6 Compelling Reasons To Buy A Smart Mirror (And Which Models Are Best)

As homes and cars fill with intelligent gadgets and convenience-driving features, the humble mirror remains largely untouched by connected tech – until now.

Smart mirrors aim to revolutionize reflection with integrated touch screens, voice controls, health tracking sensors, and software that turns an everyday looking glass into a powerful home dashboard or driving assistant.

But is this nascent category more than just hype for early adopters and technophiles?

In this guide, we provide six compelling arguments for installing one of these innovative mirrors along with recommendations for the best options across different categories.

Let‘s evaluate whether smart mirrors deserve display space in your bathroom, bedroom, garage or entry hall.

What Qualifies As A Smart Mirror?

Simply put, a smart mirror retains reflection capabilities while layering dynamic information and media experiences through a transparent screen.

They connect to home wifi networks enabling weather updates, news streams, voice assistant features, computer vision tracking, smart home system controls and more. Think of them like Alexa-enabled tablets inlaid discreetly behind mirrors.

Here are the key components that classify a true smart mirror:

  • Semi-reflective glass showing mirrored reflection and display imagery
  • Touchscreen or gestural interface
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • Rear computing brains running proprietary or mobile OS
  • Home network and internet connectivity
  • Apps, skills, widgets for streaming information/media

With those capabilities covered, let‘s explore the top reasons to welcome this forward-looking technology into your living space.

6 Compelling Reasons To Buy A Smart Mirror

1. Curate An Efficient Morning Routine

Mornings often feel rushed as we prep for work or school amidst packed schedules. Smart mirrors allow consolidating key information streams into a single dashboard to sync up for the day ahead.

”My smart mirror shaves 15 minutes off my morning routine. While brushing my teeth, I check forecasts to pick an outfit, add calendar items as needed, catch breaking news and get traffic alerts before heading out. It‘s my command center!" notes Megan L., an early Joy Smart Mirror user.

With weather visibility, commute times, quick news briefings and calendar glances in one place, smart mirrors create efficiencies as you get ready to take on the day.

Person standing in front of bathroom smart mirror checking weather and calendar notifications

Smart mirrors like the Joy model streamline morning productivity.

2. Monitor Your Health and Wellness

Smart fitness mirrors grab headlines with their built-in cameras, workout libraries and sensor arrays designed to track exertion. But even standard smart mirrors offer wellness perks.

Skin-analysis capabilities detect changes invisible to the naked eye, encouraging proper skincare regiment adherence. The numbers don’t lie! Let the impartial smart mirror readings guide product selections and point out areas needing attention.

Beyond skincare, smart mirrors connect with wearable devices and health apps. View step counts, heart rate variability, sleep quality stats and more each morning as you evaluate energy levels. Or have your weight automatically sync through Bluetooth scales to inform diet and exercise efforts.

Quantified self fans have found rich utilization in these dashboard displays. Let your reflected image show inner health signals too!

3. Power Down Distractions

Over half of U.S. homeowners now own at least one smart home device according to Statista data, enabling remote lighting controls, smart locks, thermostat adjustments and more.

Smart mirrors build on home automation advances by centralizing system dashboards beyond single-purpose phone apps.

“With voice controls, I adjust connected devices around my house through our bathroom mirror while getting ready,” explains Andre L. an early adopter of Google’s Nest Hub Max smart display. “It’s way more convenient than pulling out my phone constantly.”

For those invested in broader smart home ecosystems, smart mirrors provide an easy way to survey and toggle gadgets without juggling extra screens. Let a single pane of (reflective) glass run the various smart scenes and equipment in your residence.

4. Entertain Yourself On The Go

Music and video streaming rank among the most popular smart mirror features. Mounted on walls or placed on countertops, smart mirrors connect wirelessly to your accounts allowing entertainment access.

Jam out to Spotify playlists as you pamper and primp. Catch up on last night’s sports highlights or binge a new show. Some models even float serene nature videos to set relaxing moods.

When mounted in kitchens, connected recipes guide cooking endeavors. Make watching entertainment hands-free and convenient by summoning it through your looking glass.

