Hey, Let‘s Look at 10 Terrific Reasons to Buy Photoshop Today

As the leading image editor for over 30 years, Adobe Photoshop needs no introduction. But you may wonder whether it remains the best investment in 2023 given new cloud-based options.

Well, let me walk you through 10 compelling benefits that still make this industry stalwart the #1 choice for serious photo and graphics work. From smoother workflows to career perks and everything between, Photoshop delivers immense value.

By the end, you‘ll see why purchasing it should be a no-brainer move to level up your creative game right now. Let‘s dive in!

Quickly Grasp the Basics, Then Grow from There

Now I know Photoshop looks incredibly intricate and downright scary to beginners. All those layers, tools, options – it‘s a lot.

But here‘s the thing – with some hands-on practice, you can get comfortable with ~80% of everyday functions within just weeks using online tutorials. Things like removing backgrounds, basic photo retouching, filters, text effects are actually quite straightforward.

According to digital artist Mikael Cho, "The sheer volume of world-class training content online lets absolutely anyone ramp up on Photoshop editing fundamentals faster than they expect."

Photoshop even includes step-by-step guides built right in to the app!

Once you build that core confidence and familiarity, you‘ll feel empowered to later tackle more advanced techniques. The initial learning curve is vastly overblown. Those first few satisfying results keep you hungry for more.

Consolidate All Graphic Design Work in One Place

Unlike learning multiple niche apps, Photoshop eliminates constantly switching between different platforms based on task. Its sheer breadth of tools for photography, graphic design, web work, animation and beyond means you can consolidate ~90% of projects within one environment.

Product designer Rebecca Wood sums it up perfectly: "I work primarily in Photoshop and occassionally use Illustrator. But I have no need to maintain subscriptions and learn the quirks of 5 other apps to operate my freelance business."

Consider how much time and mental energy gets wasted from context switching between different interfaces, keyboard shortcuts, workflows etc. Photoshop consolidation gives back those precious creative hours.

Plus, Adobe‘s cloud syncing capabilities neatly tie Photoshop into a unified Creative Cloud workflow with other apps when needed. You get the best "hub" experience with flexibility to tap strengths of supplementary programs.

Industry Standard Compatibility Removes Headaches

With over 15 years as the dominant creative app, Photoshop enjoys unmatched 3rd party support. Countless tutorials, templates, extensions and more cater to smoothing workflows for Photoshop users.

These materials can help you skill up faster and produce higher quality content compared to obscure or niche creative tools.

Another benefit? Because collaborators, clients and colleagues likely use Photoshop too, you sidestep asset exchange headaches from missing fonts, distorted visuals or worse. Open PSDs retain layers, effects and other data so projects transition smoothly between team members.

Much like speaking the same language, shared creative frameworks via Photoshop foster better collaboration. You waste less time explaining tool differences and rectifying formatting issues.

Never Compromise Between Operating Systems

Unlike some competitor programs still stuck in the Windows or Mac-only world, Photoshop retains tight feature parity across both desktop platforms.

For digital nomads, remote workers and teams spanning locations, strong cross-OS support matters immensely. It means you can design+share files from whichever OS you prefer without worrying about missing functionality or lost edits during exchange. No more compromise between preferred hardware and software capabilties.

Moreover, portability between Windows and macOS means you can access the same libraries, tools and workflows from desktops, laptops and cloud. Getting work done across multiple devices happens seamlessly.

Expand Beyond Static Graphics into Video, Animation

What began 30+ years ago as a niche photo editing app transformed into an incredibly capable multimedia suite. These days Photoshop lets you craft animations frame-by-frame just like premium tools from Adobe After Effects and Animate.

You can edit multi-layer video timelines, apply speed/directional changes, integrate dynamic text sequences and motion graphics. Fantasy UI animator Li Hua explains her workflow:

"I design interfaces and animated mockups of futuristic tech entirely using Photoshop and some 3D assets. That way client presentations have maximal visual flair before developers write a single line of code."

With video consumption exploding across marketing and social media, Photoshop unlocks scalable mixed media capabilities to help creative pros stay ahead of trends.

Cloud Subscription Means Continuous Innovation

Through an affordable Creative Cloud plan, you receive continuous updates to the latest Photoshop versions as soon as they release. Gone are days of expensive one-time payments every 1-2 years that quickly become budget burdens.

Plus, cloud storage and syncing means you can save/access libraries and assets directly from Photoshop across multiple devices. Switching workplaces no longer disrupts project continuity.

