10 Compelling Reasons You Should Buy a Porsche Taycan EV Right Now

If you‘re an EV enthusiast or luxury car buyer exploring your options right now, the Porsche Taycan deserves serious consideration. As Porsche‘s ambitious entry into the all-electric segment, the Taycan sets a new benchmark for what a practical yet exhilarating electric vehicle can deliver.

Below I cover 10 specific reasons why the Taycan is ready to thrill as your daily driver EV today:

Overview of the 10 Reasons

Before diving into the details, here is a high-level overview of the 10 compelling reasons I believe the Porsche Taycan is a smart electric vehicle purchase today:

  1. Lightning-fast acceleration and immense power
  2. Unexpected practicality for an EV supercar
  3. Industry-leading rapid charging capabilities
  4. Classic yet progressive Porsche styling
  5. Cutting-edge digital cabin experience
  6. Unrivaled ride and handling dynamics
  7. Strong regenerative braking for one-pedal driving
  8. Renowned Porsche build quality and reliability
  9. Continuous tech improvements via over-the-air updates
  10. Surprising value compared to rival luxury EVs

Now let‘s explore each reason more in depth…

1. Lightning-Fast Acceleration and Immense Power

Performance metrics of top Taycan models:

ModelHorsepower0-60 mph Time
Taycan Turbo S750 hp2.4 seconds
Taycan Turbo670 hp3.0 seconds
Taycan GTS590 hp3.5 seconds
Taycan 4S562 hp3.8 seconds

Independent test results confirm the Taycan Turbo S matches extreme supercars like the Bugatti Veyron in 0-60 sprints. No production EV available today can compete with the Taycan‘s ferocious launch control acceleration. Even the "base" 4S trim outguns the quickest Tesla Model S version.

"The power delivery remains relentless at any speed", raved one automotive reviewer after testing the Taycan on track. This instant torque is addictively unique among EVs.

2. Unexpected Practicality for an EV Supercar

The Taycan defies supercar stereotypes…

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