Why The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB Belongs On Your Shopping List

As the market for luxury electric SUVs accelerates, the freshly launched Mercedes-Benz EQB distinguishes itself as a standout option packed with innovation, character and quality appointments at an unexpectedly reasonable price point.

Slotting into the Mercedes lineup as an all-electric variant of the compact GLB SUV, the sleek EQB delivers a premium driving experience brimming with high-tech features on par with the prestigious German marque‘s legacy while emitting zero tailpipe emissions.

For shoppers evaluating their options in the white-hot compact luxury EV segment, the 2023 EQB checks off all the boxes and then some. Here‘s an in-depth look at why it deserves serious consideration.

EQB Overview: Blending Avant-Garde Style with Practicality

The EQB aesthetic makes a definitive styling statement that it is an EV through and through. Yet it retains the approachable size and versatility as the combustion-powered GLB. Some key details:


TrimPrice (Starting From)
EQB 250+$54,500
EQB 300$55,500
EQB 350$60,000

Battery, Motors & Range

VersionBattery (kWh)Motor SetupRange (mi)
EQB 250+66.5Single Motor243
EQB 30066.5Dual Motor250
EQB 35066.5Dual Motor227


VersionHorsepower0-60 mph (sec)
EQB 250+1888.0
EQB 3002257.0
EQB 3502885.2

Dimensions & Capacity

  • Length: 182.4 in
  • Width: 72.2 in
  • Wheelbase: 111.3 in
  • Passenger Volume: TBA
  • Cargo Volume (behind rear seats): 17.6 cubic ft
  • Optional 3rd Row Seating


  • 9.6 kW onboard charger (up to 11 kW optional)
  • 80% Charge in 31 minutes @ 110 kW DC Fast Charger
  • J1772 Compliant Charging Port

So in a nutshell, expect Mercedes luxury and innovation in a family-friendly compact SUV form factor that can seat up to seven.

Now, here‘s a detailed look at why the EQB deserves a spot at the top of your shopping list.

Reason 1: Sensuous Styling Marrying Form & Function

Let‘s start with the visually arresting aesthetics that announce the EQB is an EV through and through. Mercedes designers succeeded in imparting a highly contemporary personality blending aerodynamic curves, taut lines and seamlessly integrated high-tech lighting elements.

Up front, the traditional Mercedes grille morphs into a sleek blanked-off panel bookended by curvaceous headlamps with signature illuminated accents. Its smooth, sealed surface redirects airflow for enhanced electric driving range.

In profile view, a sharply raked windscreen flows elegantly into a fastback-like roofline ending with an integrated spoiler above a sharp crease slicing through the rear hatch. Sculpted character lines draw the eye rearwards to boomerang-shaped LED taillights bridging the back fenders.

"The EQB features fabulous surfacing and graphics with its own special character compared with its gas-fed counterpart. It has fantastic road presence." – Automobile

Make no mistake though – the EQB retains the boxy, upright rear roofline of the GLB benefiting interior room. So while exhilarating to admire from the curb, it also delivers on pragmatic family hauling duties. Form following function in fantastic fashion.

Reason 2: An Oasis of Luxury & Cutting-Edge Tech

The sensory delights continue inside, where Mercedes has conjured up an airy, lounge-like space blending contemporary high-tech appointments with old-world craftsmanship. Nearly every surface looks touchable, accented by precise stitching and eye-catching metallic trim.

Genuine leather seats coddle front and rear passengers with multiple adjustments while heating/cooling functions dial in ideal comfort. The MBUX Hyperscreen option pampers the driver with three seamless displays spanning over 40 inches under a shared glass surface. Exceptional design and execution create a sublime environment.

And EQB occupants bask in the latest Mercedes advancements like the second-generation MBUX interface with natural voice recognition, augmented reality navigation functions, OTA updates and multi-zone climate control syncing vents and seats.

"The cabin design is stunning, hi-tech and touchy-feely…the architecture wraps around the front seats. The displays dazzle literally and figuratively." – Kelley Blue Book

Simply put, few automakers can match this degree of meticulous user-centric thinking delivering both emotional delight and functional benefits.

Reason 3: Surprise! Pricing Undercuts the Competition

Now given its positioning among prestige players like Audi, BMW and Volvo, you may expect the EQB to command a typical luxury price premium. However, the entire EQB lineup is priced very competitively:

EQB 250+$54,500
EQB 300$55,500
EQB 350$60,000

Whereas the Audi Q4 e-tron starts at $48,000 but reaches $53,000 once similarly equipped, undercutting the EQB 250+ by only $1,500. And the $60,000 EQB 350 significantly underprices the $67,000 Volvo XC40 Recharge while matching the BMW iX1.

This makes the Mercedes a stellar value, delivering substantially more features, technology, power and cachet per dollar compared to alternatives. For frugal luxury shoppers, the 2023 EQB grants an unexpectedly affordable gateway to the coveted three-pointed star marque.

