Hey You, Yes You – The Mercedes EQE Should Be Your Next Car, Here‘s Why

Have you considered going electric for your next vehicle purchase? As you explore greener luxury options beyond old-school internal combustion, Mercedes‘ sensational new dedicated EV sedan, the EQE, should catch your eye. Allow me, a luxury vehicle data specialist, to elaborate on five outstanding reasons why the EQE checks all the boxes: spectacular efficiency from aerodynamic design, customizable opulence, formidable performance stats, technological marvels, and real-world range and charging.

Convinced yet? Read on and let‘s explore why this groundbreaking model makes sense as your next set of wheels. You desire luxury, innovation and environmental responsibility without compromise. The extraordinary EQE delivers all that and more.

A Slippery Aerodynamic Masterpiece Saving You Energy

The EQE shares its unique "one-bow" styling with the larger Mercedes EQS flagship. This flowing curved silhouette is odd yet immensely functional – with a 0.22 drag coefficient matching the sleekest production cars ever designed. Why do you care about aerodynamics? Because less drag directly equals more miles from your battery. At highway speeds, slicing through air with minimal resistance lets EQE models travel farther on a charge.

EQE Drag Coefficient Cd0.22
Miles of range added per charge from aerodynamicsup to 43 miles

That‘s free extra miles you‘ll love on road trips. Beyond extended range, the low drag cuts energy expenditure across driving conditions. For EQE owners, supreme aerodynamic efficiency pays real dividends.

Indulge Your Senses with Customizable Luxury

Mercedes is synonymous with lavishing owners in premium comforts. The EQE obliges with sublime cabin personalization across three trim levels. Only the most distinguished textures envelope you – from genuine leather to open pore wood veneers. Enjoy ventilated/massaging multicontour front seats offering 20 adjustments. Relax eyes upon the stunning fixed panoramic glass sunroof with heat-rejecting laminated safety glass. Even ambient cabin lighting and soothing thermo-cupholders set the mood.

Maybe you crave the full sensory experience. The Pinnacle Trim EQE steals hearts with its game changing "Hyperscreen" – a curved glass panel spanning door-to-door with three seamlessly integrated displays. This visual feast provides intuitive control and useful eye-candy in one stunning 56-inch package. Luxury of tomorrow, today.

Total possible viewing area with Hyperscreen141 cm / 56 inches
Number of EQE interior color options6 unique themes

Whatever your desire, know Mercedes engineers obsessed on sensory delights inside and out – sight, sound, warmth, massage and more envelop you.

Electrifying Performance – Efficiency With Thrilling Power

While sipping electrons stewardly thanks to its 0.22 ultra-low drag profile, the EQE also drives dynamically like few other large luxury sedans, electric or not. Generating rear-biased weight distribution, its state-of-the art Permanently Excited Synchronous (PSM) motors produce abundant torque instantly – rocketing you ahead briskly. Even base EQE 350+ models dash to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds despite weighing over 5,000 lbs. Step up to the 677 horsepower AMG performance edition and that plummets to a physics-defying 3.3 seconds!

Horsepower in EQE AMG edition617 hp (with overboost up to 677 hp)
0-60 mph time – EQE 350+ RWD6.2 seconds
$ per hp (AMG EQE)$172 / hp

This family sedan packs supercar acceleration numbers for thousands less than its combustion-powered S-Class donor chassis. Even tall and heavy, lithe motors torque the EQE around corners like it‘s riding rails. Performance and handling exceed expectations thanks to brains – not just brute electronic force. Take it easy and the EQE cossets. Drive vigorously and its motors and engineering magic shake souls. Overall the EQE delivers agile, athletic dynamics belying its luxury appointments and 2.5 ton curb weight.

Intelligence That Pampers You From Dawn to Dusk

Beyond overt performance metrics dwell more subtle technology triumphs making the EQE an exemplary chauffeur. Intuitive AI learns habits and preemptively cues functions to serve you better each day. Whether warming seats as you approach or suggesting useful in-route pitstops where power awaits, MBUX recognizes patterns making itself more indispensable over time via self-programming neural networks.

And of course supreme sensors safeguard against mishaps no human could best. The suite of driving assistance, parking and safety systems enable confident travel across all terrain and weather. From precise augmented reality video underlays when maneuvering, to robust torque blending across axles for greater traction and control, one feels in competent digits throughout any drive. EQE engineers earnestly working in service of your safety and satisfaction.

Embedded MBUX processing cores584
Times per second MBUX self-tests critical functions40,000

Technology should amplify life while fading humbly into the background when unneeded. The EQE philosophizes this mantra.

Range to Roam with Reassuring Recharge Options

What good‘s a luxury cruiser unable to venture reliably long distances? Little concern in this roomy EV though. The eminent 90.6 kWh battery powers EQE RWD models to over 300 EPA estimated miles range. That bests competitor premium EVs including entry level Porsche Taycans. When eventually depleted, brisk charging beckons: 10 minutes adds 115 miles electricity via 200 kW DC terminals present at most Mercedes dealers. Advanced thermal insulation sustains cell life and performance across thousands of cycles.

EPA range estimate – EQE 350+ RWD305 miles
EQE 90 kW battery weight1,047 lbs
Battery warranty10 years / up to 155,000 miles

Don‘t fancy sitting at public stations? No issue thanks to competitive AC home charging support too – supplies up to 11 kW power when infrastructure permits. Customizable charging keeps you rolling assuredly with electricity assets at the ready. Range anxiety melting away…

So there you have it friend – my earnest pitch spelling out why the remarkable EQE deserves your attention as a sensible yet stimulating luxury electric choice today. Dripping in delightful technology with a dollop of downright madness blended in via its otherworldly exterior design and available four-figure horsepower…this avantgarde sedan signals the future while coddling abundantly right now. Schedule your Mercedes test drive and taste innovation!

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