10 Reasons to Buy a Drone Today and Which Are Best

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have seen explosive growth over the past decade. Once solely military devices, drones have now become versatile tools used across diverse industries as well as by hobbyists and recreational users. From photography to inspection services, racing to mapping, today‘s drone models pack impressive capabilities beyond their small frames.

If you‘ve considered getting your first drone but are unsure whether the investment is warranted, rest assured there are compelling reasons these devices are taking off. Read on below for 10 advantages of owning a drone in 2023 and discover some of the top models on the market tailored to every budget and skill level.

Aerial Photography and Videography

One of the most popular uses for non-military drones has been aerial photography and videography. Lightweight drones equipped with high-definition cameras can capture stunning top-down perspectives and sweeping landscapes impossible on the ground. The latest models shoot crisp, professional-grade photos and crystal clear 4K/6K aerial video. You’d be amazed what scenes and hidden gems reveal themselves from above!

Exploration and New Vantage Points

Drones grant access to airspace vantage points previously unreachable for the average person. You can survey tall trees, cliffsides, elevations and other hard-to-access spots. Adventure-seekers use drones to peek into little-seen corners of the world, while researchers utilize UAVs to gather data from a loft. Drones unveil the landscapes around us in an exciting new way.

High-Speed Racing and FPV Thrills

The drone racing scene has erupted in popularity over the last few years. Swift drones with first-person-view (FPV) cameras give pilots an immersive cockpit experience and the feel of extreme racing. Zipping through courses lined with obstacles at up to 90 mph brings a huge adrenaline rush! FPV models also work nicely for general exploration since you feel immersed right in the pilot’s seat.

Business Applications

From real estate marketing to industrial inspection services, drones provide invaluable business intel and opportunities. Real estate agents use UAV photography to market listings with gorgeous aerial property pans. Construction companies assess project timelines using drone site scans. Farmers optimize crop health using sensor data from agriculture drones. The commercial applications abound thanks to drones’ unique mobility and perspective.

Wildlife Research and Conservation

Scientists employ drones for a bird’s eye glimpse at habitats and animal behavior with minimal invasive impact. UAVs silently observe creatures great and small from scientific perches in the sky. Conservation groups also utilize drone mapping for tracking deforestation, monitoring marine preserves, locating invasive species and more. The insights they provide are revolutionizing environmental study and protection.

Emergency Response and Public Safety

Given their ability to swiftly access hard-to-reach spots, drones excel at search-and-rescue and disaster assessment. Equipped with thermal cameras and other sensors, UAVs accelerate locating missing persons and identifying dangerous hotspots to direct emergency response. Drones also safely inspect storm damages, transport lifesaving equipment to remote regions, and gather intel to contain uncontrolled fires or floods.

Education and Recreation

Beyond practical applications, flying a drone provides a fun tech activity with recreational and educational benefits. Mastering a UAV teaches programmable system skills applicable in robotics and other STEM fields. Drone flight adheres to physics and aerodynamic principles which kids can grasp through hands-on experimentation. And launching your camera drone to record family trips or events captures memorable moments from refreshing angles!

Business Opportunities

The thriving drone sector represents a huge business opportunity spanning industries and specializations. UAV equipment sales, manufacturing and maintenance generate ample jobs and revenue. Commercial pilots can earn certifications to operate drones for client services. Budding developers might craft the next great drone app feature. Consulting gigs, training workshops and other niches continue materializing to meet sector demand.

Technological Improvements

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a drone today is manufacturers pack each new release with better performance through upgraded tech. Modern UAVs tout sophisticated flight controllers, collision detection and avoidance systems, target tracking modes, auto return-to-home, live video feeds and more. The latest models even respond to hand gestures for controlling flight paths. Drones keep getting smarter, safer and more finely tuned.


Finally, drones keep becoming more affordable and thus accessible to everyday flyers. High-end professional UAVs still carry premium price tags, but new budget models feature impressive core functionalities without breaking the bank. Compact mini and micro drones fit in small bags yet shoot great 4K footage. Racing rigs come factory bind-and-fly equipped for under $200! Plunging prices make now an ideal time to try drones.

With those 10 prime advantages covered, let’s survey some of the top drone models on the market based on budget and skill level.

Professional High-End Drones

DJI Mavic 3

DJI dominates the consumer drone industry, especially in the premium bracket. The Mavic 3 launched as their new flagship for aerial photographers and videographers. It shoots phenomenal 5.1K video at 50fps along with 20MP photos using an integrated Hasselblad camera. It lasts over 45 minutes airborne and hits velocities around 44 mph.

