5 Compelling Reasons to Seriously Consider Buying a Lucid Air Electric Vehicle Right Now

Hey there! As your resident electric vehicle nerd, I couldn’t help but gush over the newest luxury EV making waves—the 2022 Lucid Air sedan. Lucid Motors aims to follow Tesla in completely redefining electric cars, focusing on long-range, high-performance, and technology-packed models for a premium market.

And even in these early days, it looks like they’ve succeeded in building what Review.com calls “close to the perfect electric car.” The initial Air versions already claim the longest EV range available, race-inspired horsepower putting supercars on notice, and a cabin more reminiscent of a private jet.

Intrigued about what the hype’s about? As your personal EV buying advisor, let me break down five compelling reasons why you should seriously consider being among the first to purchase the remarkable Lucid Air.

Overview: Why Lucid Air Marks the Electric Vehicle Market’s Luxury Leader

Lucid Motors only unveiled its first car in September 2021 after a decade-plus developing the technology and configuring an Arizona production facility. Yet the company, started by ex-Tesla and ex-Formula 1 engineers, succeeded remarkably in its debut.

By focusing on building EVs without compromises from scratch, Lucid created a 112 kWh battery for astonishing range even physics skeptics thought impossible. It rides on a software-hardware platform envisioning not just what’s possible today, but capabilities to add via over-the-air updates for years. And early crash test and review results place Air among the top safety and overall scoring sedans period—gas or electric.

So while Lucid lacks the brand recognition of say, Mercedes-Benz, its cars speak for themselves heralding the future of the luxury segment. Expect excellent resale values too as this commanding saloon ages. Now, onto the five reasons I’m eying an Air order myself during what’s still a somewhat exclusive early production window…

Reason 1 – An Unprecedented 520 Mile Electric Range Alleviating All Range Anxiety

Since its inception, the electric vehicle industry dealt with a prevailing issue—range anxiety—this persistent fear your car’s battery will run dry well before reaching your destination. It’s why I advise first-time EV buyers away from models like the Nissan Leaf with ranges of 150 miles or less. Stress over locating and waiting at charging stations saps the convenience of driving.

The Lucid Air however boasts up to 520 miles range in optimal conditions. While the entry Air Pure “only” reaches 406 miles, it still trounces essentially every competitor, including gas cars!

Lucid Air Dream Edition520 miles
Lucid Air Grand Touring516 miles
Tesla Model S405 miles
Mercedes EQS350 miles
Porsche Taycan200 miles

For comparison, Lucid’s numbers beat the next longest-range EV, Tesla’s Model S, by over 100 miles. That enables sightseeing journeys from L.A. to San Francisco nonstop where every other car would require lengthy recharging pitstops undermining the road trip.

Lucid manages this through battery-saving design optimizations like a compact 113 kWh battery architecture and drive efficiency exceeding 4 miles per kWh. So you get more power packed into less space—just like modern laptops. Independent testers confirmed these numbers actually translate into the real world too during distance trials.

So if you’ve held off on electric cars due to range anxiety, Lucid finally offers a long-range solution suitable for everything from daily commuting to faraway trips.

Reason 2 – Space-Aged Power Delivering Supercar Acceleration and Speed

While some early electric cars focused merely on practicality and efficiency, the Lucid Air exceeds expectations by rivalling modern supercars and racecars under the hood. Available configurations with up to 1,111 horsepower and sub-2 second 0-60 mph acceleration surpass icons like the Lamborghini Aventador.

Let’s compare some stats:

CarHorsepower0-60 MPH1⁄4 MileTop Speed
Lucid Air Sapphire1,200+< 2.0s<9.0s>200 mph
Ferrari 812 Superfast7892.8s10.3s211 mph
Porsche 918 Spyder8752.5s9.8s210 mph

In straight line performance, the fricken four-door family-friendly Lucid Air keeps pace with million dollar exotics designed purely for speed. Unlike gas cars though, EVs provide relentless torque for effortless passing power anytime without revving to stratospheric rpm ranges. So legitimately THIS sedan performs like a hypercar when you mash the pedal.

And I can confirm the neck-straining acceleration or Porsche-like handling from my Dream Edition test drive. The standard all-wheel drive, low center of gravity battery placement, and adaptive suspension keep this executive rocket stable in hard cornering too.

