Hey, here are 10 solid reasons why you should buy the BIGASUO 1080P outdoor projector today!

I don‘t know about you, but I love watching movies outdoors with friends and family. It‘s such a fun shared experience under the stars. But permanently installing an outdoor theater is expensive, difficult, and not practical.

That‘s where awesome portable projectors like the BIGASUO 1080P come in. Packed with features in a compact lightweight body, it delivers an immersive cinematic experience wherever you need it.

As a home theater geek and data analyst who has tested multiple projectors, I can tell you this one punches way above its price tag. Let‘s geek out on why it could be an ideal purchase for your portable entertainment needs:

A Quick Overview

BIGASUO may not be a brand name (yet!), but don‘t let that fool you. This young company focuses specifically on pushing the limits of brightness, resolution and features in small, affordable projectors.

The 1080P model packs 8000 lumens brightness that‘s 2X brighter than high-end 4K projectors. That light cannon shoots crisp 1080P video onto giant 250-inch screens – rivalling permanent outdoor theaters!

You also get loud in-built speakers, wireless connectivity, onboard media player, flexible mounting options…you name it. This is an exceptionally versatile portable cinema that punches far above its $189 asking price.

Convinced yet? Read on for 10 detail reasons why I recommend this deluxe gadget.

1. Incredibly Easy to Carry Around

First off, portability. At just 4.5 pounds, the projector is lighter than most laptops and more compact too. The casing has a smart textured grip for easy lifting. So whether you‘re:

  • Driving to a campsite
  • Heading to a friend‘s backyard for movie night
  • Packing gear for a spontaneous road trip

…the BIGASUO 1080P adds only minimal bulk while enabling cinema-grade entertainment.

"This thing is incredibly easy to pack up in the car. My old projector? Not so much!" – OutdoorEnthusiast87, Amazon reviewer

Lesser projectors often need a heavy protective case too – but not this one. Its durable aluminum housing and glass lens can withstand everyday knocks and drops during transportation.

2. Crazy 8000 Lumen Brightness

Picture this – you‘ve set up the perfect outdoor movie night. The BIGASUO 1080P is prepped, the popcorn‘s popping hot and you hit Play.

But 10 minutes into The Batman, people start squinting and complaining it‘s too dull. Major bummer, right?

Not if your projector has crazy bright 8000 lumens! For reference, even high-end 4K projectors max out at 3000-4000 lumens. This compact beast handily destroys them all.

The lens utilizes customized LCD technology to blast out white luminance nearly 3 times brighter than average. I could practically get a tan shining this on my face! 😎

Benefit: Crystal clear projection with vivid colors – even if your screen is far away or there‘s some ambient light. Everyone gets an optimal viewing experience!

Light ‘em Up!

Projector ModelBrightness (lumens)
BIGASUO 1080P Outdoor8000
BenQ TK700STi 4K Gaming3000
Optoma UHD35 4K Home Theater3600

With its blindingly-bright projection tech, the BIGASUO 1080P runs cinematic circles around pricier rivals.

3. Wheee! Look at me on a 250-inch Screen! 😲

Okay, time for some fun perspective. Remember that ultra-bright 8000 lumen rating? That‘s what enables this tiny projector to blast 1080P video onto gargantuan 250-inch screens!

For reference again, high-end 4K projectors usually stop at 150 inches or lower before maxing out luminance.

The benefit? With the BIGASUO 1080P, you can showcase movies on truly epic screens:

  • Use the entire side of a house/garage
  • Rent a giant inflatable screen for the backyard
  • Improvise with a large bare wall as the canvas
  • Go crazy and project across the street onto another house πŸ€ͺ

Basically, the customizable screen size lets you scale up or down based on your audience and space constraints.

And that resolution stays crisply-detailed across the entire projection area too!

4. Complete Portable Theater Kit

What good is a mobile projector without an easy way to showcase the projection? Carrying separate stands, screens, cables is a hassle that complicates portability.

Thankfully, the BIGASUO 1080P sweeps in to the rescue!

You get a large 100-inch fast-fold projection screen included right in the box. Just pull it out, lock the extenders and you‘ve got a 16:9 aspect ratio canvas ready under 60 seconds.

"We used the included screen and it worked great! Easy to set up and take down." – W. Moore, Verified Buyer

No additional purchases needed for basic backyard setups. Of course, larger groups may want an even bigger 120-inch or more screen…but isn‘t it awesome to get anything in the box!

5. Loud Surround Sound from Tiny Built-in Speakers

Alright, we‘ve talked brightness and screen size. But what about sound? Tinny audio can ruin the experience faster than dim projection.

This nifty gadget packs a surprising aural punch thanks to dual 5-watt stereo speakers built right in. The front-firing drivers blast loud, balanced surround sound that carries well in open spaces.

And you still retain the option to toggle Bluetooth 5.0 for syncing beefier external speakers when needed. There‘s also a handy 3.5mm Aux jack for wired connections.

