Pug Facts

Pugs are adorable and very popular. In fact, as pets and dogs pugs are very distinctive and at times irresistible for many. Why?

The Pug dog breed is well known for its face. The face of a Pug is full of wrinkles and best described as a short muzzled face overall. As well, the tail is curled for the Pug.

The Pug dog breed comes from China and is said to have existed before 400 BCE. Therefore, the Pug Dog dates back to about 2000 years.  The Pug may have relations to the breed called the Lo-Sze dog.

In general, the Pug dog is known for being intelligent, observant, and thus a great companion dog. Learn more about Pug dogs below!

The Pug Dog is a breed that dates back to ancient times

pug dog history

The Pug dog lineage is longer than many realize. In terms of historical context, the pug dog’s history can be traced back to 2000 years.

In ancient China, around 2,000 years ago, the Chinese emperors had a preference for certain types of dogs. A flatter faced dog like a Shih Tzu or a Pug dog was the favorite of the Chinese imperial court.

All in all, the pug lineage is so ancient that exact historical information is not well known . However, some historical records show that Buddhist monks had possession of the Pug dogs as pets in Tibetan monasteries.

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Pug Dogs are treated like respected and noble royalty

pug dog history

It is true, Pug dogs do command respect and admiration. Simply because these dogs were the favored dogs of the Chinese emperors did the Pug become a special dog in more ways than one.

In essence, it was Chinese emperors that would keep pugs as companions more than pets. Basically, the Pug dogs were spoiled and given a lot of attention and luxuries.

Moreover, the dogs were at times more appropriate for a prince or king. For example, some Pug dogs received and had palaces of their own and even private security.

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The nature and personality of the Pug Dog is serious and stubborn

nature and personality of the Pug Dog

Even though the Pug dog may appear cute or somewhat adorable the personality is nothing close to what it seems. For example, the pug dog has been described as being serious in nature and perhaps even dry in temperament.

In essence, the Pug is not social and not as cute as many similar looking breeds. Moreover, the breed motto is not what you would expect. In Latin, the Pug dog motto is “multum in parvo,” which literally means a lot in a little. In other words, you get more of what the dog is in a small package.

Pugs can be serious, but they are dogs that usually want to please. All in all, the Pug is a fairly laid back dog that likes to be around people and be fairly easy going. In summary, the pug is a good companion dog breed.

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The Pug dog breed name origin is surprising in a variety of ways

Pug dog breed name origin

The Pug dog breed name may be confusing for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the Pug dog name originates from most perhaps a monkey. But, other theories also exist about the Pug name origin.

The Marmoset monkey was known as well as a “Pug.” Moreover, the Marmoset monkey was a more common pet in the 1700s. More interestingly, the pug name was attributed to the two animals because they had similar facial features and expressions..

For example, some have claimed that the Pug name may be from the way the face of the dog appears. The facial expression is quite recognizable so many think this may be the obvious origin of the pug name.

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Pugs when they sleep tend to snore quite loudly

pug snoring

Snoring may seem quite unappealing but the pugs are known for this. It may be annoying but the snoring of a pug is something seen as adorable.

However, Pugs suffered from a specific condition because of their flat faced characteristics. Many Pugs have a tendency to suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, which is known as BAS.

The BAS syndrome means that the nasal cavity is shortened and causes a dramatic airflow reduction. The Pug’s ability to breathe is greatly affected and causes snoring. The breathing is loud and the snoring very distinctive for the Pug breed because of this physical trait.

All in all, the adorable and cute snoring of the Pug is potentially life threatening and serious in nature.

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Pugs compared to many other dog breeds are the most difficult to train

Pug dogs train

In terms of other dog breeds, the Pug dogs are not as easy to train and obey. The adherence to rules and house training is good for any domesticated dog. The mouth shape of a Pug means that these dogs can’t make an aggressive bite to be protective or defensive in nature.

However, Pugs on average have a lower training ability that makes them renowned for being more challenging. However, what needs to be done for a Pug is early training, positive reinforcement, and as much people interaction as possible.

Don’t be too negative about training because Pugs can be trained with patience and dedication. Pug classes are a great suggestion that have shown to greatly reduce any behavioral issues in the future.

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Pugs have the reputation that they are lazy but they are misunderstood

lazy and misunderstood nature of pug

Pugs may be misunderstood and seen as lazy but it is because this breed does not require or desire as much physical movement or exercise. But, the fact remains that Pugs do enjoy sleeping more and this makes them appear lazy.

Pugs do need exercise, however the threshold for physical activity for a Pug is much lower than many other dog breeds. A pug will not be the best breed for doing runs, jogs, or even long walks. The Pug is a low energy dog breed all in all.

The physical nature of the Pug is to have a flat face that makes overheating and exertion difficult and challenging for the Pug. However, you can walk your Pug but don’t tire or overexert your dog in any way!

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Pugs may not be afraid of anything, but they are not effective guard dogs

Pug not effective guard dogs

Despite Pugs being fairly calm and reserved it is the fact that Pugs are not the best or effective dogs for security and protection. Overall, the fact remains that Pugs don’t make good guard dogs because of their temperament.

Overall, it has been shown in studies that Pugs are more prone to have less violent or angry reaction or aggression toward strangers. While a German Shepherd for example would be much more aggressive or hostile toward strangers and thus protective in comparison to a Pug.

If you are looking for a reliable and effective guard dog then a Pug is not the best option in more ways than one. However,  a Pug can have another purpose that is similar to guarding or protecting property. A pug could be an effective watchdog because it could alert you if a stranger is close.

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The best purpose and function of a Pug is to be a lapdog

Pug lapdog

The true nature of Pugs means that they are the ideal lap dogs. The physical genetic traits of the Pugs makes them less prone to exercise and activity. All in all, a pug is not effective in heat.

Pugs are often described as being ideal as lap dogs. The reason is that Pugs are sedate indoor companions. Moreover, the Pug dogs have a social, calm, and friendly nature that makes them great for indoor domesticity. As well, Pugs have a small stature that makes them perfect as lap dogs.

A pug may be small and demand less activity, but the dog needs a well balanced life. It has proven a happy and healthy lapdog requires  a good amount of stimulation and exercise to lead a balanced and healthy life. Overall, the Pug tends to prefer the indoor and quiet life that makes it perfect as a lapdog.

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There is an interesting and fascinating fact that a Pug received an MBA degree

Pug graduate degree

This is not common in the least, but a dog with a degree of any kind is super rare. However, this happened with a Pug dog just 12 years ago. The Pug named, Charles, is proven to have gotten an online graduate degree from Rochville University.

This Pug apparently had submitted a resume to the Rochelle University website and  even paid for enrollment. Well, surprisingly the Pug within a week got grades, degree certificate, and as well school memorabilia as if it was an alumni.

Amazingly, Charles the Pug dog got a 3.19 grade point average and got an A in Finance overall. Therefore, Charles the Pug is the very first dog to get a degree in the world! However, the degree was proven to be true because  Rochville University is not a real accredited university or school of any kind. However, Charles the Pug dog does still have a degree from there.

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