Obstacles don’t slow the Mavic 3 since its omnidirectional sensors identify objects in all directions up to 200m away. Its Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) then smoothly navigates around hazards automatically. The safety, agility and imaging power justify its lofty price for commercial-grade results.

DJI Mavic 3 drone photo

Autel EVO II Pro

Serious aerial media producers on tighter budgets should examine the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. It delivers professional 6K video and 20MP photos thanks to a high-quality 1-inch sensor rarely seen outside high-end cinema cameras. It flies over 40 minutes per charge faster than 45 mph.

The EVO II Pro leverages 12 visual sensors and dual GPS antennae for superb stability and spatial awareness when maneuvering or capturing footage. Rugged weatherproofing supplies durability across shooting conditions. Autel drones compete squarely with DJIs on performance at friendlier prices. This makes the EVO II Pro appeal to independent drone pilots and operations aiming for Hollywood-worthy shots without Hollywood bankrolls.

Foldable and Compact Drones

DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI again dominates the portable drone category with their renowned Mavic series. The Mini 3 Pro model hits the sweet spot delivering powerful functionality in a highly compact frame. When collapsed, it fits easily inside a purse or backpack under 250 grams. Yet despite its tiny footprint, the Mini 3 shoots splendid 4K60 video and 48MP photos carried by a stabilized gimbal. It even resists 24-37 kph winds while surveying landscapes autonomously.

The Mini 3 Pro flies over 30 minutes on a single charge–impressive for its size. Plus, the O3 transmission beams stable footage up to 12km away. If you want professional aerial filming and photography abilities in an ultra-portable package, the Mini 3 Pro makes carrying a capable drone anywhere a cinch!

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone photo

Autel Nano+

As DJI‘s chief rival, Autel offers their take on ultra-portable photography with the Autel Nano+ drone. Like the Mini series, the Nano+ folds down smaller than a smartphone for packing convenience with propeller guards installed. Yet Autel manages to stuff in several bonuses like a 1-inch sensor for capturing detailed 12MP photos, 3-axis hybrid stabilization and 30 minutes of flight range.

The Nano+ streams live 720p video to your mobile device from over 3 miles away. Its bright LED beam helps track positioning. Autel also bakes in its reliable flight control algorithms for steady hovering plus built-in navigation modes. If you want DJI-like compactness but favor Autel‘s interface and pricing, the mighty Nano+ punches above its weight!

First-Person-View and Racing Drones

Walkera FPV Racer

Drones built for speed demand an immersive, first-person perspective. The Walkera FPV Racer Dominator easily zips 60 mph across open fields or skirting treetops. Its low-latency video feed streams real-time footage straight from the drone to the included goggles for adrenaline-filled flights. The 5.8Ghz transmission ensures minimal lag or interference across a half mile range.

This ready-to-fly racer comes with everything needed including the Devo-7 transmitter, chargers andbattery. Novices can hone skills in Normal mode while advanced pilots push limits with rates dialed up to Super-Fast in the Race mode. The rugged carbon fiber frame stands up to crashes and the 1500mAh battery sustains 8 minute sprints. Experience pure drone racing excitement without complication using the tournament-ready Walkera FPV Racer!

BetaFPV CineLog35

While dedicated racing rigs fly fastest in open areas, tight indoor courses demand more nimble profiless. The CineLog35 from acrobatic drone specialist BetaFPV threads narrow raceways with ease. It stretches under 3.5-inches between prop tips yet smooths video using a 3-axis stabilized cam. The custom-tuned flight controller reacts instantly to user sticks inputs when navigating layouts.

Its ducted fan propeller shrouds bounce off walls safely if slightly clipped while the protected camera records the action. Novices can enable angle mode for self-leveling assistance while experts manually pitch/roll when gunning top speeds near 50 mph! Brushless motors generate pure raw power from the lightweight airframe. The CineLog35 makes airborne agility accessible to new and seasoned pilots alike.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, today‘s drone landscape offers aircraft suitable for all interests and skill levels. Prices span reasonable budgets whether you prioritize professional photography results or simple flight thrills. Thanks to the reasons outlined earlier, from amazing aerial footage to emerging business roles, now makes an excellent time to procure your first drone or upgrade an existing one.

Hopefully the top models showcased give an idea of the versatility and quality available recently. Do some further research across brands and capabilities that appeal specifically to your needs. Before long, you’ll witness the world from exciting new heights through the eyes of your trusty unmanned aerial vehicle!

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