All in all, very versatile sound performance without needing separate setup.

"Was not expecting much from the speakers but they do put out a lot of volume with pretty good sound actually." – Outdoor Reviewer, YouTube

6. Media Flexibility: Stream, Cast or Go Old-School!

Endless connectivity possibilities are a huge benefit for portable projectors. You want the flexibility to showcase media from various sources based on convenience:

  • Wireless screen mirroring from phones/tablets
  • HDMI ports to directly interface Blu-ray players, gaming consoles
  • Sideloading video files using USB/SD cards
  • Going old-school with composite AV

…And this projector opens all those options!

The input selection hub on the back lets you seamlessly switch between modern digital and legacy analog feeds. Many cheaper models completely lack AV/VGA capability too.

Plus, the built-in media player handles the usual USB video codecs – MP4/MKV for HD footage or AVI/RMVB for SD video. Pop in a stick and directly enjoy movies without lugging laptops. Sweet!

7. Universal Mounting = Unlimited Placement Possibilities!

Okay, so you‘ve packed the ultra-bright projector and giant screen in the car. Now comes the real fun – finding creative ways to showcase the projection for maximum WOW factor!

The BIGASUO 1080P adds to the fun by offering completely flexible placement:

  • Standard tripod mounts let you elevate the unit and dial-in projection angle
  • Hang it upside-down from ceilings/patios using available straps
  • Improvise mounts using metallic surfaces and strong magnets
  • My favorite – use trees/walls at weird angles to create an immersive experience!

The manual zoom/focusing makes it easy to recalibrate the picture for optimal quality every time.

In short: This projector unleashes your inner AV installer to showcase larger-than-life video in ways you never thought possible!

8. Crisp 1080P Picture Quality

Alright, here comes the bit you LCD/OLED TV owners care most about – resolution and picture quality!

I mean, what good is a ultra-bright 250" screen with crappy visuals, right?

Thankfully, the BIGASUO 1080P delivers great optics:

  • It‘s native 1080P resolution from the LCD system – not upscaled/faked. All 1.9 million pixels contribute directly for maximum clarity.
  • Handy manual controls let you focus/sharpen the projection and fix skewed angles with Β±15° keystone correction.
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio and Rec. 709 color accuracy ensure vivid, dynamic images that pop on screen – especially with all those lumens!
  • 60Hz refresh rate provides smooth motion rendering for sports/gaming.

While the clarity won‘t beat more expensive 4K projectors obviously, there‘s ample detail here for a cinematically immersive experience. Friends/family will happily binge movies on this setup!

9. Packed With Features You‘d Expect in Pricier Models!

Here‘s an unavoidable truth about projectors – more features often translates to a massive price hike. And I‘m not just talking about resolution or lighting!

But the BIGASUO 1080P outdoor projector somehow manages to cram in premium bonus functionalities you‘d struggle to find in higher price brackets even. Consider:

βœ… Brighter-than-average LED lighting for the remote keys
βœ… IR/RF modes in the remote for flexible control
βœ… Vertical image correction to digitally fix skewed projection
βœ… Screen synchronization features for iOS/Android
βœ… 3D video support via HDMI for glasses-based experiencing viewing
βœ… Built-in media player to directly run USB media

While you may not use all features daily, they‘re great to have just in case. This delivers tremendous future-proofing value relative to the investment.

10. 3 Years Warranty + 90 Day Returns!

Let‘s round up with something especially important for cost-conscious buyers – warranty coverage.

Projectors employ intricate hardware with hundreds of components. There‘s always a small chance of technical issues popping up despite standard QA procedures. When something fails, you obviously want adequate support for quick resolutions without major expense.

BIGASUO provides exactly that assurance for the 1080P model:

βœ… 3 years of comprehensive replacement coverage
βœ… 90 days money-back returns if unsatisfied
βœ… US-based technical support for troubleshooting guidance & repairs
βœ… Bulk projector orders get 1 year extended warranty!

The friendly customer service team is easily reachable for minor tweaks or major repairs. With reputable BIGASUO supporting the hardware, you can enjoy peace of mind alongside alfresco entertainment for years.

Why This Versatile Open-Air Cinema Belongs In Your Cart πŸ›’

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent reasons why the feature-packed BIGASUO 1080P Outdoor Projector is my #1 recommendation for immersive outdoor entertainment on a budget.

It checks every box – killer brightness, giant screens, surround sound, wireless connectivity, varied media input, flexible mounting, long warranty, and more. All at an astoundingly affordable investment point of $189.

BTW, their latest variant with in-built WiFi/Bluetooth enables even cooler streaming features. But let‘s save that for another mega review! πŸ˜‰

For now, don‘t hesitate to grab this wireless cinema kit for epic movie nights under the stars. Your family and friends will absolutely love it – I promise! 🀞

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help a fellow home theater fan make the perfect buying choice!

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