Should You Buy the NanoCell 90 Series TV in 2023?

Hey there! As your resident TV buying guide expert, I‘m here to provide some crucial advice to consider before splurging on LG‘s flaship NanoCell television. I‘ve analyzed the specs, features, and real-world performance data of this model in depth – and unfortunately found 9 concerning drawbacks you should factor into your decision.

While the NanoCell 90 continues the company‘s reputation for sleek style and vibrant displays, it cuts too many corners to justify its lofty price tag. Simply put, you can find superior picture quality, smarter features, and better value among competitive options in 2023.

Below I‘ll break down exactly where the NanoCell falls short across critical categories and equip you with better alternatives that avoid these pitfalls. Let‘s dive in!

1. Steep Pricing With Underwhelming Value

The NanoCell 90 series resides firmly in premium price territory, often between $1500 – $2000 for the 55 to 65 inch models. This stretches well beyond budgets for mainstream buyers. More crucially, it‘s hard to justify paying such a sum when you analyze what you‘re actually getting specs-wise:

SpecificationNanoCell 90 SeriesMid-Range Alternative
Price (65 inches)$1500$800
Refresh Rate120Hz120Hz
HDR Format SupportHDR10, Dolby VisionHDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision
Peak Brightness~500 nits~600 nits
Contrast Ratio1200:16000:1

As we‘ll continue covering, you can secure better performing models with fewer limitations at a significant discount. Value shoppers should look elsewhere.

2. Limited to Large 55, 65, and 75 Inch Variants

LG bizarrely restricts its NanoCell ranges to 55+ inch variants only…

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