5. Upgrade Vehicle Safety

While most coverage focuses on home installations, smart mirrors also upgrade driving experiences. Auto manufacturers now provide rearview camera mirrors enabling unobstructed views behind vehicles.

Blind spot and collision warnings combined with video recordings provide vital driving analysis. Streaming screens add navigation, traffic, and parking alignment markers too.

Upgrading stock side mirrors prevents accidents and frustration parking large vehicles. Smart driving assistants have arrived!

Vehicle smart mirror display showing parking assistant lines on camera

Smart digital rear view mirrors improve driving safety

6. Save Wall Space

Like ceiling mounted projectors, smart mirrors fold functionality into existing infrastructure requiring no additional wall allotments. This space-saving virtue makes them attractive options for smaller homes and apartments.

Rather than finding vacant walls for separate mirrors, displays and screens, consolidate needs into a single reflective hub. Reduce device clutter while centralizing capabilities.

Now that we‘ve covered the range of benefits these breakthrough inventions provide, let‘s shift gears to assess top models worth buying today based on reviewer experiences and customer satisfaction.

Smart Mirror Buying Recommendations

The smart mirror category counted less than a dozen providers only a few years ago. Today over 50 brands offer connected mirrors with pricing spanning from just $150 into the multi-thousands.

Below we cover top rated picks across common smart mirror types – bathrooms, bedroom vanities, fitness rigs, family spaces and automotive add-ons.

Best Smart Mirror Overall: Joy

With its gorgeous 27” responsive touch display and thoughtfully designed mount/casing, Joy earns our best overall smart mirror recommendation.

The expansive HD screen real estate enables immersive streaming while an intelligent user interface facilitates controlling music, calendars, smart devices and more through intuitive voice commands or gestures.

We also appreciate Joy’s high quality craftsmanship and materials from the strong Gorilla glass to durable aluminum body. For those seeking next-generation mirror innovation with complete feature sets, Joy delivers.

Price: $799
Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars
Features: Voice Assistant Integration, Touch Display, Device Control, Intercom

Buy Joy Smart Mirror – joysmartmirror.com

Best Smart Mirror For Bathrooms: HomeLabs

Seeking smart notifications during morning routines without major construction projects? HomeLabs compact panel sticks onto existing mirrors adding weather forecasts, to-do reminders and more.

We like the easy adhesive mounting and detachable magnetic design accommodating eventual upgrades or relocations. For dipping your toes into smart mirror tech on a budget, HomeLabs offers a quality affordable starter pick.

Price: $199.97
Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars
Features: Weather, Calendar, News Widgets, Customizable Homescreen

Buy HomeLabs Smart Mirror – Amazon

Best Smart Fitness Mirror: Tonal

Serious home gym goers should consider splurging on the superbly designed Tonal exercise rig. The silky smooth 24” touch display houses on-demand training videos guided by smart resistance bands with online coaches reviewing form.

Built-in sensors quantify progress calculating strength gains over time. We appreciate Tonals comprehensive platform supporting diverse training goals from yoga to HIIT. Just fold up the mirror when finished working up a sweat!

Price: $2,995
Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars
Features: Resistance Bands to 200 lbs, Training Video Library, Progress Tracking

Buy Tonal Smart Fitness Mirror – tonal.com

Best Smart Mirror For Vehicle Safety: Cobra Rear View Smart Mirror

Seek a driving upgrade? The well-reviewed Cobra RearView installs in minutes replacing stock side mirrors with vibrant panoramic video feeds eliminating vehicle blind spots.

Users praise the HD clarity, handy parking alignment overlays and auto-recording functionality capturing street incidents and potential break-in attempts even while away from the car.

Price: $349.94
Rating: 4.1 / 5 stars
Features: HD Digital Video Feed, Collision Alerts, Parking Alignment Guides

Buy Cobra Rear View Mirror – AutoZone

Key Specs To Comparison Shop

With such a wide span of smart mirror types and options now available, utilize this handy buying criteria checklist when evaluating models:

Display Size – Measure your existing mirror(s) and compare against replacement dimensions. Also consider optimal viewing distance based on mirror positioning – a 27" unit proves overpowering mounted just 24 inches from your face.