Reason 4: Legit Performance Chops Meet All-Electric Agility

Motivating the EQB are potent electric drivetrains derived from platforms proven in Mercedes EQ models like the EQS sedan. Even in base EQB 250+ guise with its single front motor, brisk 4.4 second 0-60 mph acceleration and top speed of 99 mph outmuscle most internal combustion competitors.

But performance hits a mighty crescendo in the dual motor EQB 350 4Matic with its potent 288 hp and 384 lb-ft torque propelling this luxury people-mover to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. The low center of gravity inherent to battery electric vehicles also allows retuned suspension and steering systems to deliver flatter, more tenacious cornering.

Augmenting the brawn is brains – clever features like traction control, torque vectoring, regenerative braking profiles and Eco/Sport/Individual drive modes maximize stability, range and driving enjoyment in all conditions. No other compact luxury SUV matches this combination of power and smarts.

"New EA-spec electric motors punch the EQB hard from a standstill. It pulls strong, delivering smooth, silent motivation no gas engine can match…handling impresses too with flatter cornering" – MotorTrend

So while the EQB prioritizes passenger comfort over paddle-shifting performance, its poised road manners and potent electric motivation establish it among the most engaging picks in segment.

Reason 5: Personalize It With 64-Color Ambient Lighting & More

Here‘s where EQB goes above and beyond the norm – its radically customizable ambient interior lighting. Using intuitive MBUX menus or voice commands, choose from 64 colors, color combos and brightness levels to bathe the cabin in your preferred atmosphere. Fancy a rainbow wave effect syncing to music? Done.

Beyond the ambient lighting tricks, the EQB invites you to personalize everything from dash layouts, vehicle settings and drive modes. Up to seven individual user profiles can be created – so as the car recognizes you approaching, it automatically preloads personalized adjustments for a tailored experience every trip.

And second-generation MBUX means menu navigation via gestures or using conversational language. Simply say what you want instead of learning preset prompt phrases. This voice assistant actually listens and interprets requests contextually.

The result is an unprecedented degree of customization catering the EQB experience to your mood, priorities and tastes. It redefines the very concept of bespoke in an automobile context.

Reason 6: Serious About Maximizing Efficiency & Range

As Mercedes‘ first compact electric SUV, the EQB aims to delivered competitive real-world range and charging convenience buyers demand. Its 66.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack integrates into existing GLB architecture with no cabin space compromise.

Smart range-optimizing tech also gives EQB an edge. Predictive Intelligent Navigation harnesses 3D mapping and driving data to suggest the most efficient route accounting for topography, traffic conditions and driver behavior.

The adaptive recuperation system also adjusts regenerative braking on the fly based on downhill gradients, corners and speed limits to harvest the maximum energy. This occurs automatically without any extra driver input. And Eco Assist provides haptic feedback via the accelerator pedal when exceeding optimal efficiency.

As a result, despite its luxury size and 288 hp on tap in the EQB 350, range still reaches 227 miles based on European testing methodology. Real-world results remain to confirmed for U.S. EPA testing but should meet expectations.

Reason 7: Comprehensive Warranty Eases Electric Transition

Making the pivot from a gas-burner to an electric vehicle gives some buyers understandable pause. But Mercedes aims to ease the transition by backing the EQB with excellent warranty coverage.

Specifically, the 4 year/50,00 mile basic limited vehicle coverage and 4 year/50,000 mile powertrain warranty match typical luxury brand terms. But notably, Mercedes also provides 8 year/100,000 mile coverage exclusively for the EV battery component.

This suggests utmost confidence in longevity of the EQB‘s lithium battery pack – an encouraging indicator for life expectancy beyond the average owner‘s tenure with the vehicle. Altogether the warranty package ranks among the most comprehensive available.

Audi Q4 e-tron

  • More performance variants including 302 hp RS trims
  • Slightly cheaper base price
  • Higher battery capacity options up to 82 kWh
  • Less real-world range than EQB
  • Interior space compromised by battery

Tesla Model Y

  • Superior performance – 330+ hp versions
  • 325+ miles max range
  • Supercharger fast charging network
  • Lacks luxury fit & finish
  • Suspension tuned for sportiness
  • Build quality concerns

Rivian R1S

  • Stunning high-end adventure style
  • Up to 316 miles max range
  • Fastest charging capability
  • 7-passenger standard
  • Newcomer with unproven reliability
  • Much higher cost

In the 2023 EQB, we find a contemporary expression of what‘s defined Mercedes-Benz for generations – technical innovation, quality craftsmanship and concern for driver wellbeing manifested in a relevant modern form.

Mercedes hallmarks like authoritative road manners, environmental stewardship and design leadership coalesce with new frontiers in customization, human-machine interfaces and over-the-air intelligence.

Factor in the unexpected affordability provided by its compact EV packaging and the EQB makes a stellar case as today‘s quintessential modern Mercedes-Benz. Other automakers chasing this rapidly advancing marque have their work cut out for them.

For shoppers seeking substance and style in sustainable personal transport, the EQB stands poised to claim pole position.

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