Reason 3 – A Shockingly Roomy, Relaxing Interior Rivalling Private Jets

Rather than just sheer performance, Lucid built the Air‘s interior around executive luxury you‘d expect from Mercedes or private jets. Available executive rear seating configurations provide more legroom than some compact cars thanks to Lucid’s skateboard-like miniaturized drivetrain maximizing passenger space.

We’re talking lay-flat seats with auto leg rests worthy of first-class airline suites. Or optional “lounge recliners” with 45 degrees of tilt enabling feet-up relaxation while working or streaming shows on the entertainment displays.

Furthering the private jet theme, the glass canopy roof installation floods the cabin in natural light for an airy environment. Crafted using 7000 unique polygons, it took mathematicians months to develop the complex glass structure. Wood accents, leather, and other bespoke materials create a warmer, welcoming atmosphere than the cold industrial vibe of earlier electric cars focused purely on function.

So if you’ve found other EVs too cramped, or want to be chauffeured by letting a computer handle driving duties thanks to the autonomous cruise features, Lucid built the perfect tranquil workspace for CEOs and VIPs.

Reason 4 – A Driver-Focused Glass Cockpit Rivaling Fighter Jets

Beyond just a ruthlessly optimized luxury living room, Lucid pushes the state of EV art when it comes to human-machine interfaces. It‘s the first integrating a single 34-inch curved glass display spanning the entire dashboard to reduce visual clutter and distractions.

Tuned specifically around only surfacing key driving metrics, it feels reminiscent of a futuristic interactive dashboard from fighter jet cockpits. The 5K resolution and pixel density surpass an iPhone for crispness, while the curved contour and thirty-degree tilt stay ergonomically optimized to your seating position.

Integrated touch controls keep the cabin clutter-free as well. Lucid also packs market-leading charging speeds, 5G connectivity enabling high speed in-car video streaming, and over-the-air updates so your EV improves itself.

While Tesla admittedly pioneered giant touch displays for auto interactions, Lucid manages an airier, more adjustable implementation making drivers feel fully immersed in a digital working environment tailored specifically to them.

Reason 5 – Jam-Packed Safety Technology Protecting You like Elite Government VIPs

As a modern, built-from-scratch luxury electric vehicle, Lucid reimagined what safety means rather than just meeting minimum statutory requirements. Air comes loaded with 32 sensors—over twice most competitors—empowering active monitoring and prevention assistance features Tesla and others lack.

These sensors feed a central dream drive computer platform combining inputs for features like:

  • Collision avoidance alerts
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Lane departure correction
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • A roadside assistance call system triggered if any airbag deploys

Cameras provide live 360 degree visibility too, so you feel fully aware of potential trouble spots other cars hide. This robust system earns Lucid 5-star crash ratings—the highest U.S. safety validation—for confident driving.

And by recovering battery materials for recycling, they look to reduce upstream manufacturing emissions too. So from built-in crash protection to sustainability initiatives, they reinvent safety as encompassing wellness for both you AND the planet.

Across every factor you’d evaluate a modern luxury car purchase on—efficiency, performance, comfort, features, or safety—the Lucid Air sets a new expectation for excellence among electric vehicles. Groundbreaking battery tech erases range anxiety. Space-aged electric motors rival multi-million-dollar supercars stats. And an airy, adjustable cabins pampers more like a private jet than suburban people hauler.

Rather than retrofitting legacy gas vehicles for plug-in power, Lucid designed EVs perfect for the 21st century based on first principles starting from a blank page. Early reviews unanimously praise the Air as potentially the benchmark for all luxury electric vehicles to come.

So if you’re shopping for an elevated ride, seriously consider joining pioneering early Lucid owners embracing the future today. As their upcoming SUV, van, and second model aim to replicate Tesla’s growth trajectory, these thoughtfully engineered, subtly styled sedans will definitely hold resale value too.

For almost every reason to desire a luxury electric vehicle nowadays, Lucid seemingly perfected the template on their first ever model. So take my insider EV enthusiast advice, and lock your reservation in today during this exclusive early production window! Let me know if any other questions come up while finalizing that purchase paperwork!

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