Subscriptions ensure you always have access to helpful new features too. 2022 alone brought new ushered in major upgrades like seamless collaboration via Cloud Documents plus one-click background removal powered by Adobe Sensei AI.

Staying current translates directly into time and cost savings that pay for themselves in enhanced output potential.

Stand Out to Employers and Clients

Given intense competition for creative roles today, wielding Photoshop skills makes applicants stand out more attractive candidates to employers or clients.

Firstly, handling a wider range of responsibilities and deliverables expands where your talents apply. And secondly, knowledge shows you align with modern industry-standard practices.

Creative leader Oscar Wong confirms: "When evaluating designers, familiarity working in Photoshop tells me they can probably adapt smoother to collaborative agency environments."

You even open up secondary income stream opportunities. Animator Jen Wu explains, "I land gigs creating automated Amazon ads, social posts, logo intros and other explainer content leaninng on Photoshop."

Versatility pays both monetarily and via workplace readiness.

Expansive Stock Library Complements Unique Work

Alongside full-featured desktop access, Creative Cloud subscribers unlock the entire Adobe Stock asset library spanning over 300 million visual resources.

You‘re empowered to freely browse photos, vector illustrations, video clips, audio samples, 3D models and templates to aid creative projects. This can help you iterate faster early on without initially getting bogged down craftingsolutions from scratch.

"Relying on Stock allows me to focus efforts on custom tweaks where originality matters most to clients," web designer Davis Steel explains. "That unique touch ultimately is what wins us work."

Smart leveraging of Adobe‘s content ecosystem lifts some sourcing burdens off your shoulders.

Mobile Photoshop Liberates Working Remotely

Finally, Adobe focused heavily on enabling seamless syncing between desktop and mobile workflows. Thanks to Photoshop for iPad plus Cloud Documents, you can pickup editing on the same PSD files from whichever device whenever inspiration strikes.

For digital nomads and remote workers, these capabilities prove game-changing. UI designer Emma Alexander recounts her experience:

"I‘d struggled for years to find good tablet drawing apps matching my Photoshop features. But now I simply continue my desktop projects on an iPad Pro with Pencil while travelling without missing a beat switching contexts."

Unlocking that flexibility makes mobile freedom possible without creative compromise.

The Lasting Creative Launchpad

Above all else, throughout 3+ decades of relentless innovation Photoshop kept empowering creativity at its core. By combining approachable yet pro-grade power, it provides the ultimate launchpad for manifesting imagination into reality.

Behind iconic film VFX, bestselling game concept art, award-winning architectural sketches and leading product prototypes lies a Photoshop foundation. Both household names and aspiring creatives alike rely on its versatile toolset daily to unveil next generation ideas.

For any skill level or goal, it kicks your visions into high gear. And that raw creative freedom keeps designers, artists and photographers hooked year after year according to user research.

So don‘t postpone your creative potential any longer! Add Photoshop to your toolkit and start translating what once seemed impossibly complex into tangible experiences worth sharing worldwide.

If still debating whether Photoshop remains worth purchasing in 2023, let me re-cap why it should firmly stay atop your shopping list:

ReasonWhat Makes It Great
Surmountable Learning CurveBasics feasible to pick up within weeks thanks to great educational content
Consolidated Graphic Design ToolkitAll-in-one suite needing few supplementary programs streamlines workflows
Industry Standard CompatibilitySmooths collaboration, tutorials, assets and more via widespread adoption
Cross-platform SupportConsistent experience across Windows and Mac hardware expands access
From Images to Video and AnimationMultimedia capabilities ensure skillset stays relevant as consumption patterns evolve
Continuous Innovation via SubscriptionRegular transparent upgrades bring helpful new capabilities
Career LeverageCommon proficiency required across creative roles makes skills stand out
Complimentary Stock AssetsBoosts output velocity by reducing time spent creating basic visuals
Mobile LiberationPixel-perfect access to desktop files and tools while on iPad or tablet
Empowers CreativityVersatile digital toolbox for realizing imagination with minimal barriers

Still not convinced? I invite you to take Photoshop for a risk-free spin today via a 7-day free trial (no credit card needed). Once hands-on, I guarantee you‘ll gain appreciation for its immense creative possibilities.

You have literally nothing to lose and entire realms of graphic skill to gain. So why wait around any longer? Join millions of creators worldwide already using Photoshop daily and unlock your visual storytelling potential.

I‘m excited to see what awe-inspiring projects you build next using this legendary app! Feel free to reach out anytime if any other questions pop up around your Photoshop journey @HistoryOfComputer.

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