Display Type – Lower-cost pocket-style smart mirrors utilize simple LCD screens while premium wall-mounted choices integrate higher resolution OLED and QLED panels. Assess visual clarity needs before purchasing.

Audio – Smart assistants and steaming both require decent built-in speakers. Evaluate sound output quality and volume maximums. External Bluetooth audio connections also prove useful.

Power – Ensure your selected smart mirror specs match your home outlets or at minimum, runs off low voltage DC current if installing in bathrooms. Most use standard AC inputs but a select few leverage safer 12-15V integrated power supplies.

Mounting – Assess your facility’s existing infrastructure and construction complexity tolerances. Adhesive options rank easiest while recessed wall mounts require more handiwork.

Price – Given the broad spectrum of budgets smart mirrors now serve, clearly define value priorities before investing at particular tiers. High-end fitness mirrors run over $2,000 but basic notification panels cost 1/10th as much.

This covers the key buying criteria – identify your unique environmental constraints, usage goals and economic ceilings to narrow down the ideal smart mirror for your needs.

The Future Of Smart Mirrors

Industry analysts predict the global market for smart mirrors growing rapidly in the years ahead, expanding over 6X from $3 billion in 2022 to near $20 billion by 2030 according to Emergen Research.

As prices continue falling and functionality expands, smart mirrors should transition from enthusiast curiosity into mainstream home and automotive staples.

"I foresee smart mirrors reaching broader demographics soon given the value around centralizing information and controls," projects industry researcher Simon K. "Cameras and sensors subsume more tasks previously requiring separate gadgets. Smart mirrors have only scratched the surface of their ultimate utility."

Manufacturers continue stretching possibilities introducing new specialist mirror varieties:

  • Aging in Place Models – Voice-activated displays reminding occupants to take medications, read out nutrition labels, and monitor front door events.
  • Pet Smart Mirrors – Dispense food, project video calls with animal trainers and translate barks/meows into human language.
  • Meditative Mirrors – Display peaceful nature visuals, play soothing music and guide breathing/mindfulness exercises.
  • Kid Learning Stations – Transform bedrooms into educational hubs streaming instructional videos, vocabulary builders and creativity prompts.

As profits grow and form factors shrink, expect hyper-targeted smart mirror iterations hitting stores as intellectual glass panes permeate properties.

The reflective surface glaze of the future? Far more than just shadowy silhouettes!

Frequently Asked Smart Mirror Questions

Do smart mirrors need to be plugged in?

Yes. The integrated computer chips and backend technology powering smart mirror functionality require consistent electrical connectivity and wi-fi signals. Consider proximity to existing outlets when determining optimal mounting locations.

Can I install my smart mirror in the bathroom?

Certain smart mirror models carry waterproof, fog-resistant and splash-proof certifications allowing safe installation in humidity-prone bathrooms. Verify the level of moisture protection before mounting around sinks, tubs and showers. Many advise applying water-repellant sealants behind the glass as extra precaution.

Do smart mirrors work with voice assistants?

Select smart mirrors integrate Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri allowing hands-free voice commands. The assistants stream music, set reminders, answer queries and control other connected smart devices through these mirrors. Verify your model works with your preferred platform before buying.

How difficult is physically installing smart mirrors?

Difficulty varies significantly based on smart mirror size, weight and mounting methodology. Smaller, lighter adhesive options prove easiest while large mirrors require wiring connections and precise angle drilling. Consider your facility construction skills and willingness to hire contractors if necessary. The hardware itself usually inserts cleanly but accurately cutting drywall, running power lines and leveraging studs carries challenges.

Are Smart Mirror Investments Worthwhile?

For gadget lovers, quantified-self adherents, smart home devotees and luxury shoppers, these multi-capable reflective devices carry tremendous appeal and utility. They collapse multiple functionalities into sleek all-in-one panels upgradeable over time.

However mainstream consumers may still hesitate at the installation frustrations, rapid technology shifts, privacy aspects and premium costs still associated with early-generation offerings. Not every family requires touch displays on their bathroom mirrors.

Assess your needs, patiently watch market development and pull the trigger when the improvements sufficiently outweigh the incumbent mirror system. With smart homes becoming commonplace, intelligent glass likely looms in your not-so-distant future!

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