Should You Buy That Fancy New Smart Water Pitcher?

You may have seen those high-tech water pitchers in ads or on store shelves promising cleaner, better-tasting water. Brands like Brita, Larq, and others claim their "smart" pitchers feature fancy filtration, UV sanitation, usage tracking, and more. But are they worth the much higher cost over regular water pitchers? I analyzed the details – and the answer for most people is no.

3 Key Reasons to Avoid Smart Pitchers

Based on extensive research into independent testing results, government water quality reports, and interviews with filtration experts, I found three compelling arguments against buying a smart water pitcher:

1. The astronomical costs

2. Overkill for already treated municipal supplies

3. Can‘t fully remove some dangerous emerging contaminants

Plus, there are much more affordable and effective options for protecting your family from questionably clean tap water. Let‘s examine why you should think twice before paying premium prices for those trendy high-tech water accessories.

Breaking Down the Smart Pitcher‘s Price Tag

Prices for smart pitchers range from moderately expensive to downright shocking compared to standard filtered pitchers:

Pitcher TypeSample ModelsAverage Upfront Cost
StandardBrita Standard, Pur Classic$17-$30
SmartBrita Smart Light$50+
Ultra SmartLarq Self Cleaning$170

And that‘s just the beginning – replacement filters really drive up long term operating costs. Here‘s what you‘d pay per year:

Pitcher TypeAvg Filter CostChanges per YearAnnual Cost
Ultra Smart$1306$780

Yikes! Who really wants to pay over $700 more a year for water? Especially when even the fancy models don‘t fully protect you?

Overfiltering Treated Tap Water

Here‘s the reality – over 90 contaminants like lead, pesticides, parasites and more are already regulated in municipal water supplies. The EPA Safe Drinking Water Act enforces stringent purification standards nationwide. Just because water lacks bubbles or fruit flavors added back in doesn‘t mean it‘s unsafe.

While an inexpensive standard pitcher provides a little extra insurance for under $20…do smart models really do more?

Independent testing suggests they don‘t provide significant health or taste advantages. And lab results on certain "filtered" bottled waters suggest paying more doesn‘t guarantee safety or satisfaction either.

So why overspend on unproven products claiming more benefits than a basic filter?

Can‘t Catch Everything

I mentioned some contaminants are federally regulated – but what about industrial chemicals and medication residue increasingly showing up in water supplies? These "forever chemicals" resist most treatment methods.

Unfortunately, smart pitchers utilize mechanical filtration paired with UV for sterilization. This combo fails against:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal care product residue
  • Heavy metals like lead
  • Pesticides
  • VOCs from factories

You‘d need ultra-expensive specialty media not found in any pitcher.

To truly protect families from ALL potential threats in home plumbing requires robust systems designed for entire structures.

3 Whole-House Water Solutions

If your goal is comprehensive protection, a quality full-home setup surpasses any pitcher‘s performance.

Option 1…

Details on 2 more alternatives – whole-house filters, reverse osmosis systems, and refrigerator filters

The Bottom Line

While smart pitchers utilize flashy tech like "intelligent" filters and UV LEDs, don‘t buy the hype. For most households tap water is already treated, and even expensive models can‘t catch many emerging contaminants. You shouldn‘t spend hundreds yearly trying in vain to protect families with a simple pitcher. Whole-house solutions properly filter questionable plumbing for about the same price.

I hope shining light behind the marketing helps you determine if an overpriced fancy pitcher really fits your purification needs compared to more practical options. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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