7 Reasons To Avoid A Tesla Model 3 At All Costs

The Tesla Model 3 has captivated tech and automobile enthusiasts ever since its launch with its slick styling and innovative features. As the best-selling electric vehicle in history, the Tesla Model 3 seems like an iconic choice. However, a closer look behind the hype reveals several compelling reasons why you may want to avoid a Tesla Model 3 purchase.

Tesla Model 3 Specs

First, let‘s review the key specs across the 2023 Tesla Model 3 trim levels:

  • Base Model 3: MSRP $40,240, 272 mile range, 5.8 second 0-60 mph
  • Long Range: MSRP $47,240, 358 mile range, 4.2 second 0-60 mph
  • Performance: MSRP $53,240, 315 mile range, 3.1 second 0-60 mph

5 Must-Know Tesla Model 3 Facts

Before detailing why you may want to avoid the Model 3, here are 5 key facts about the vehicle:

  • Equipped with a HEPA filtration system for cleaner cabin air
  • Reinforced steel battery casing helps protect the battery in collisions
  • Semi-autonomous "Enhanced Autopilot" driving assistance feature available
  • Record of overpromising capabilities (e.g. "Full Self Driving")
  • Suffers the same battery fire issues inherent across Tesla lineup

Reasons To Avoid The Tesla Model 3

While the Tesla Model 3 offers sleek styling and high-tech features, it also comes with several significant downsides for potential buyers.

Pricing No Longer Affordable

The original $35,000 MSRP was key to Tesla positioning the Model 3 as an affordable, mass-market electric vehicle. However, the latest base model now starts over $40,000 – with the top Performance trim reaching $53,000. For many buyers, that stretches the boundaries of affordability originally expected.

Charging Infrastructure Lacks Accessibility

Range anxiety remains an issue if charging stations are not conveniently accessible. As of mid-2022, Tesla had only installed Superchargers at about 4,000 stations globally. For context, there are over 3 million Teslas on the roads needing to charge. That translates to significant inconvenience finding available chargers.

Battery Range Underwhelms

While a 272-358 mile range sounds reasonably long, rival EVs are now hitting 400+ miles per charge. So in comparison, the latest Model 3 versions come up shorter than buyers may anticipate or desire.

Customization Options Limited

Beyond the 3 main trims, Tesla offers little else in the way of customizable upgrades, accessories, colors and packages. Other vehicles tend to offer much more flexibility to personalize.

Manufacturing Quality Issues Persist

From panel alignment problems to cheap, ill-fitting interior materials, Tesla‘s manufacturing and quality control issues stick out as unacceptable for a $40-53K vehicle.

Tesla & Musk Overpromise, Underdeliver

Tesla‘s well-documented inability to meet deadlines, production targets, and claimed specs influences buyer confidence. Add in Elon Musk‘s propensity for exaggerated claims lacking follow through – such as completely autonomous driving – and it becomes reasonable to question relying on Tesla‘s promises.

Expensive, Inconvenient Maintenance

As an EV designed differently than gas vehicles, Model 3 maintenance and repairs can only be performed at specialized (and busy) Tesla service centers. That leads to much longer wait times and higher prices than normal car maintenance – a hassle owners must tolerate.

Evaluation Summary

Reasons to Avoid Model 3 Purchase
Unrealistic original pricingPersistent manufacturing quality flaws
Lack of convenient charging accessLengthy waits for overdue maintenance
Mediocre max driving rangeTesla/Musk overpromising claims
Limited upgrade/customization options


Avoiding the Tesla Model 3 entirely would be an overreaction – it still represents an impressive EV with plenty of performance, tech and style. However, buyers should enter a purchase with clear eyes about the vehicle‘s compromises and shortcomings compared to the market today. Otherwise, you may come away disappointed from unmatched expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn off a Tesla?

Teslas automatically power down when all doors are closed and key cards are removed. You can also power it down via the touchscreen interface.

Where can you find Tesla charging stations?

Supercharger locations appear automatically in navigation. You can also search "Charging" in navigation or use the Tesla app‘s charging map.

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