks to the number-crunching power of the new α9 AI Processor. Zippy responsiveness means no more lag or disjointed experiences. Just silky smoothness as you search for your next binge session.

webOS 23 also steps up connectivity options to mirror content from your phone or laptop. And music lovers rejoice – the G3 will be one of the first TVs to integrate Apple Music for streaming songs directly rather than just using your phone.

|| webOS 22 | webOS 23 |
| ———– | ———– | ————- |
| No. of Menu Pages | 5 | 2 |
| New Services | | Apple Music |
| Screen Mirroring | Wi-Fi Only | Wi-Fi + Bluetooth |

The above conveniences add up to a smarter smart TV experience that gets out of your way. And webOS’s continually evolving nature means you can expect even more services down the line.

This digital butler capability complements the G3’s show-stopping visuals to tee up the perfect at-home entertainment environment.

Reason 3: Designed for Modern Gaming Excellence

Of course, televisions aren’t just for streaming movies and shows anymore. Gaming has taken center stage as the next frontier for premium displays with the rise of graphic-rich titles and game consoles like the PS5 supporting 4K 120fps gameplay.

And the LG G3 flexes crazy specifications perfect for gamers who want cutting edge performance AND visual splendor:

🔹 HDMI 2.1 ports enable not only 4K gaming at 120fps but also higher resolutions and bandwidth needed for high refresh rate 8K down the line

🔹 VRR support ensures smooth, tear-free visuals even as frame rates fluctuate

🔹 ALLM automatically switches to low latency modes when you boot up a game

🔹 G-SYNC / FreeSync Premium support eliminates stutters or screen tearing issues

That’s some serious gaming firepower!

And hardcore gamers know every millisecond counts for staying competitive. This is where LG’s unique Game Optimizer menu gives you an advantage by gathering all game-relevant settings into one place for quick access.

Tweak genre-specific picture modes tailored to FPS, RTS or RPG titles. Adjust aspect ratios to expose more on-screen details otherwise cropped out. Enable a special low input lag setting to maximize responsiveness.LG helps you customize exactly how games look and play on their G3.

Game Optimizer menu on LG TV

With sublime visuals AND gaming prowess, the LG G3 clearly stands at the intersection point for both home theater and gaming excellence.

Reason 4: This TV Will Stand the Test of Time

For tech lovers, there’s nothing more annoying than buying an expensive piece of electronics only to see it become outdated within a few years. All of us want to ward off buyer’s remorse when investing thousands.

Thankfully, LG designed the G3 OLED TV to stay relevant for years rather than just cater to 2023 needs. This peace of mind comes thanks to both hardware AND software foresight.

On the connectivity front, all four HDMI inputs are future-proof 2.1 specification enabling support for 8K video at 60fps and 4K gaming at 120fps. So you have the pipes necessary for yet-to-come console and media box upgrades for faster frame rates.

The upgradeable webOS platform extends this future proofing to streaming services and apps. LG keeps things fresh with software updates over time rather than leaving you stranded. webOS 23 already supports the latest Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos codecs. And you can bet upcoming formats like HDR10+ will get integrated as well.

This combined hardware + software roadmap make the LG G3 investment feel less intimidating. You can rest easy knowing your fancy new TV won’t become outdated anytime soon.

And that peace of mind gets amplified by LG’s best-in-class customer service and extended warranty options. With protection plans providing up to 5 years of coverage, you’re covered if anything goes wrong down the line. Now that‘s reassuring!

While paying $2000+ for a television prompts justifiable concern over longevity, LG has you covered on all fronts with the G3.

If you made it this far, hopefully you’re as pumped as I am about the LG G3 after breaking down its capabilities versus previous models and competitive offerings.

In every category, from jaw-dropping picture quality to intuitive streaming to optimized gaming, the G3 sets new bars for excellence thanks to OLED Evo technology and LG’s relentless innovation cycle.

And the peace of mind from future-proofed hardware and software makes absorbing the premium price tag easier to swallow by extending the TV’s lifespan.

While every purchaser‘s budget and needs differ, I have zero doubt that the LG G3 is the unambiguously best-in-class television for 2023 if you can afford high-end gear. This TV should absolutely be on any home theater enthusiast‘s or gamer‘s shortlist.

Excited to experience LG’s latest triumph and wow guests with an awe-inspiring display? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts or questions!

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